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Every job hunter knows that securing the right position is far from simple. At times the simple act of looking for a job, feels like a job in and of itself. Why is job hunting so seemingly difficult in the digital age? Unfortunately the current economy can make from stiff competition amongst peers, with many people vying for one position. While getting that perfect job isn’t as easy as it once was, it is certainly possible!

Before you get down and out on your part time job search, put a little time into exploring our map below. Simply browse part time jobs near me on the handy map below and find a list of part time jobs currently available in your area. Let us do the footwork for you! That way you can focus on finding the perfect part time job.

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True or false: The most qualified job seekers always get the position.

Searching for the right job can be daunting, especially if you feel under qualified for every position you are finding while searching part time jobs near me. While this can feel like a bit of a gut punch, don’t let your resume or qualifications keep you from applying to a job that peaks your interest. According to employment experts, one of the biggest misconceptions about interviewing is that the best qualified person gets the job. In fact, it is not always the most highly qualified individual who is awarded the position, but the job seeker who boasts the greatest mix of qualifications , interviewing skills, and good rapport with the interviewer. If you feel you are qualified -don’t be overly cocky about your skills or resume (it can be a turn-off). If you aren’t the most qualified person for the job- don’t get discouraged. If you get an interview it’s because the employer sees something in you and there is a strong enough match of your skills, education and experience to do the job. At the interview, don’t just focus on the qualifications listed on the job listing. Focus on why you are the best person to fill the job and what you specifically bring to the table.

part time jobs near me

With the right attitude, finding a part time job is simple!

True or false: Changing careers is impossible at most ages.

False! While searching part time jobs near me, don’t listen to the advice of many who will tell you that it’s a bad idea to change careers if you’re unhappy in your current position. As workplaces continue to grow, evolve, and change- more and more people are finding it necessary and fulfilling to change their career. As long as you have a plan and a goal in mind, stick with it. You will be able to switch careers if you have the proper training or education, or if your experience in your old field can be applied to doing a great job at your new career. Experts agree-don’t wallow in misery at a job you hate if you can switch careers and pursue your passion. While the job market may be a bit lackluster, there is definitely the potential to change and grow, especially if you start off on a part time basis rather than full time. This can be an excellent way to get your foot in the door without making a full time commitment.

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Getting Hired Fast

On your quest to find part time jobs near me, you’ll likely find a bevy of mixed opportunities, but applying for every job you come across (even undesirable ones) for the sake of gaining employment is not always the best route to take. Job hunting experts agree, focus your search on jobs that you’re passionate about and that suit your specific skills. You’ll have a better chance of getting selected for an interview and gaining employment faster. While it may seem like a good idea to send out random resumes in hopes of getting selected, this can be a huge waste of your time and the person going through resumes. Applying to positions you’re not truly interested in or qualified for can keep you from putting your time into jobs that would fulfill your needs in a multitude of ways. Before you start job hunting for part time jobs near me, decided exactly what type of job you’re hoping to find. Then go all in!

Don’t Let Past Employment Bog You Down

Something that tends to weigh on many individuals searching part time jobs near me is a sparse past employment history. Whether you’re just starting out or were out of work for a multitude of reasons, it can feel a bit nerve wracking to face the past employment section on an application and have nothing to contribute. While past employment does matter, many job experts agree that it’s certainly not the kiss of death, especially if you’re searching for a part time gig. Many employers understand that some people didn’t fare well during the recession, because of this, many employers have cited that instead of listing just past employment on your resume you should include other ways you kept busy or contributed while out of work. Always include any volunteer work or coaching you’ve done. These can be great reflections of your character and can prove that you’re a motivated team player. Include any part time, temp work, and freelance jobs. These can help to build a solid understanding of who you are and what kind of skills you may possess. Also include any education or training you may have received in your time out of the workforce. These can be great demonstrations of your commitment to learning new skills and continuing to grow as a person.

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