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What place better to head to than Party City when you need a ton of party supplies? They have everything from table decorations, balloons and pinatas. During the Halloween season, you can also buy quite a ton of Halloween supplies and costumes to suit your holiday needs.

No matter what you need for your local party, Party City definitely has you covered! you’ll be quite surprised by everything they sell. If you need some some supplies or just want to check it out, make sure to search Party City near me.

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When Was Party City Founded?

Party City was founded in 1986 by Steve Mandell in 1986. He recognized that party goods were highly scattered with mom-and-pop operations and a large number of retailers carrying limited supplies and there were no big players dominating the market. Mandell decided to specialize in the business when he realized his long-cherished goal of opening up a retail store. He scraped about $125,000 together and opened a 4,000 square feet store in East Hanover, New Jersey and named it Party City. After a year, it was clear that the operation was a success and Mandell started planning for a second location where it eventually evolved into a national chain. After his first year, he also decided to concentrate om Halloween and in 1987, a quarter of his store was turned into a “Halloween Costume Warehouse”.

party city near me

Look for your nearest Party City for your local party needs!

When was the first franchise store opened?

The first Party City franchise store opened in 1989 in Hazlet, New Jersey. By 1990, Mandell also owned four Party City stores. Around this time, he incorporated the business as a franchising operation and his stores formed the core of the chain. They kept adding stores and by 1993, they had a total of 58 stores. Party City soon became a nationwide chain with store locations ranging from Hawaii to Puerto Rico. In 1993 topped $2.4 million and net profits approached $235,000. While most franchisees might maintain a tighter control on inventory, Mandell was very insistent that company-owned units would be amply stocked with a wide range of merchandise. If you’re interested in buying some party supplies, make sure to search Party City near me.

Who was Party City sold to?

Party city was sold to Amscan Holdings, Inc. in 2005. Amscan then went on to acquire the party retailers Party America in 2006 and Factory Card and Party Outlet in 2007. Both chains began to operate under the Party City network and that made Party City the largest supplies retailer in the United States.Not many stores could reach the success that Party City reached.

Party City Near Me – Party City Facts

Party City actually happens to be North America’s largest Halloween retailer. Each year, they analyze the latest pop culture and fashion crazes and Hollywood blockbusters to determine this years biggest costume trends. According to Party City, princesses and flutter fairies are among one of the top costumes for younger girls. With all the accessories that Party City offers, it’s easy to create a personalized one-of-a-kind costume look. 15.1% of the country also dresses up their pets and the top costumes actually happen to be: pumpkin, devil, hot dog, cat and bee.

When customers are searching for inspiration for costume ideas, they have quite a few different places. one-third (32.9%) will search for costume ideas online; another third (32.8%) will look for new ideas in a store, and one-fifth (20.8%) will seek advice from friends or family. Additionally, 14.1% will check Facebook for inspiration and 3.8% will review blogs. About 45% of Americans will end up wearing a costume for Halloween.

In 2013, Party City launched to help tackle hunger in America with the taste of the NFL. 1 in 6 Americans face serious hunger issues and Party City and NFL worked together to try and help feed 37 million Americans who usually turned to food banks for assistance. worked where every tweet, re-tweet or “like” that Party City received on its social media channels, Party City would donate $1 to Taste of the NFL and all proceeds directly benefited Feeding America food banks across the country.

Party City had once taken over more than 52 retail stores in New England and the Tampa Bay Area of Florida called iParty. The store specialized in selling party-related merchandise as well as seasonal items such as Halloween costumes, Christmas garland and Easter baskets during the holidays. The chain was started in 1998 by husband and wife, Sal Perisano and Dorice Dionne. The store would go on to only sell about 20,000 products during its years. Party City acquired it in March of 2013 for about $38 million. After facing financial issues stemming from the effects of Hurricane Sandy,. iParty’s stores were re-branded under the Party City brand. If you’re in the mood to check out Party City, search Party City near me.

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