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If you’re planning a party or get together, a trip to the party store is almost always in order. Party stores are known for carrying a wide variety of party needs, including specialty plates, cups, decor, balloons, and even novelty items such as goodie bag fillers. Visiting your local party store could be the most cost effective way of having all of your party needs met.

Are you interested in finding a party store in your area? Simply browse party store near me on the map below and find a list of party stores located near you. Need a bit more information on party stores? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and history on parties and party stores!

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What are the origins of party planning?

Humans have been planning parties and get togethers since the beginning of time, but when did party planning truly become the art form it is today? Historians aren’t sure of an exact date, but party planning grew exponentially when humans had more leisure time. Early ancestors were often tasked with laborious physically tasks that were essential to survival. This didn’t exactly leave much time or energy for unnecessary pursuits such as planning get togethers. When technology and innovation evolved and individuals had more free time, parties quickly grew to be a part of everyday life. People have always had a natural tendency to communicate and assemble.
Once food and entertainment were added to the mix, gatherings and parties became a mark of civilized fun and sophistication. Parties were soon used to mark important moments in life, often creating a timeline of successes and triumphs. One thing that has always remained true or parties? The focal point has almost always been on food, ambiance, and decor. These are the things most individuals remember when attending a party, planning a party, or even searching party store near me.

party store near me

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What is one of the most famous parties ever?

Now that we’ve established just how important parties are to human culture, you may be wondering what one of the most famous parties ever was. Consider this while searching party store near me. One of the most famous parties ever happened just two days before the founding fathers were tasked with signing the constitution. The document itself had taken a tremendously difficult five months to write. When the paper was finally complete, the founding fathers were more than ready to unwind and relax. With the country set into motion, the father’s celebrated their accomplishment. Between 56 people, those in attendance drank 55 bottles of Madeira wine, eight bottles of whiskey, 22 bottles of porter, eight bottles of cider, 60 bottles of Claret wine, 12 of beer, and seven bowls of a very strong punch. That’s way more alcohol than science tells us any human being is capable of surviving. Still, the father’s prevailed, likely with a killer hangover.

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A Toast To You

If you’re searching party store near me, then you know that toasting is a long standing tradition at many celebratory parties. Culturally speaking, toasting is done differently depending on the culture. In Germany, if you accidentally clink glasses without making eye contact, then all drinkers involved will be struck with seven years of bad luck. In Japan, the more senior of the drinkers involved must always touch glasses above the rim of the other’s glass as a display of rank and respect. Who knew so much thought could go into a toast? Next time impress your guests with these cultural toast facts.

Prolific Party Goers

Searching party store near me indicates that you’re more than ready to get started on planning your next bash, but do you know who some of the most prolific party goers of all time are? According to historians, writer Oscar Wilde was one of the most prolific party goers of all time (especially in the 1800s). Wilde was known for his ability to converse with anyone and engage in witty banter at a moment’s notice. He is also famous for his line, “Hear no evil, speak no evil, and you’ll never get invited to a party.” Surely, Oscar Wilde attended more than his fair share of shindigs. Another famous party goer is Alexander the Great. Not only is he known for his love of partying, but he made one of the greatest party blunders in history. Yes, more perilous than spilling a cup of beer at a frat house. According to records, after conquering Persia, Alexander settled in Persepolis for a meeting with his generals. The drinking quickly escalated and grew into a raging party, one that soon got out of hand. After hours of drinking, Alexander flew into an angry violent rage and burned down the city palace, which he owned. Needless to say, he may have regretted his hard partying ways the next morning. .When you’re hosting your next party, try not to burn down your own house or someone else’s home. We’d say that’s a pretty massive party foul by anyone’s standards.

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