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Pawn shops are regarded as one of humankind’s earliest forms of store. It’s also believed that pawn loans can be traced back at least 3,000 years to ancient China as well as early Greek and Romani civilizations. Nowadays, pawn shops remain highly popular. Not only do they boast interesting items, antiques and collectibles; but they’re a great way to make some quick cash off of your old stuff.

Are you interested in finding a pawn shop in your area? Simply browse pawn shop near me on the map below and find a list of pawn shop near your current location. Need more information on pawn shops? Read on for facts and trivia on this ancient institution!

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In what country did the first pawn shop emerge?

If you’re searching pawn shop near me, you might be wondering when pawn shops first emerged. Historians believe that the earliest pawn shops came about around 3,000 years ago in ancient China as a method of granting short term credit style loans to peasants. Many pawnbrokers operated independently, but as popularity grew most of these businesses were run through actual pawn shops. Pawnbroking found it’s footing in Ancient Greece and Rome, proving a substantial way for merchants to get small shops off the ground. During the Middle Ages, restrictions were placed on charging interest by the Catholic Church, which temporarily halted the growth of pawn shops. These rules were eventually relaxed in the 14th and 15th centuries in Europe as a form of short term credit and aiding business endeavors/granting temporary aid to the poor.

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A famous pawn shop in Reseda, California.

Where does the word pawn come from?

Consider the origins of this word when searching pawn shop near me! The word “pawn” is believed to stem from the Latin word “patinum” which loosely translates to cloth or clothing. For working class citizens, clothes were often the most valuable items they owned. Though the majority of pawn shops, have always been privately owned and operated, a few pawn shops were set up for public interest as charitable funds in Europe during the 18th century. It is believed that these were established in order to offer low interest loans to the poor and to help curb debt. The practice of pawning clothes on Monday and then retrieving them on Friday or “payday” was a common way for many individuals to make it through the week during the 19th century. People in need of quick cash and micro loans were often on the fringes of society in this era and were considered to be of a lower social standing. It even lead to the pawning of many stolen items. This is why the Pawnbrokers Act of 1872 was established as a way to protect pawnbrokers who were being sold stolen items without their knowledge.

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The Christopher Columbus Connection

Christopher Columbus may not be the first thing to traditionally come to mind when searching pawn shop near me, but there is a striking connection. For many years, history books reported that Christopher Columbus’s first journey to the New World in 1492 was funded by Queen Isabella of Spain. In order to fund the trip, Queen Isabella reportedly pawned her crown jewels in order to fund the trip. However, this notion has since been debunked. Isabella had pawned most of her jewels, including a pearl and ruby necklace that had been given to her by King Ferdinand as a wedding gift long before Columbus set sail. She reportedly game them to the merchants of Valencia and Barcelona in order to pay for the campaign against the Moors in order to fund the historical Spanish inquisition.

Pawn Stars

If you’re searching pawn shop near me, then you’ve likely heard of the hit History Channel show Pawn Stars. Many regard this program to be the best thing to have ever happened to the pawn industry. The show features three generations of the Harrison family as they operate Las Vega’s Gold and Silver Pawn Shop which features a fun melange of humor and traffic in bizarre almost exorbitant merchandise. Episodes of have shown owners trying to sell everything from cannons, a replica Batmobile, and even cigar box that once belonged to John F. Kennedy. Like most reality shows, some portions of Pawn Stars is staged and scripted in order to up the dramatic effect. Breaks from real life include guest stars who appear to make purchases, calls to experts, and even the presence of main cast members who can no longer work the counters due to privacy laws.

High End Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are no longer cater to a lower class of people. In recent years, a new trend has emerged in which collateral lenders cater to wealthy but cash-poor clientele who need a quick influx of capital. Often, the money is needed to open a new business or make payroll during lean times. Loans range in the tens of thousands or up to a million dollars and collateral can include everything from exotic sports cars, priceless artwork, and even museum quality jewelry.