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When on a business trip or vacation, no one wants to leave their precious four legged friend behind at home. In fact, most pet parents want their dog or cat along for the ride. Unfortunately, not every hotel, bed and breakfast, or inn allows pets to stay with you in the room. This means finding a pet friendly hotel is of the utmost importance.

Are you yearning to find a pet friendly hotel near your area or in an area you’ll be traveling in soon? Simply browse pet friendly hotels near me on the map below and find a comprehensive lists of pet friendly hotels located in your area. Need a bit more information on pet friendly hotels. Read on for facts, trivia and more! You might just learn something new.

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Pet Friendly Hotels Near Me – Pet Friendly Hotels Trivia

What does it mean to be a pet friendly hotel?

Searching pet friendly hotels near me can be a frustrating process, after all, what does it really mean for a hotel to be “pet friendly” and what does that actually entail. Well, many travelers will divulge that “pet friendly” can mean a lot of different things depending on the hotel you are staying at. Travelers with pets should always check with management at a hotel prior to booking, as there are several things that the “pet friendly” policy simply won’t tell you. For one, an accommodation at a pet friendly hotel typically only includes small dogs. If you’re traveling with anything other than a dog, or traveling with a large or medium dog, you’re going to find it to be more of a challenge to book a hotel. Most hotels will also not allow you to bring more than one pet into the hotel room . Most commonly, pet friendly accommodations will have the following restrictions: dogs only, maximum number of pets (1 or 2), size restrictions (dogs under 50 pounds), pets cannot be left unattended in guest rooms, pets are only allowed in pet friendly rooms, pets are not permitted in common areas such as pools or restaurants, pets must be leashed, and all guests are responsible for any messes their pets may make. Every pet friendly hotel is different, but it’s important to check the specific policies and guidelines prior to booking. If you’re having difficulty finding a pet friendly hotel, try and expand your search to pet friendly cottages, bed and breakfasts, cabins, and more. There are options available so don’t lose hope!

pet friendly hotels near me

Finding the perfect pet friendly hotel no longer has to be a struggle!

True or false: Most pet friendly hotels do not charge an additional fee.

Unfortunately, if you’re searching pet friendly hotels near me, you’ll quickly find upon check in that most pet friendly hotels will charge you an additional fee for keeping your dog in the room. While most of the time this fee is only $20-$25, it can go as high as $50 or more depending on the hotel you are staying at. The hotel may also ask that you sign a waiver making you responsible for any damages your pet may cause while staying in the room. For example, if your dog chews up a towel or rips up a comforter, you’re likely going to have to pay the cost of having those things replaced. Some pet friendly hotels are more lenient than others. The rule of thumb is to always check with hotel management prior to checking in. That’s really the only way to guarantee you won’t be in for any unexpected surprises.

Pet Friendly Hotels Near Me – Pet Friendly Hotels Facts

Hotel Requirements for Pets

As you search pet friendly hotels near me, consider the basic requirements that every single pet friendly hotel will uphold. These are almost always non-negotiable requirements. No matter how lenient your pet hotel, these same rules will hold true. For starters, all dogs staying at a hotel must be totally friendly and non-aggressive. Aggressive dogs put both the hotel and you as the owner at risk. Should your dog attack another guest, legal action would likely be taken. Second, your dog must be clean. Given that hotels pride themselves on offering clean and spotless accommodations this is just basic common sense. Third, your dog cannot have any fleas. Fleas spread like wildfire, especially in the fibers of carpets and on beds. Having a flea ridden dog in a bed can be a headache for any hotel. Fourth, your dog’s vaccinations must be up to date. Though many hotels won’t check your dogs vaccination records, this is just good policy. Should something happen with your dog, you want to have all of your bases covered. This means protecting yourself and your pooch. Lastly, you must use only designated areas for walking your pet and then dispose of waste in designated receptacles. Most hotels will require you to sign an agreement prior to checking in. Read the fine print and make sure you’re well aware of your rights and the hotels rights.

Do pets suffer from jet lag?

Do pets suffer from jet leg? It’s an age old question that many pet owners haven’t even considered or put a finger on. As human beings, jet lag can leave us feeling out of whack of rays or even weeks. You might think that your endlessly sleeping dog is immune to the effects of jet lag, but research says otherwise. Much like in humans, jet lag can leave your dog feeling a little out of whack after a long day of traveling. Almost all animals follow a daily circadian rhythm, just like people, which means long days traveling into different time zones can leave your pet feeling just as tired and drained as you feel. Luckily you’re going to find the perfect pet friendly hotels near me to solve all of your pet sleeping dilemmas.

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