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No matter what kind of dog you have, pet grooming can help regulate shedding and keep your four legged friend looking and feeling good. Regular baths can help keep skin and coat healthy and reduce any irritation or itchiness your pet may feel.

Are you interested in finding a pet groomer near you? Simply browse pet grooming near me on the map below and find a list of pet groomers located in close proximity to you current location. Need a bit more information on pet grooming? Read on for interesting facts, trivia and information.

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Pet Grooming Near Me – Pet Grooming Trivia

What is the most dreaded chore most pet owners face?

Few things can strike anxiety into the heart of a pet owner quite like the task of having to trim their pet’s nails. In fact, almost every pet owner cites nail trimming as their most dreaded chore. Not only do pet owners hate it, but most pets aren’t a huge fan of the act either. Although the process of nail trimming is not painful to the pet, pets typically hate having their nails trimmed and can often become anxious, overwhelmed, and aggressive during the act. Despite the protesting of many pets, nail trimming is an absolute necessity and something that can keep your pet looking and feeling good. Overgrown nails can break at the base, which exposes the nail bed. This can cause a lot of pain. Walking on long nails can also be very painful, aggravate arthritis and joint pain, and eventually cause the toes to splay out to accommodate the long nails. Long nails also tend to curl around and grow under the pads of the feet, which can make walking, jumping, and running a difficulty for pets. Since the act of trimming nails at home can often be daunting, most pet owners choose to have a pet groomer perform this task. A qualified pet groomer knows exactly how to trim the nail, avoiding the nail bed, which can cause pain and bleeding. If a dog has dark colored nails, this can be especially difficult to determine as a pet owner. Using a trusted pet groomer can prevent the cutting of your dog or cat’s nail bed and keep them feeling their best. As you search pet grooming near, consider which maintenance tasks you’ll have performed on your fur baby!

pet grooming near me

Proper dog grooming is the key to happy and healthy pooch!

Does long hair really need to be groomed?

Yes, yes, and yes. Everyone loves the look of long hair and a thick fluffy coat on a dog or cat, but this lustrous coat can cause complications if not properly cared for. Most cats will groom themselves, swallowing the shed hair and eliminating it in fecal matter. While this can help cut down on grooming it will inevitably result in nasty hairballs. Hairballs can make your cat feel ill and lead to a lot of mess for the owner themselves to clean up. To reduce hairballs in cats, proper grooming is just as highly recommended as it is for dogs. Dogs don’t groom themselves, thus need to be groomed on a fairly regular basis. Depending on your dog’s lifestyle, the exact breed, and their overall skin condition, shedding is a decisive factor that must be addressed. Bathing helps to remove excess hair, but can also cause skin irritations by removing essential oils from the dog’s skin. Doing nothing to help your dog remove their shed hair will lead to matting which can cause skin irritations. This is common in long haired dogs such as golden retrievers and Irish setters. A good solution to all of the problems listed above is to have a consistent bathing and grooming schedule that can help you to stay ahead of of any unwanted hair or matting. Another cost effective option that some groomers suggest is to have your dog or cat’s coat shaved once or twice a year. As you search pet grooming near me, consider the exact needs of your pooch or feline friend.

Pet Grooming Near Me – Pet Grooming Facts

Controlling Fleas

One of the best reasons to search pet grooming near me and make regular visits to a pet groomer (especially in the summer months) is to help control fleas. Fleas tend to spend most of their lives living on the ground, so not only do the fleas on your dog absolutely need to be eliminated, but the area your dog frequents must also be cleared of fleas. When your pet has fleas, a groomer will wash your dog with a flea treatment shampoo that will kill all of the fleas on the dogs. This is great, but if you don’t clean the dog’s bedding at home or use a flea bomb to rid the environment of the eggs, the fleas will most certainly latch back on and the problem will persist. In addition to regular grooming, products such as Advantage can be squirted onto the back of your dog’s neck to break the flea cycle. The regimen must be completed for a couple of months, but it can keep both your dog and your home free of fleas. You must also be weary of your indoor/outdoor cat. Many times it is your wandering cat that can bring fleas into the home from outside. While it’s nice to let your kitty roam, make sure they’re properly protected with a topical flea prevention agent prior to spending any time outdoors.

When to Groom A Dog’s Coat

If you’re searching pet grooming near me, you may be wondering when exactly you should go ahead and groom your dog’s coat. When to groom your dog’s coat depends on the type of coat it has, the length of the fur, and why it is being groomed in the first place. Coats range from very fine and thin to coarse and dense. Some breeds such as poodles or labradoodles have curly coats, some have wiry coats, and others have just about no coat at all. Coats also tend to vary wildly in length from bred to breed. For example, a chihuahua will not need to be groomed as often as a golden retriever. Golden’s have long coats and are prone to matting, meaning they should be brushed and combed every few days. Same goes for any dog who has a long or thick coat. Dogs that are typically outside or used for field trials need to be groomed after each outing. All dogs should be groomed when they are shedding, emanating a smell, have spent time in mud or are generally dirty. For the most part, how often you want your dog bathed or groomed is a matter of opinion. Bathing too frequently can dry out and damage the skin, but occasional baths are quintessential in removing dead hair, dirt, and eliminating any smells. Use your judgement and go with your gut, ask your groomer to put you on a schedule and you’ll never have to question when your pet is in need of a proper grooming visit.

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