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Our four legged friends are more like members of the family than simple pets. This is why the average American will visit a pet supply store or box store to pick up some special pet supplies for their furry pal. Pets deserve the very best. From high quality treats and supplements to comfortable beds, there is more to owning a pet than just food and water. A pet store is typically the best bet in procuring top of the line pet supplies.

Are you interested in finding a pet store in your area? Simply browse pet store near me on the map below and find a list of pet stores in your region. Need a bit more information on pet stores? Read on for facts and trivia on pets and pet stores!

Pet Store Near Me – Find it on the Map

Pet Store Near Me – Pet Store Trivia

True or false: Pet store groomers often have to wear leather gloves for protection.

True! If you’re searching pet store near me in hopes of getting some overdue grooming taken care of, remember to tell your groomer if your pet shows any aggression. Many pet store groomers are forced to wear leather gloves (much like those of a falconer) in order to protect themselves from scratching, biting, and aggression. This is especially true for groomers who work with cats. In some cases, many pet groomers also have to put muzzles on dogs when it’s time to shear them and little boots on cats. This can help protect the groomer and keep the pet feeling a bit more at ease. While many dogs and cats don’t need to be muzzled, some pets just hate a trip to the groomer!

pet store near me

Pet stores are a place in which you can get every need for your pet.

True or false: Staff members often end up adopting pets.

Imagine working at a pet store where there are cats or dogs up for adoption. Now picture seeing that pet everyday, interacting with it, feeding it, and cleaning up after its messes. For many pet store employees, attachment to adoptable pets is inevitable. This is why many pet store employees are the ones who end up adopting pets when they can’t manage to find a home. While this might mean that your local pet store clerk could potentially end up with a surplus of cats, it also means that many sweet animals are given a proper home thanks to the open hearts of those that work at local pet stores.

What do employees say is the worst part of working at a pet store?

If you’re searching pet store near me, you may be wondering what the worst part of working at a pet store actually is. While working at a pet store might seem like a great way to spend time with a bevy of animals and come in contact with tons of cute pooches, some employees relay that it certainly has its drawbacks. For example, many pet store employees cite that customer dogs often pee on everything without cleaning up after their dog or cat. This is especially disheartening to staff when their pets pee on items that are for sale at the store. To avoid wasting product, many pet stores will actually place waterproof items on the lowest shelves in the case that a pet pees on that shelf level.

Pet Store Near Me – Pet Store Facts

Dogs and Their Owners

Did you ever notice that many dogs look like their owners and vice versa? If you work at a pet store you surely do. Many pet store employees have noted an almost extraordinary occurrence of pets looking exactly like their owners. From the bodybuilder with the muscular pitbull to the natural fitness nut with the lithe greyhound, there seems to be a connection between why pets and their owners look alike. It seems as if we are naturally inclined to choose a pet that shares our characteristics and habits in life. You likely wouldn’t choose a sloven dog if you’re a hyperactive person and vice versa. Dogs tend to match our lifestyles and our habits.

Common Pet Store Dog Breeds

If you’re searching pet store near me, you likely won’t encounter many stores that still offer dogs for sale. While big chains such as Petco and Pet-smart hold adoption days and frequently have cats up for adoption on a regular basis, the days of the puppy in the window are dwindling. In the case that you don’t find a pet store you may be wondering what the most common type of dog breed is that’s found at a pet store. The most common dog breeds found in pet stores and adoption shelters are: beagles, Australian cattle dogs, American bulldogs, dachshunds, labrador retrievers, and chihuahuas.

Fast facts about pets

Read on for a carefully curated list on facts about America’s favorite pets! If you’re searching pet store near me, this list could certainly come in handy.

1. Cats are lactose intolerant.

Like most mammals, cats actually lose the ability to digest dairy after infancy. Feeding milk to a cat can actually cause upset stomach and diarrhea.

2. Dogs with squashed faces have more health problems

While dogs with “squashed faces” may be endlessly popular, they tend to possess more health problems than their non-squashed counterparts. The structure of the faces on pugs, boxes, and bulldogs makes them much more susceptible to respiratory problems, dental problems, and many other health issues.

3. Cats are capable of over 100 distinct vocalizations.

4. All dalmatians are born white.

Dalmatians may be known for their infamous black spots, but all dalmatians are actually born white. They don’t develop their voice until the first few weeks of life.

5. A dog’s sense of smell is up to one hundred thousand times more sensitive than a humans.

6. Domestic cats tend to sleep an average of sixteen hours per day.

While this might seem like a lot, in the wild big cats that expend lots of energy hunting and pursuing prey will sleep even longer. The only animal that spends more of their lives asleep is the sloth.

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