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Pet stores are businesses that sell pets, as well as pet food, collars, cages, leashes and other supplies. Pet stores may sell cats, dogs, fish and birds, as well as guinea pigs, mice and rats. Some pet stores offer services such as pet cleaning. Pet grooming is also sometimes offered, in which cats and dogs’ physical appearance is maintained, sometimes for competitions or pageants, or just for the satisfaction of the owner.

Some pet stores offer engraving for name tags, so that owners can have their contact information on the tag if the pet is lost. You can easily find pet stores near you, just by searching for “Pet stores near me”.

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What is a pet?

A pet is an animal that is kept for company, rather than in order to perform work, such as on a farm. The most popular pets in the world are cats and dogs, but many other animals are kept as pets, such as rats, birds, goldfish, frogs, turtles and crabs, among others. In the United States, there are about 85 million pet cats, 78 million pet dogs, and 5 million pet rabbits. In fact, in the US, pets outnumber children by nearly four times! The total number of dogs in the world is difficult to determine, because of the lack of records in some countries, but estimates put the figure at about 520 million!

pet stores near me

You can find a variety of pets located in stores around America.

Why do people keep pets?

Pets are often kept simply for company and fun, because the owners can talk to and play with their animals. Pets such as dogs can help people to be more fit, because dogs require regular walking for exercise. Pets have been shown to improve mental health, and are beneficial for people who have experienced trauma or psychological issues. Pets can improve general happiness for those reasons, and can also give people a sense of purpose by caring for the pet. Because of their therapeutic benefit, some animals, particularly dogs, are used in retirement homes or long-term care facilities. ‘Therapy dogs’ have been shown to help improve the wellbeing and mental health of people in care.

What are the main pet stores?

There are many pet store chains in the United States. Petland is one such chain, and was founded by Ed Kunzelman in 1967, and today has 131 stores in the US, and 63 more in other countries around the world. PetSmart is an even larger chain, with over 1300 locations! It was founded in 1986 in Phoenix, Arizona. Petco Animal Supplies is another supply retailer, with 1400 locations.

Where do pet stores get their animals from?

One controversial aspect of pet stores is the supply of animals. ‘Puppy mills’ are businesses that breed dogs for profit, and often have little concern for the welfare of the pets themselves. The animals are kept in tiny cages, with no freedom of movement, in order to maximise efficiency. ‘Kitten mills’ also exist but are less widely known. The animals in these places receive little food and veterinary care, if any. In many places around the world, there are laws to protect animals in pet stores, however in other places the laws are insufficient and so ‘puppy mills’ flourish in these areas. Some pet stores take active steps to prevent mistreatment of animals in their supply lines, while some face protect and controversy for continuing to use ‘puppy mills’.

Search “Pet stores near me” to find your nearest pet store.

Pet Stores Near Me – Pet Stores Facts

The pet store industry is very large, in fact, in America, pet owners spend over $50 billion on their pets! 90% of Americans consider their pet to be another member of their family, and 36% say that they have given their dog a birthday present. Most Americans have typical pets, but over half a million Americans have pet snakes!

Romanians love cats and dogs equally. 45% of households own a cat, and 45% own a dog. India has the fastest-growing dog population in the world! New Zealanders own the most pets, however. 68% of households own pets, more than any other country in the world.

Dogs have excellent noses, with four times as many scent cells compared to a cat, and fourteen times more than a human! This is why dogs are used to find illegal drugs at airports and other places. The dog was one of the earliest animals domesticated by humans. The world’s tallest dog was Zeus, a Great Dane who grew to be 44 inches tall! The world record for the oldest dog was held by Maggie, an Australian Kelpie who lived to be 29. 45% of American dogs sleep in their owners’ bed at night. Dalmatians are actually born totally white, and their black spots appear as they grow up. Dogs cannot sweat except on the pads of their feet, and so they pant if they are hot. It’s rumored that Paul McCartney recorded a dog whistle, not audible to humans, at the end of the Beatles song ‘A Day in the Life’, just for his Shetland sheepdog.

Cats will almost never meow at other cats. They use this sound when they are young to ask their mothers for food, warmth or protection, but once they grow up they usually only meow at humans. Cats use their whiskers to determine if their body can squeeze through a space or gap. Cats have very good vision, and can see about six times better than humans can at night. They can also jump as high as seven times their own height! Cats are renowned for being very lazy, and sleep up to 70% of their lives! They sleep so much because hunting and catching their food uses a lot of energy, and so they need to conserve as much as possible. Many people feed their cats milk, but cats are often intolerant of lactose and so can get sick from this.

Chocolate is very poisonous to both cats and dogs, and they can die if they eat it. Cats are able to produce over 100 different sounds, while dogs can only make ten or so.

Another common type of pet is the horse. Horses have been domesticated for about five thousand years. Horses can sleep standing up! They usually live for around twenty five years, but in the 1800s one horse was claimed to have lived for sixty two!

To find a pet store in your area, just search for “Pet stores near me”.

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