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PetSmart is a retail chain that operates in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. It sells pet supplies, services and other equipment. The store was founded thirty years ago in Phoenix, Arizona, and today has over thirteen hundred locations across America and Canada. The company employs thousands of workers.

PetSmart also runs charities in order to improve animal welfare, and to help to save the lives of homeless pets. Customers can donate to these charities when they purchase from the stores, and some employees choose to donate as well. To find your closest PetSmart location, just search for “PetSmart near me”.

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How did PetSmart begin?

PetSmart first opened in the late 1980s, with the first two stores opening in 1987. Both of these were in Phoenix, Arizona, and the business was called PetFood Warehouse at the time. In 1989, the company decided to change its name and logo, and was known as PETsMART. In 1993 the owners of the company made the decision to trade company stock publicly, and the company was listed on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol PETM. PetSmart founded its charity business, PetSmart Charities, Inc., shortly after, in 1994. The early 2000s saw the company undergo rebranding and remodelling, and in 2005 its name was changed to PetSmart.

petsmart near me

Many PetSmart locations offer grooming and temporary kenneling services too.

How large is PetSmart?

Today PetSmart operates 1,477 stores across America, Canada and Puerto Rico. PetSmart employs 53 thousand workers to staff these locations. The company owns assets worth a total of around $2.5 billion. It runs with a net profit of around $420 million, and so remains very profitable. Today the company is no longer traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Instead, it is fully owned by the company BC Partners, which is a global private equity firm that specializes in buyouts and acquisitions.

What does PetSmart sell?

PetSmart carries several types of products for many different animals. The company also owns many of the brands of products that it sells. It owns the ‘Grreat Choice’, ‘Authority’, ‘Simply Nourish’ and ‘Top Paw’ brands of dog foods. These brands vary from medium quality to premium food. ‘Authority’, ‘Grreat Choice’ and ‘Simply Nourish’ also produce cat food, which PetSmart also sells. PetSmart sells products and equipment for pet fish, including tanks, stands, tank accessories and decorations. These products belong to the ‘Top Fin’ line. PetSmart carry products needed to take care of birds and other small animals, too. These small animal foods and products are sold under the name ‘All Living Things’. PetSmart also used to sell saddles, bridles, horse food and other accessories, until in 2007 it decided to sell off the equire ‘State Line Tack’ brand. This brand was eventually purchased by, today owned by another pet care business called UnitedPets. PetSmart also operates a business known as PetSmart PetsHotel. This company offers overnight care and supervision for cats and dogs. This service is often used by customers who wish to go on vacations but cannot take their pets along, and so offers temporary care of pets. The PetsHotel was originally developed in Arizona, and was purchased from the owners by PetSmart in 2000.

Search “PetSmart near me” to find the location of your closest PetSmart store.

PetSmart Near Me – PetSmart Facts

In 2008, PetSmart temporarily stopped selling birds in all of its US stores. This was in response to random tests done on its cockatiels, which found a small percentage of the birds carried the disease psittacosis. This illness is fairly common in birds, and is similar to a cold. Later in 2008, the store began to sell live birds again, after treatment and further testing.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has criticized PetSmart for selling live birds, as it claims that it is cruel to sell live animals inside warehouses. It also claims that the birds are bred in conditions similar to puppy mills. After the psittacosis outbreak, PETA demanded that the store permanently stop selling live birds. PETA has also objected to PetSmart selling pest control traps, because the store also sells pet rodents.

The company changed its name from PETsMART to PetSmart in order to emphasize the word ‘smart’ rather than ‘mart’. The owners designed this name change in order to announce the company shifting from a simple store to a pet supply solutions company.

In addition to selling cats and dogs, PetSmart also offers grooming services for these pets. The stores also offer training programs for dogs. In addition to their boarding services, known as the PetSmart PetsHotel, PetSmart also offer daycare services for pets.

Aside from selling cats, dogs, fish and birds, the stores also sell many types of amphibians and reptiles. PetSmart sell small rodents such as guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, hamsters and chinchillas as pets too.

All of the PetSmart stores are company-owned, as the company does not offer franchising opportunities.

Every week, over ninety thousand pets enter PetSmart stores! Apart from the pet hotel services in the stores, the company also has a pet hospital in many of its locations. These hospitals offer preventative care for the animals, and can also spay and neuter pets.

The PetSmart charity operations help to save the lives of over half a million animals every year! Its grooming services help over eight million pets each year to improve their appearance and hygiene. The charities spay and neuter all of their adopted animals, in order to help reduce animal overpopulation. 75% of the funding from the charities comes not from PetSmart itself, but from customer donations.

PetSmart has funded over half of the veterinary training schools and facilities in the United States. Their goal is to help every veterinary school in America.

To find your closest PetSmart store, just search for “PetSmart near me”.

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