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For most everyday needs, there’s no need to visit a big box store or even a grocery store, modern pharmacies have all of your basics covered. From prescriptions and toiletries, to snacks and baby goods, you can find everything you need within the aisles of a pharmacy.

Are you interested in finding a pharmacy near you? Simply browse pharmacies near me on the map below and find a list of pharmacies located in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on pharmacies? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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True or false: The history of pharmacy is ancient.

Like so many aspects of modern life, pharmacy has its roots in ancient times. You might think that a pharmacy is a fairly recent invention, given that drugs and pharmaceuticals haven’t been around for that long in the grand scheme of things. According to historians, pharmacy dates back to ancient times, when the very first person expressed juice from the leaf of a succulent plant in order to tend to a wound. This was pharmacy art at it’s very core. Healing the sick, tending to the wounded, and remedying life’s ailments big and small. According to Greek legend, Asclepius, the god of healing arts, delegated to one Hygieia the duty of compounding remedies and healing all those who were sick or ailing. She was his apothecary, which is the very foundation of modern pharmacy. Even ancient Egypt bore pharmacists. Physician priests of Egypt were divided up into two major classes: those who visited with the sick and those who remained in the temple to prepare remedies for the sick. Today, most pharmacists only prepare remedies. As you search pharmacies near me, consider just how rich the history of this profession really is!

pharmacies near me

A pharmacy is a one stop shop for all of your medication and household needs.

When did the pharmaceutical industry truly develop?

While pharmacy may date back to ancient times, the pharmaceutical industry is a fairly recent endeavor. The developments occurred after World War II which lead to the discovery and use of new and highly effective drug substances. These drugs could be used to cure a variety of ailments and illnesses. The advent of these drugs also changed the role of the pharmacist. Now the pharmacist was tasked with preparing pills, plasters, potions, and cachets. While doing so, the pharmacist was to be well educated on each drug and any potential interactions. They also had to be keen on how to store and provide correct dosages, all while ensuring the efficacy and quality of the product being prescribed to patients from all walks of life. As you search pharmacies near me, consider how changing roles has lead to the advent of modern pharmacy as we know it today.

Pharmacies Near Me – Pharmacies Facts

A Keen Mind For Poisons

Pharmacy has always played a pivotal role in modern society, so much so, that many of the most revered individuals in history took part in the pharmaceutical industry, including famed crime novelist Agatha Christie. This famed British crime novelist, actually spent most of her career and formative working years in the healthcare field. She first began working as a nurse, before eventually landing a job as a pharmacy assistant. With her pilot husband out doing runs and traveling the world, Christie quickly found that she needed something that could fill up her days. She chose to fill it with learning and working in the pharmaceutical industry. Christie quickly learned so much about pharmaceuticals and the medical industry that she used much of the knowledge of poisons, potions, and medical oddities for twists and turns in her novels. While you search pharmacies near me, consider the impact that the pharmaceutical industry has had on individuals from all walks of life, including some seriously famous writers!

Civil War Veteran Turned Epic Inventor

Speaking of epic inventors, consider these facts as you search pharmacies near me. John Pemberton, the inventor of Coca Cola, was once just a soldier who had been injured during the civil war. In order to cure his headaches, nervousness, and other symptoms of a post morphine addiction, he set out to create a drink that was non-alcoholic in nature. He mixed his concoction with soda water. Right after completing his invention, he carried the newly concocted brew down the street to his local pharmacy. Upon testing the drink, his local pharmacist quickly announced the drink a rousing success and put it on sale. The rest is soda history! Now Coca Cola is available in every nation in the world. Few things are as iconic or revered as a delicious bubbly can or bottle of Coke. Who knew that a simple idea could lead to one of the most important American brands of all time. Take this as a lesson to always go with your gut and follow your instincts.

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