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A local pharmacy is more than just a place to get a prescription filled or aide the common cold; it’s a place for busy Americans to pick up toiletries, stock up on snacks, and even get their drink fix. Not only are modern pharmacy’s well stocked with goods that every American needs, they offer invaluable advice to consumers who need help with understanding their prescriptions, obtaining flu shots, and even processing photos.

Are you interested in finding a pharmacy near you? Browse pharmacy near me on the map below and find a pharmacy located in your area. Need a bit more information? Read on for facts, trivia, and fast facts on pharmacies in the US.

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Pharmacy Near Me – Pharmacy Trivia

Who was the first licensed pharmacist in America?

If you’re searching pharmacy near me, then you might be wondering who the first licensed pharmacist was in the US. That title belongs to Louis Dufilho Jr. of New Orleans, who set up shop in the French Quarter in the early 1800’s. Prior to the 1800’s a person did not need a license in order to become a pharmacist. Sure, training was a must, but a formal license was not required or even relevant.

pharmacy near me

Pharmacy’s such as CVS and Walgreens offer free consultations with their pharmacists to ensure that every patient and consumer need is being met. This helps to bridge the gap between doctors and pharmacists.

True or false: It was a pharmacist that invented Coca-Cola.

This fact is true! While hitting your local pharmacy, you may be picking up a cool beverage or perhaps even a Coca-Cola. What many American’s don’t know is that this carbonated cola beverage was invented by a pharmacist named John Pemberton. He carried a jug of his drink concoction down the street to a place called Jacob’s Pharmacy, where it was sampled and pronounced a most “excellent product. Jacob’s Pharmacy immediately placed the beverage on sale for 5 cents a glass as a soda fountain treat.

Which founding father was actually a pharmacist?

While pharmacies and founding fathers might not go hand in hand, historical figure Benjamin Franklin was once a pharmacist. Though he much preferred inventing, Franklin was reportedly quite good as his work. Another notable pharmacist employee is writer Agatha Christie, who once held a job as a pharmacy technician.

What is the best selling pharmaceutical drug of all time?

If you’re searching pharmacy near me, you might be looking to get a prescription filled or even pick up a few over the counter remedies. If you’re picking up a prescription for Lipitor you’re not alone. This drug geared at adjusting cholesterol is the best selling drug of all time according to the FDA. The drug was first introduced in 1997, with it’s patent expiring in 2011. Since then the drug has raked in about $125 billion.

True or false: In Texas only a licensed pharmacist can sell condoms and other forms of birth control.

True! Texas has always had a highly conservative approach to birth control. So much so, that in this state, no one other than a registered and licensed pharmacist is legally allowed to sell condoms or other kinds of contraceptives.

Pharmacy Near Me – Pharmacy Facts

America’s Biggest Pharmacy Chain

While searching pharmacy near me, you’ll likely run across ore than a few of the biggest pharmacy chains in the US. While some mom and pop pharmacies still do a good business in rural areas, Walgreens is the biggest pharmacy in the US with more than 7,600 stores. CVS comes in as the second largest pharmacy chain, with Rite Aid pulling in at a close third. With the advent of many grocery stores offering in house pharmacies and big box stores such as Walmart meeting pharmaceutical needs, competition in this field has never been more fierce.

The Oldest Pharmaceutical Script

According to many historians, the oldest pharmaceutical records actually date back to Egypt, where archaeologists have unearthed hundred of prescriptions and medications. These scripts have been dated back to 1500 BC and are called Ebers papyrus. This proves that pharmacies have always held an important role in human life and likely will for centuries to come.

Placebos Are Perfectly Legal

Most doctors no longer depend on the old placebo effect to essentially trick patients into feeling a bit better, especially those that are dubbed hypochondriacs or nervous nellies. Despite this, pharmacies do not have any laws against issuing out placebos when a doctor recommends them to a patient. While there are several laws concerning fake or altered substances, few laws have any rules regarding placebo pills.

Fast Facts About the Pharmacy

While searching pharmacy near me, be sure to keep these fast facts in mind. Read on for 5 facts on pharmacy’s in the US.

1. American’s spend an average of $307 billion on medications every year.

2. Over 6,000 pharmacies in America offer online services to keep your pharmaceutical needs fast and at your finger taps.

3. There are over 269,900 registered pharmacists in the United States.

4. 78% of all prescriptions filled in the United States are in generic form instead of brand name.

5. The average cost of a prescriptions copay in the United States $10.73 , with 54% of all prescriptions are filled at retail pharmacies.

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