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Whether you’re recovering from an accident or just need a bit of help with joint pain or inflammation, a physiatrist may be exactly what you need. Physiatry- also known as physical medicine and rehabilitation is a branch of medicine that deals with diagnosing, treating, and managing diseases through physical therapy and medications. Sometimes this branch of medicine can also help the elderly to regain strength and build up muscle.

Are you interested in finding a physiatrist near you? Simply browse physiatrist near me on the map below and find a list of qualified physiatrists in your local area. Need a bit more information? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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What conditions does a physiatrist treat?

You might think it’s a good idea to power through your back pain and just keep going, but you may want to see physiatrist instead. Back pain or sciatica is just one of many conditions that can be treated by a physiatrist. What other conditions does a physiatrist treat? Consider this as you search physiatrist near me? Physiatrists treat a broad range of issues that affect the body’s musculoskeletal system. Because the spine is the locus of the body’s musculoskeletal system, physiatrists often focus on treating back pain. Those who do choose to specialize in spinal issues will focus more on rehabilitation or injections for pain management. Other conditions commonly treated by a physiatrist include:

-Muscle and ligament injuries
-Workplace injuries
-Myofascial pain
-Spinal cord injury
-Ankylosing spondylitis
-Back pain

physiatrist near me

A physiatrist can help with all issues of the musculoskeletal system.

If you’re suffering from any of these conditions, ask about how a physiologist may be able to help you manage pain and regain some quality of life.

How do physiatrists diagnose pain?

Diagnosing pain can be tricky, especially if there is more than one underlying cause to the pain. Given the complicated nature of diagnosing pain, you may be wondering how the field of physiatry goes about identifying potential causes. As you search physiatrist near me, consider how exactly these doctors go about finding the source of a patient’s pain. Much like a regular doctor, physiatrists diagnose pain by aggressively seeking out the underlying condition. They listen to a patient’s symptoms, go over their medical history, and then provide a thorough examination. On occasion, they may have to send a patient for supplemental testing such as an x-ray, ultrasound, or MRI. These types of tests can give doctors a true idea of what’s going on inside, thus making it easier to pinpoint an exact reason for your pain or symptoms. While the process of diagnosing pain can take awhile- don’t get discouraged. Sometimes pain isn’t obvious to those who aren’t feeling it first hand.

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What does physical therapy do?

Physiatrists love to send patients to physical therapy rather than just prescribing medicine. While medicine may help short term, physical therapy is designed to help a patient in more of a long term capacity. But what else does physical therapy do? Consider this as you search physiatrist near me. A customized physical therapy program is intended to help a patient return to their prior level of functioning. It also encourages activities and lifestyle changes that can help to prevent future injuries and improve a patient’s overall health and well being. Physiatrists and primary care doctors tend to refer patients to physical therapy at the very first sign of a problem. It’s considered a very conservative approach to pain management and one that has lasting effects far beyond initial treatment times. Physical therapy is also a great way to help a patient avoid going in for costly and debilitating surgery. Sometimes, if physical therapy helps eliminate pain or heal an injury, then surgery is not required. Even if surgery does happen to be required, many patients benefit from pre-surgery physical therapy.

What To Expect At Your Visit

Going to a new type of doctor or specialist can be scary- especially if you’ve had negative experiences in the past. Is going to a physiatrist really that different than seeing a primary care doctor? In a sense yes, but also not no. Consider what you can expect as you search physiatrist near me. On the day of your first appointment, come prepared to answer some questions and divulge a lot about your medical history, work environment, and overall physical activity level. A physiatrist is going to start by performing a comprehensive physical exam, concentrating on the specific body part affected. They’ll also do a general exam to see if there is any link between other systems in the body and your exact issue. At this time, proper tests will be ordered. Sometimes these tests are performed the same day or scheduled for the very next day. This depends on the nature of the injury and the overall severity. Once your doctor receives your test results, they’ll be able to make a more accurate diagnosis. You’ll likely make a follow up appointment to go over your test results and a potential treatment plan.

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