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Expressing yourself and showing you are is a unique part of being human. We all want to stand out and look good without ever appearing as if we’re trying too hard. Piercings are a great way to showcase your individuality, express your style, and simply add a little bit of bling to any outfit. Whether you’re having a simple cartilage piercing or are looking for something more unique such as dermal piercing, there are great shops that can help you achieve your desired look safely and with expertise.

Are you interested in finding a highly rated piercing shop near you? Simply browse piercing near me and find a comprehensive list of piercing and tattoo parlors near you. Need a bit more information on piercing? Read on for facts, tips, trivia, and more. You might just find out everything you need to know before your next piercing!

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How long does it take for a pierced ear to heal?

Ear piercing is probably the most common type of piercing performed each day in America. The act of ear piercing can be performed on individuals of all ages, even young children, meaning it’s a rite of passage for many folks who reach a certain point in life. Given how common ear piercing is, you might think that misinformation on healing is low. However, there’s a lot of confusion on the internet as to how long it takes a pierced ear to properly heal. Consider these facts as you search piercing near me. According to piercing experts, you should only switch into new earrings after a healing period, which is 6 weeks for an earlobe piercing and 12 weeks for a cartilage piercing. For the first 6 months after your earlobe piercing heals, you should not go more than 24 hours without an earring in the hole or your piercing may close up. A cartilage piercing will not fully half for at least 6 months also, though the swelling and redness with each type of piercing will resolve fairly quickly and without incidence. Typically you’ll stop feeling tenderness in the area in about a week. Cleaning the piercing is of the highest importance and will help you to avoid infection.

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Always go with a reputable and established piercing shop.

How do you know if a piercing is infected?

If you’re searching piercing near me, then you probably already know that no one is truly immune to infection after a piercing. Even if you go to a qualified piercing shop, there is still a risk that your piercing could become infected if it is not properly cared for. How will you know if your piercing is infected? For starters, you’ll find an increase in pain, swelling, heat, and tenderness around the site of the piercing. While it is typical to experiencing some tenderness the first week after having your piercing done, it is not common for the area to be inflamed or hot to the touch several days after. If you notice a thick green yellow discharge or pus coming from the piercing site, you might have an infection. Keep in mind, there will be some normal oozing and bleeding from the piercing. This is a sign of healing. The major red flag is when there is pus combined with swelling and redness.

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Cleaning A Piercing 101

Getting a piercing and searching piercing near me is a great form of self expression, but they do require a great deal of care. Body piercings will need to be cleaned at least once or twice daily, every single day, for the entire healing period. Most individuals find it easy to simply clean once and the morning and once at night. Some even clean the piercing while in the shower in addition to their regular cleansing routine. Do not clean more than once or twice a day or you can risk irritating your piercing, which would inevitably delay healing and make the entire process more of a hassle. If you’re only going to clean once a day, do so at the end of the day so you can remove any buildup, dirt, or grime that may have been accrued throughout the day. The frequency in which you clean ultimately depends on your sensitivity levels, how active you are, and the type of environment you live in. For example, those living in high pollutant areas such as New York or Los Angeles might want to clean at least 2x a day to remove grime. Before you even touch your piercing, make sure that your hands are thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed with a liquid antibacterial soap and hot water. Cold water will not suffice. If it’s easier, you can wear disposable gloves or use hand sanitizer. It’s vital to never touch a piercing that is in the healing process with dirty unwashed hands .This can quickly lead to an infection at the site of the piercing. To clean, simply prepare the area by rinsing with warm water. Taek the time to remove any crust or build up with a cotton swab and some lukewarm water. It may be tempting to pick at your piercing with your fingernails, but refraining is necessary. Picking can lead to infection and more debris in the piercing area. After you’ve cleansed the area, apply some cleaning solution to the piercing. Cleanse both the hole and the jewelry. Rotate the jewelry back and forth within the hole several times in order to work the solution into the piercing hole. This step can be skipped during the first couple of cleanings, but will become more necessary deeper into your healing. After around a minute of allowing the solution to cleanse, you can bathe normally and continue on with your day. Pat the area dry with a paper towel. Try not to use a terry cloth or regular towel or they can harbor bacteria. With these things in mind, your piercing will heal and you’ll be rocking out with your new statement piece in no time!

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