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Few things offer the opportunity for self expression and creativity like a great piercing. Whether you’re looking to have your ears pierced or get a bit more creative, there are countless professional piercers to choose from in the United States. Finding the right one is easy, just remember to read the reviews from customers before making your final decision.

Are you interested in finding piercing places near you? Simply browse piercing places near me on the map below and find a list of piercing places located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on piercings? Read on for epic facts, trivia, and history on piercings and piercing places. You may just learn something new!

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When was ear piercing first invented?

In the modern day, just about every woman has her ears pierced. But when did this type of piercing first originate? Consider these facts as you search piercing places near me. According to historians, ear piercing has been practiced all over the world since ancient times. In fact, there is considerable written and archaeological evidence of the practice of ear piercing. Many mummified bodies have been discovered with pierced ears, including the oldest mummified body to have ever been discovered, the 5,300 year old Otzi the Iceman which was first discovered in a glacier in Italy. The mummy reportedly had a piercing that was around 7-11 mm in diameter. That means this ancient piercing most resembled what we know know as a gauged piercing, something that is popular amongst many younger individuals in America. The oldest earrings ever found in a grave date back to 2500 BCE. These earrings were first discovered in the Sumerian city of Ur, which was home to the famous Biblical patriarch Abraham. Earrings were mentioned in the bible several times, including in Genesis 35:4, when Jacob reportedly buries the earrings worn by each member of his household along with their idols. Hindu culture is also steeped with imagery of earrings, with piercings often being linked to the goddess Lakshmi.

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A reputable piercing shop is clean, well lit, and always follows safety procedures.

What is the history of nose piercing?

While nose piercing may seem like a more alternative choice in the modern day, ancient history points to a commonality amongst many individuals and nose piercings. Nose piercing reportedly dates back to 1500 BCE, when the Vedas refer to Lakshmi’s nose piercings. The modern practice in India is believed to have spread from the Middle Eastern nomadic tribes in the 16th century. The act of piercing one’s nose is still customary or Indian Hindu women who are of a childbearing age. Typically these women wear a nose stud in the left nostril. This nostril is associated with the female reproductive organs in Ayurvedic medicine. The piercing is often done the night before a woman marries. As you search piercing places near me, consider the long and storied history of this act.

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Being Aware of Complications

One thing you should understand as you search piercing places near me, is the prevalence of complications amongst individuals who undergo a piercing. According to studies, some 35 percent of individuals who have a piercing will undergo some complication due to their piercing. Major complications are reported in less than one percent of individuals who have gotten a piercing, with a minor infection making up a majority of the issues in individuals who had their piercing done by a reputable piercing place. When searching for a place to have your piercing done, always read reviews and look for mentions of hygiene. Many infections occur because of the person performing the piercing. If the piercer doesn’t wear gloves or isn’t using instruments that have been cleaned properly, the piercing will typically become infected and will often refuse to heal. Make sure the piercer you visit is using sterile instruments and wearing a fresh pair of gloves prior to performing your piercing. While it may seem overly cautious, most piercing enthusiasts will tell you that it’s well worth the trouble in the end.

The Healing Process

As you search piercing places near me, consider that many piercing areas will take longer to heal than others. That’s right, it’s not all in your head. The greater the blood flow to a given area of the body, the quicker the piercing will heal and the less vulnerable the piercing site will be to infection. According to doctors, tongue and lip piercings have the fastest healing times at just four to six weeks. This is due to the high blood flow or vascularity of these areas. Cartilage on the outer ear and on the nose take the longer to heal. This doesn’t mean that your cartilage piercing will hurt for months and months, it simply means that this area will require a greater degree of care and cleaning during the healing process. As you clean your piercing, remember that there is such a thing as over cleaning. The point of cleaning at all is to assist the body in its natural healing process. Over cleaning can actually derail the process. Most piercings only require a light cleaning twice a day with a very mild sterile saline wound wash. This irritates the piercing without causing a reaction to those with sensitive skin. Many individuals who use an iodine based product have often experienced a reaction.

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