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In the United States, having a pizza delivered is just about as common as having your mail delivered. As the top choice amongst most American consumers when it comes to delivery, most pizza places offer free and low cost delivery to individuals within a certain proximity to their shop.

Many pizza places will also offer special deals for delivery only orders. Are you interested in finding pizza delivery near you? Simply browse pizza delivery near me on the map below and find a delivery service in your area. Need a few more facts on pizza delivery? Read on for trivia, facts, and delivery history!

Pizza Delivery Near Me – Find it on the Map

Pizza Delivery Near Me – Pizza Delivery Trivia

How far does a pizza delivery driver go on the average night?

If you’re seeking pizza delivery near me, you may be wondering just how far the average driver travels on a given night. While delivering pizzas, the average delivery driver will go between 75 and 100 miles on a given night. In more rural and suburban areas, this number can sometimes exceed 100 miles. Urban drivers have it slightly easier when it comes to mileage, but tend to juggle a higher volume of customers.

pizza delivery near me

Pizza Hut often uses delivery scooters in urban areas where traffic is a problem, making for quicker deliveries!

What’s the average tip given to a pizza delivery driver?

On average, delivery customers tend to tip between $2.00 and $5.00 on an average order. While tips can vary by order size, many customers will always give at least $2.00, especially since many delivery drivers only make a base wage of around $5.00 an hour. Always try to base your tip off of the amount of your order and then follow the old adage of tipping 15% to 20%.

True or false: More than ¼ of boys between the ages of 9 and 19 eat pizza everyday.

True! If you’re a boy seeking pizza delivery near me, you’re in the majority of boys who are consuming pizza everyday. The USDA found that more than ¼ of boys between the ages of 9 and 19 eat pizza everyday. Their research also found that women eat less pizza than guys at just about every age level, but girls between 6 and 19 eat more pizza than almost every category of guys.

True or false: In 2014, a pizza delivery guy received a $1,268.00 tip.

True! In 2014, Domino’s delivery driver James Gilpin delivered two pizzas which cost just $12.50 total to the IWU chapel at Wesleyan University. When he arrived, he was greeted by a body of over 3,000 students and education CEO Keith Newman. Newman gave Gilpin a $1,268.00 tip collected by the students, as well as $70 in gift cards and some inspiration notes. Not bad after delivering two pizzas in the middle of the day. We’d say this act of kindness is the ultimate form of paying it forward.

Pizza Delivery Near Me – Pizza Delivery Facts

251,770,000 Pounds of Pepperoni Are Consumed Every Year

If you’re searching pizza delivery near me with the hopes of procuring a pepperoni pizza in your future, you’re not alone. Studies show that 36% of all pizzas in America are covered in pepperoni. While pepperoni may reign supreme in America, the Japanese love teriyaki chicken on the top of their pies. Indians enjoy pairing their pizzas with paneer. The Australians love to top their pizzas with shrimp, pineapple, and barbecue sauce. The moral of the story: anything goes well on a pizza, but pepperoni might just be the best.

In the US 4% of All Pizza Eaten By Children Is At Breakfast

If you’re looking to order pizza delivery at breakfast, you’re like 4% of all kids in the US. Although pizza is almost always a dinner food for adults, 58% of all pizza consumption for kids is for a snack, lunch, or at breakfast. The culprit for children’s fascination with pizza at breakfast? Pizza bagels! The other culprit, busy parents and picky children. Sometimes it’s easier to slide your child some leftovers than to cook a big breakfast. While pizza isn’t exactly the healthiest choice, it is a choice amongst many American kids.

The World’s Largest Pizza is 131 Feet in Diameter

While you likely won’t be having a pizza this big delivered to your house any time soon, the world’s largest pizza came it a whopping 131 feet in diameter. Made in Italy, Dovilio Nardio, led a team of chefs to make a 51,257 pound pie that contained 19,800 pounds of flour, 10,000 pounds of tomato sauce, 8,800 pounds of cheese, 551 pounds of rock salt, and 55 pounds of vinegar. The chef named this dough monstrosity “Ottavia,” a reference to Rome’s very first emperor, Octavian Augustus.

The Word Pizza First Appeared in 997 AD

While pizza lovers in the AD couldn’t search pizza delivery near me, they still seemed to enjoy a pizza every now and then. The word pizza first appeared in a Latin text from the Southern Italian town of Gaeta in 998 AD. The text stated that pizza was to be given on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday.

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