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Pizza is one of the most popular food places in America. There are so many varieties and styles of pizza, it is rather amazing. In fact, most major cities have almost a unique style for their pizzas. Yet, when you get a bad slice, it can turn you off. Luckily, with the Pizza Places Near You Map below, you should be able to help find yourself an excellent slice near you.

Simply check out the locations near you. Select a location and it will provide you with a lot of information, including the name of the restaurant, its address, phone number and its hours of operation. In addition, you will get links to its website to check out its menu and reviews from other customers who have been there, just in case you need to find out a bit more. Finally, with a few quick clicks, you could get directions, if you feel like getting take-out instead of delivery or you are in the mood for just sitting down for a slice.

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Famous American Pizza Styles

America has really embraced pizza and has made several distinctive styles of pizza that are regionally popular. When you search Pizza Place Near Me you may not be able to find all of the styles nearby, but if you search, you may get lucky and find a gem.

pizza places near me

The Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, where the toppings get inverted, leaving you the delicious sauce on top.

1.New Haven Style: This pizza style, also called “Apizza” originated around the New Haven area. It is characterized by a plain crust with a tomato and oregano sauce. Finally, you add a little pecorino romano cheese. There are some variations with other toppings, like Mozzarella cheese and clams. Overall, it is a rather simple and charming pie.

2.Chicago Style: Probably one of the most famous of American pizza styles. The Chicago Deep Dish pizza. If there was a pizza you needed a fork and knife to eat, it would be this one. This dish is cooked in what looks like a cake pan instead of a typical flat sheet. The pizza crust isn’t extra thick, but it has a large number of toppings, that are added in reverse of a standard pizza, due to the thickness and corresponding cooking time needed.

3.New York Style: The New York Style pizza is basically taking the opposite direction of the Chicago Style. The pizza crust tends to be thin, the slices large and wide. The slices are soft enough that you are able to fold it when you eat it. This is the pizza you normally see when you find the dollar slice locations.

4.Californian Style: Sometimes referred to as gourmet pizza, the Californian style is a modified version of the New York Style. It is a thin crust pizza that tends to be a bit smaller and having a French twist. The ingredients use tend to be more local to California. You will often find feta or goat cheese, truffles instead of regular white mushrooms and so forth.

5.Neapolitan American Style: This is a thin crust pizza, the crust can’t be more than 3mm thick before baking, made of high protein wheat flour. When it is finished cooking, simply tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese are added. Overall, it is a pretty basic recipe that has many variations to it. The New Haven Style is one of these variations.

6.Sicilian: The American Sicilian pizza, with is different from the original, is a deep dish pizza that has a thick crust. They are typically square or rectangular in shape and served in many areas that have a high Italian-American population.

7.Philly Tomato Pie: The Philadelphia Tomato Pie is a version of the Sicilian. It is traditionally a rectangular thick crust pizza that has chunky tomato sauce and pecorino romano cheese.

8.Greek: The Greek style pizza is a thick crust pizza made with the liberal use of olive oil. It is normally cooked on a pan. With a nice chewy crust and the tangy tomato sauce, it is a filling meal.

9.D.C. Jumbo Slice: The name kind of says it all. The jumbo slice pizzas are what you get when you take the New York Style Pizza into an extreme cooking war and end up with a bigger and possibly better creation. Jumbo Slices are large thin to medium thick crusted pizza slices. A single slice of jumbo cheese pizza can have upwards of 1,300 calories.

10.Detroit Style: The Detroit style pizza is a deep dish pizza that is cooked in a rectangular pan. It generally has simple toppings of a tomato sauce, pepperoni and mushrooms. Sometimes you may get a twice baked pie to add some crunchiness to the crust and nice chewy texture.

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Largest Pizza Chains in America

With America’s love for pizza, there have been several companies that have managed to grow in size and become household names across the country. Here are the five largest pizza chains.

1.Pizza Hut: The company that started in Wichita, Kansas back in 1958 has grown into a huge international corporation. With around 16,000 locations in over 90 countries, and growing, the company that now has its headquarters in Plano, Texas brings in $13.5 billion dollars each year. During the Super Bowl alone they can sell 2,500,000 pizzas. That is pretty successful for a company that got started with only $600.

2.Dominos Pizza: This company which has its headquarters located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, started in 1960 in Ypsilanti, Michigan by 2 brothers. Today, there are almost 13,000 location around the world and the company brings in over $2 billion dollars in revenue, with more than half of its business taking place outside of the United States.

3.Little Caesars: This company is out of Detroit, Michigan. It is focused on being a carry out chain with a little over 4,000 stores. In 2015 the chain successfully passed $3 billion in sales, in the United States.

4.Papa John’s: This chain started in Louisville, Kentucky. The company is currently the third largest take-out pizza chain in the world; however, holds forth place is gross sales income. Soon, it may surpass Little Caesars. The company started in 1983 when the owner, John Schnatter sold his car and used the money to purchase equipment to make pizza that he sold out of a converted closet in his father’s tavern. The sales took off and John became a success, quickly growing into a franchise.

5.Papa Murphy’s International: This chain, which is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington. With only 1,400 locations, it is much smaller than the top four locations. Their annual sales are below $1 billion. This chain was created by the merging of two west coast chains, Papa Aldo’s Pizza, which started in Hillsboro, Oregon and Papa Murphy’s Pizza, which was out of Petaluma, California. The two companies merged in 1995. Since then, Papa Murphy’s was awarded the “Best Pizza Chain in America” in 2003 by the Restaurants and Institutions Magazine. It has also won several other award, including Pizza Today’s Chain of the Year for 4 years.

With so many large pizza chains and independent pizza places, you are sure to find something close by when you search Pizza Place Near Me. Have yourself a slice.

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