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Few things are as popular and beloved in the United States as pizza restaurants. They’re the one size fits all dining establishment for busy families, students, and any individual who wants an affordable and delicious bite to eat. Are you interested in finding pizza restaurants near you? Simply browse pizza restaurants near me on the map below and find a list of pizza restaurants located near you. Need a bit more information on pizza restaurants? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and much more on pizza restaurants in your area!

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Pizza Restaurants Near Me – Pizza Restaurants Trivia

What were the first American cities to start selling pizza?

In the present day, it’s hard to turn a corner or walk down a street without seeing at least one or two pizza restaurants. Early on in American history, it was a completely different story. Very few American cities sold pizza and the ones that did were largely situated on the east coast. This meant that those on the west weren’t exactly getting treated with pizza. According to historians, the first American cities to begin selling pizza were New York, Boston, New Haven, Connecticut, and Trenton, New Jersey. All four of these cities experienced a huge influx of Southern Italian immigrants around the turn of the century, which meant a greater degree of pizza and Italian restaurants in these areas. At the beginning, pizzas were exclusively sold by the pie. It wasn’t until 1933 when Patsy Lancieri of Patsy’s Pizzeria in New York City started selling pizzas by the slice that the trend gained momentum amongst other pizza restaurants. Offering pizza by the slice opened these restaurants up to the lunch crowd, many of whom just wanted a quick slice or two before heading back to work for the day. Consider these facts as you search pizza restaurants near me.

pizza restaurants near me

A pizza restaurant in Brooklyn, New York.

True or false: Pizza chefs always use special pizza lingo.

This fact is true! As you search pizza restaurants near me, you’ll find lots of fascinating facts and insights on the pizza industry. One fact that may just surprise you is that pizza chefs employ a very wide variety of pizza lingo to show they’re in the know. It’s meant to impress customers and also to play around a bit in the kitchen and prove their skill. A ball of dough that’s been stretched out and is just about ready for topping is known as the “skin.” Mushrooms are almost always referred to as “screamers” (though no one is quite sure why) and pepperonis are referred to as “flyers,” as they’re often thrown around in the kitchen like frisbees. When referring to the internal cell structure of the pizza dough, pizza chefs refer to this aspect as “The crumb.” In order to make a great pie, pizza makers strive to achieve a crumb that is very airy and contains large holes.

Pizza Restaurants Near Me – Pizza Restaurants Facts

Four Kinds of Mozzarella

Most Americans aren’t aware that there are actually four different kinds of mozzarella and not just one. Often we’re tempted to use mozzarella as a catch all term, when there are actually four distinct varieties. The four primary types of mozzarella used to make pizza are:mozzarella di bufala (this is made from the milk of water buffalo in Italy, and used mostly on neapolitan style pizzas), fior di latte (this is very similar in look and taste to mozzarella di bufala, with one key difference, it is made from cow’s milk rather than buffalo), burrata (this is an extremely fresh Italian cheese that is known for its creamy and light texture, and finally pizza cheese (this is the whole-milk or part-skim mozzarella that is employed by most modern American pizza shops.) Each type of cheese is typically put to use on specific kind of pizza. More experimental pizza shops will bring out many kinds of cheeses to elevate their pies to the next level. Surprisingly enough food scientists have also studied the baking properties of different kinds of cheese and have found that there is evidence that boasts that mozzarella truly makes the best pizza cheese. What kind of cheese will you order on your pie after searching pizza restaurants near me?

The Legend of the Pizza Margherita

Do you know the legend of the pizza margherita? According to legend, the “pizza margherita” takes its name from Queen Margherita of Savoy. In 1889, Queen Margherita of Savoy, sampled three different pizza flavors that were made by master pizza chef Raffaele Esposito. She expressed a true preference for the version that was topped with tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. The pizza was essentially designed to resemble the Italian flag. While it’s a nice story and while the Queen did eat Esposito’s pizza, there’s absolutely no evidence that indicates what was on the menu. This leaves a lot of skepticism as to if this was purely a marketing scheme that was once concocted long ago in order to boost business. While we’d hate to think this beloved legend is just a myth, it’s difficult to keep track of the historical beginnings of many of our favorite foods. Did Queen Margherita really prefer the pizza that resembled the Italian flag? It’s hard to say. As you search pizza restaurants near me, think about the history of your favorite foods. Do you really know the origins of pizza?

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