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If you’re looking to landscape your backyard space or find the widest range of selections and plants at low prices, a plant nursery is the place to go. With hundreds of varieties of plants, vegetables, and flowers even the most novice gardener can create a garden or landscape that will truly inspire.

Are you interested in finding a plant nursery near you? Simply browse plant nursery near me on the map below and find a list of plant nurseries located within a few miles of your current location. Need a bit more information on plant nurseries? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more on plants and plant nurseries.

Plant Nursery Near Me – Find it on the Map

Plant Nursery Near Me – Plant Nursery Trivia

What is a wholesale plant nursery?

While searching plant nursery near me, you’ll quickly find that there are few types of nurseries that you will encounter. Without question, the most popular type in most regions of the United States is the wholesale plant nursery.

What exactly is a wholesale plant nursery? A wholesale plant nursery is one where seeds are planted and fully grown and then sold out for transplanting, budding, layering, restoration, conservation, scenic gardens, and environmental landscaping. Almost every wholesale nursery can produce and distribute everything you need for your projects along with an insane variety of trees, shrubs, and ferns.

Most wholesale nurseries also carry perennials, annuals, container plants, and native plants. A nursery will not only supply all of the lush flowers and greenery you’ll need for your yard, they also stock a bevy of perennial vegetables to be used in a home garden. Aside from providing a truly diverse stock of items, wholesale nurseries typically only employ individuals who are well versed in plant culture and who know an extensive amount on gardening.

If you’re a novice gardener or someone just looking to plant a little flower garden, consulting with a professional can help you choose the right type of flowers for your space. They can also direct you towards everything you’ll need to get started on your next big project.

plant nursery near me

Plant nurseries can offer you the greatest variety in plant life to choose from.

What can a nursery teach me?

If you’re searching plant nursery near me, then you’ve already got a solid foundation of knowledge on plants. But like any gardener, you surely want to know more. What can the experts at a nursery actually teach you about plants? Well, aside from proper watering, planting and growing techniques, the experts at a nursery are also experts on pests and diseases.

While you may not think these things are a big deal, any gardener will tell you of the disappointment and cost that can occur when your entire garden or landscape design is destroyed due to pests. Consulting with an expert can help you to learn exactly how to prevent pests and diseases in a cost effective manner. These experts are also trained on which plants can help control soil erosion and help reduce water wastage.

Plant Nursery Near Me – Plant Nursery Facts

The Foods We Eat

Many people searching plant nursery near me are looking to start a vegetable garden and grow their own food. It’s a noble pursuit that can save you a lot of money and grant you access to the freshest possible food. Not only will you know where your food is coming from, but you’ll never have to worry about pesticides and freshness. Did you know that nearly 90% of all of the foods consumed by people come from only about 30 plants.

It’s almost strange to think about just how limited our diets are compared to all of the different foods we could be eating. If you think the selection of plants we eat is all about nutrition, you’re wrong. Nutrition does not really factor into the crops we tend to produce. The world’s largest farmers have pursued certain crops because of how they grow rather than how good they are for you. The more quickly and inexpensively a crop grows, the better the odds at turning a profit.

As a result, most of the most healthy plants never make it to the dinner plate because they simply aren’t available in grocery stores.

Nearing Extinction

Unfortunately, something you’ll learn as you search plant nursery near me is that many beloved plants are nearing extinction. Some are even going extinct without human interference. It’s not even the fact that plants are dying that raises alarm, it’s the rate at which they are dying off that has many botanists feeling frustrated.

The biggest reason for plant extinction seems to be climate change. Of course deforestation and other human factors have lead species to go extinct around 1,000 and 10,000 times faster than they would in a natural environment. Though scientists have only examined around a fraction of all known existing plant species, of those that have been studied, nearly 68% are in danger of going extinct within the next 100 years.

Plants can’t just get up and move if their habitat is being destroyed. They also can’t avoid the climate they are in or control the weather. They are even more vulnerable than an endangered animal in some regards as their ability to adapt is nearly non-existent.

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