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For individuals who can’t get to a bank during normal business hours or simply want to avoid the hassle of a traditional financial institution, check cashing businesses such as PLS are key in getting funds fast. Not everyone wants to go the route of a traditional bank. Not only do many banks charge fees for checking accounts, but they can tend to keep business hours of 9 to 5, making it difficult for anyone who works odds hours to get to the bank on time. Check cashing is a way to get your money in hand right away without the middleman.

Are you interested in finding a PLS location near you? Simply browse PLS near me and find a list of PLS locations in your area. Need a bit more information on PLS? Read on for facts, trivia, and more on check cashing as well as payday loans.

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How many people use check cashing services?

In the modern day, check cashing services like PLS are more popular than ever. Just how many people utilize these check cashing outlets? Consider this as you search PLS near me. According to statistics, approximately 28% of the American population will use check cashing services to handle their financial needs rather than going to a bank. While check cashing services can be handy, there is a lot of debate as to whether these services provide a useful alternative to banking or are simply exploiting those who have no choice but to use them. Critics of check cashing centers claim that they exploit the customers they serve while providing an air of convenience. The most common complaint against check cashing services such as PLS are the fees associated with cashing a check. Checks cashed at these types of business can incur around 3-5% of the check amount in just fees, regardless of how much the check is worth. Generally, the annual costs of using a check cashing center is far greater than the fees associated with getting a traditional checking account at a bank.

pls near me

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Do check cashing centers check your banking history?

No, in fact, this is one of the main reasons why individuals choose to go with a check cashing center such as PLS rather than a traditional bank. For many, check cashing centers are a necessity because they are unable to open accounts at banks, typically due to negative connotations on their banking history. Many banks will check into your banking history for blemishes prior to offering you an account, others are much more lax in their practices. For others, check cashing centers provide a convenience that banks can’t offer, such as business hours that begin earlier and extend far later than a bank. Individuals also use check cashing centers for services such as: payday loans, money transfers, bill payments, money orders, stamps and mailing, prepaid debit cards, EBT services, and photocopying and faxing services. As you search PLS near me, consider if the pros outweigh the cons of check cashing.

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Immediate Funds

One of the greatest benefits to visiting a check cashing store such as PLS is the immediacy in which you get your funds. Unlike a traditional banking institution, when you cash your check at PLS, you do not have to wait for your check to clear or be processed before you cain access to your funds. PLS will cash your check and give you the money right away. There is no need to wait several business days to have access to your money, especially if you need the money as soon as possible. The only downside is that these check cashing services will take a fee, sometimes as high as 5% of the total check’s value. While this might not affect your pocketbook in the short term, that lost cash can certainly add up over time. If you need immediate funds, searching PLS near me might just be your solution.

Freedom from Garnishment

Many times, individuals frequent check cashing spots such as PLS in order to avoid having their wages garnished. If someone owes a significant sum of money, such as court fees, credit card debt, or late rent, they may face wage garnishment if they keep their money in the bank. Wage garnishment is when a debt collector or someone you owe money to can garnish your paycheck to make payments on your debt. By avoiding a bank and using a check cashing center, those searching PLS near me can avoid having their wages garnished. Sometimes, through no fault of their own, good people fall on hard times and simply cannot afford to pay down their debt. Wage garnishment will often sink these people into further financial distress, making it difficult for them to eat, keep a roof over their heads, and even keep a car to get to work on time. While paying down debt is important, it is also important to have the basic necessities in life. If check cashing is the only way for someone to keep their whole check rather than losing it to wage garnishment, then check cashing is the best possible option for them. Why you choose a check cashing service is entirely up to you. While there are some cons to using PLS, there are also many benefits, especially if you work strange hours, need money immediately, or face wage garnishment.

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