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There are a lot of home improvement projects that many of us can take up on our own. Painting, drywall, and even flooring can easily be done without much prior experience. One thing that even the best DIY expert can’t take on is plumbing. Unlike many home improvement projects, plumbing requires some degree of expertise and professionalism. Not only can a plumber quickly repair emergency issues such as a backed up toilet, faulty mixing valves, or lack of hot water, but they can also be a great resource for anyone trying to remodel a bathroom or kitchen.

Are you interested in finding quality plumbers in your area? Simply browse plumbers near me on the map below and find a list of plumbers located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on plumbing? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

Need a bit more information on plumbing? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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What’s one of the earliest examples of indoor plumbing?

In the modern day, we rarely think about plumbing until something goes wrong and we’re searching plumbers near me or up to our ankles in water. But plumbing wasn’t always a luxury enjoyed by our ancestors. When was plumbing first discovered? According to historians, one of the earliest examples of plumbing in the ancient world emerged from the island of Crete, which is located just off the coast of Greece. This tiny island was the birthplace of the highly intelligent Minoan civilization, which came about around 2700 BC. The clever Minoans used clay pipes in order to hygienically and efficiently transport water. They also developed a drainage system, working with the natural gradations of the present terrain. They also used their knowledge to manage sewage and water overflow. Though the Minoans may have helped establish plumbing, it was the ancient Romans who are to thank for the invention of more sophisticated plumbing practices as well as the word “plumbing.” The Latin word “plumbus” which means “lead,” is believed to be the derivative of the word plumbing. Lead was the material used to make underground water pipes in Rome. Some historians believe that by the year 52 AD, the Romans had more than 220 miles of aqueducts servicing the city. These aqueducts were instrumental in bringing fresh water into the city. This water was then used for public bathing, fountains, and latrines. Waste water was removed from the city through a sewage system, which is still in use today.

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Finding a qualified plumber is the difference between major plumbing woes and peace of mind!

When was indoor plumbing introduced in America?

If you’re searching plumbers near me, then you know just how instrumental plumbing was/is in keeping things hygienic and our lives running smoothly. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until the 1800s that Americans had access to indoor plumbing and sewage disposal. Up until this point, Americans relied heavily on chamber pots and outhouses to contain sewage. Water only came about through rainwater collection or in the form of a well. This officially changed in 1829, when a young designer named Isaiah Rogers built the Tremont Hotel in Boston. This was the first establishment to include indoor plumbing. It also utilized the steam pump to raise water to the higher levels of the buildings. Eventually, sanitary sewers were also introduced.

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The Flush Toilet

What would life be without the flush toilet? A whole lot stinkier, that’s for sure. So who exactly is credited with inventing the flush toilet? Consider this as you search plumbers near me. According to historians, an English inventor by the name of Alexander Cumming was granted the first patent for a flush toilet back in 1775. His greatest innovation was the s-shaped pipe that sat just below the bowl. The pipe used water to create a seal, which helped to prevent sewer gases from entering through the toilet. Though Cumming may have been served the first patent for a flush toilet, it was inventor Thomas Crapper who actually brought about their prominence and made the first line of successful flush toilets. Crapper didn’t invent the toilet, but he did invent the ballcock, a tank filling mechanism that is still used in modern toilets today. After inventing this mechanism, Crapper became synonymous with flush toilets and the devices he so proudly sold. This is largely due to the slang terms used by American servicemen stationed in Europe during World War I. Yes, that’s why the toilet is often referred to as the “crapper.”

Detailed Diagnostics

Plumbing woes and constant issues within a home can be a total money and time suck. So how does one manage the array of issues that can occur with home plumbing? Consider this as you search plumbers near me. One of the greatest advantages of hiring a plumber rather than attempting to fix or diagnose a problem on your own is that a plumber can give you a very detailed diagnostic report on any current or potential issues. A lot of plumbing problems can be attributed to hidden factors. They might not seem obvious to an untrained professional, but a plumber can often catch a problem’s underlying cause and bring back a detailed report on why it happened and how to prevent it from happening again. In addition to fixing a current problem, a plumber can also check major systems and search for any major issues or problems that may present themselves in the near future due to aging materials or faulty plumbing. Given that so many American homes were built before the year 2000, most still contain copper piping. Plumbers no longer use copper piping and have gone to a more modern system known as Pex. Often times, the root cause of plumbing issues is age, use, and the original installation methods.

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