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Anyone interested in completing a plumbing project can find just about everything they need at a plumbing supply store. Plumbing supply warehouses offer a greater variety of plumbing materials than a typical DIY store. They also often offer items at wholesale prices, which can shave a few dollars off of your budget.

Are you interested in finding a plumbing supply store near you? Simply browse plumbing supply near me on the map below and find a list of plumbing supply stores located within a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on plumbing supply stores? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and information on plumbing.

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When was plumbing first used?

While modern and indoor plumbing is a very recent invention historically speaking, plumbing itself has existed in many forms since around 4000-3000 BC. Archaeologists have discovered that the first water pipes in the Indus River, which date back to 4000 BC. Egyptian ruler Menes is believed to have supported a thriving civilization through the construction of canals, irrigation ditches, and basins. In 2500 BC, the Egyptians are credited with developing copper pipes, which were used to build sophisticated bathrooms with irrigation and sewage systems within the pyramids. Believing that those who perished also required food, clothing, and other essential items in the afterlife, Egyptians even installed bathroom in tombs. Around this time sitting toilets also began to appear in the Harappa civilization that is now India. In 1500 BC, under the reign of King Minos, the people of Crete were tasked with creating elaborate sewage disposal and drainage systems through underground chambers. During that time bathtubs resembling the cast-iron models available in late 19th century America were also used. As you search plumbing supply near me, consider the long history of plumbing and how it has changed civilization time and time again.

plumbing supply near me

A plumbing supply store can meet all of your plumbing needs.

Who invented the modern toilet?

If you’re searching plumbing supply near me, then it’s possible you may be looking into a new toilet or bathroom renovation. What you might not know is who is credited with inventing the modern toilet. According to historians, the prototype for the first modern toilet was developed by a Scottish man named Alexander Cummings. Previous attempts at toilets were able to flush, but did not have a water trap. Cummings’ prototype included what is known as an “S” trap. This was a sliding valve that sat between the bowl and the trap. This allowed some water to stay in the bowl. As a result of Cummings’ invention, the water no longer smelled of raw sewage and the bowl could be cleaned between uses. This not only made using toilets a more sanitary proposition, but it allowed for a greater quality of life.

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The Advent of Indoor Plumbing

For much of history, going to the bathroom was an endeavor best enjoyed outdoors in outhouses or separate from the interior of the home. Not so bad if the weather was nice, but more often than not, sneaking outdoors in the middle of the night was a pretty terrible proposition. Indoor plumbing first debuted in 1829 at the Tremont Hotel in Boston. This was the first hotel of its kind to feature indoor plumbing for guests. Eight water closets were formerly built by Isaiah Rogers. Individuals marveled that the feat of indoor plumbing, lauding it as the true way of the future. Up until 1840, indoor water closets were commonly found in the homes of the rich and in luxury hotels. A majority of lower class and middle class citizens were still tasked with using outhouses and more crude forms of plumbing at this point. Soon after indoor plumbing made its mark, soap was introduced during bathing and after using the restroom. The trend quickly caught on as doctors ushered in a time of hygiene and commitment to sanitation. Not only did indoor plumbing and soap create a more sanitary environment in the home, but it lead to fewer germs being passed between individuals both in and out of the household. Nowadays, if you’re searching plumbing supply near me, you know that soap is a fixture in every restroom both in public and in private.

Not Everyone Has Indoor Plumbing

Here’s a fact to consider while searching plumbing supply near me: 1.6 million people in the United States still live without a complete indoor plumbing system. If you account that the average household has at least 2.7 individuals living in it, that means 630,000 households live without full indoor plumbing facilities, lacking either a bathtub, shower, toilet, or running water. Areas of South Dakota, Apache Country in Arizona, Rio Grande in Texas, Appalachia in Kentucky and Virginia, and rural Alaska all have very high percentages of unplumbed households. If this figure seems bleak, put it into some perspective. According to experts, these unplumbed homes only equate to around .64% of all homes in the United States. Though the percentage itself is low, many still feel the plight of those living in these areas and going without the modern conveniences that those in more developed regions enjoy without a thought or concern.

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