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Founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1845, PNC bank has a long history of proudly serving customers on the Eastern Coast of the United States. From business banking to personal banking, PNC has always offered a variety of services to consumers looking for a trustworthy place to serve all of their financial needs. Whether you’re looking for a low fee checking account or a high yield savings, PNC has something to offer you.

Are you interested in finding a PNC bank in your area? Simply browse PNC bank near me on the map below and find a list of PNC Bank locations near you. Need a bit more information on PNC bank? Read on for facts and trivia on PNC Bank and the history of American banking.

PNC Bank Near Me – Find it on the Map

PNC Bank Near Me – PNC Bank Trivia

Why was PNC bank not fully operational until 1852?

Though PNC began as the Pittsburgh Trust and Savings Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1845, the bank didn’t become operational until 1852. This was due to a lengthy recovery from the Great Fire of Pittsburgh which devastated a great portion of Pittsburgh and affected several local business. After this long recovery, PNC bank finally reopened with offices on Liberty Avenue. In 1853, the bank officially changed its name to the Pittsburgh Trust Company and moved its corporate offices to Fifth avenue in Pittsburgh where it still remains to this day. In 1863, the bank hanged its name to the First National Bank of Pittsburgh where it was the first bank in the US to apply for a national charter as a part of the National Banking Act. It received charter 48, with other banks receiving charters sooner because of paperwork problems. While searching PNC Bank near me, think on the long and storied history of this financial institution!

pnc bank near me

A typical PNC Bank branch interior. Clean modern lines are punctuated by bold orange and blue decorative touches.

What year did PNC become the largest bank in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky?

While PNC always played a large role in the east coast financial system, the bank became the largest in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky in 2008 when they acquired the Cleveland based National City Bank. In a 5.2 billion dollar deal, PNC doubled in size and served to become the sixth largest bank in the United States by deposits and the fifth largest bank in terms of branches. Despite having sold 15% of its stake to the US treasury as a part of the bailout plan, the deal was approved and completed by December 31, 2008. Not only did the deal cement PNC’s place as a financial institution in the US, but it greatly expanded the presence of the institutions in the MIdwest and also allowed them to enter the market in Florida. If you’re searching PNC bank near me anywhere from the midwest to the east coast, you’ll surely find a branch to serve your unique needs.

True or false: Banks make nearly one third of total corporate profits.

True! If you’re searching PNC bank near me then you might be interested in knowing that 30 percent of all corporate profits are made by banks. Though this might seem high, it’s actually down from the 40 percent banks used to make.

PNC Bank Near Me – PNC Bank Facts

Virtual Wallet

For younger generations searching PNC Bank near me, PNC’s virtual wallet is likely a welcome amenity. Virtual Wallet is a handy combination of a checking and a savings account that was launched by PNC in July 2008. The account was designed to appeal to tech savvy millennials and members of Generation Y who sought to do most of their banking online rather than in person. According to PNC, this also helped in the launch of their app which integrated accounts for customer ease. The accounts were deemed: Spend, Reserve, and Growth. Spend was to stand for money that you could access now, Reserve Was money to be put on the side for upcoming bills and Growth was a savings account. As of 2012, the service had more than one million customers.

PNC Grow Up Great

If searching PNC bank near me you may be interested in learning a bit more about their Grow Up great Program. Started in 2004, the Grow Up Great program aims to provide bilingual and multi-year school readiness programs to those in need. The plan helps all those who at risk of being denied education and development in countries where aid is not available. Since its inception, the plan has aided more than 1.75 million children across the world. The total cost of the plan is $350 million dollars. Not only has the PNC Grow Up Great program been an incredible contribution, but the company has incorporated several efficient, and low cost practices for being environmentally friendly. It has even built the largest number of LEED and US Green Building Council Approved buildings in the world.

Branches Across the US

There should be no shortage of PNC bank branches across the eastern half of the US if you’re searching PNC Bank near me. The institution currently has 2,700 branches across 19 states in the US including the District of Columbia. The bank also has 7,400 ATM machines. According to statistics more than 6.6 million people have their checking accounts through PNC, with the total staff strength coming at 54,400 approximately. PNC currently has a value of $221 billion and $320 billion.

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