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A visit to your local police station can be informative, educational, and even necessary depending on your unique situation. Some individuals need to report a crime, theft, or missing persons. Others simply need fingerprints performed for a job or background check. Whatever reason you have for visiting a police station, you’ll find helpful front desk staff and law enforcement agents to make your visit as rewarding as possible.

Are you interested in finding a police station near you? Simply browse police station near me on the map below and find a list of police stations located within a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on police and police stations? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and information on police stations!

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What is the history of policing in the United States?

The history of policing is almost as old as the history of the country itself. According to historians, policing developed in the United States just before it was developed in England. Policing in the early colonies took two forms. It was both informal in nature and communal, which is nowadays known as a “watch.” Private or for profit policing is known as “The Big Stick.”
The watch system was almost entirely composed of community volunteers who held the primary duty of impeding any potential danger. The first city to create a night watch in the United States was Boston. New York quickly followed in their footsteps in 1658 and Philadelphia followed suit in 1700. Unfortunately, these night watch groups did not prove to be a particularly effective way of controlling crime. Many of this watchmen were prone to sleeping or drinking heavily on duty. Many of the “volunteers” were simply attempting to evade military service or were forced into service by their town as a form of punishment. Philadelphia is credited with creating the first day watch team in 1833. New York instituted a day watch group in 1844 as a supplement to its revolutionary municipal police force. Consider the history of police as you search police station near me.

police station near me

Most communities are situated within a few miles of an active police station.

Was there such a thing as ancient policing?

You may think policing developed with more modern societies, but ancient policing was certainly a thing, though it looked much different than the policing in the colonies. In ancient Greece, it was publicly owned slaves that were used by magistrates as police. In Athens, historians believe that a group of 300 Scythian slaves were used to guard all public meetings and were tasked with crowd control. They also assisted in dealing with criminals, handling any prisoners, and making formal arrests. Duties now associated with modern policing, such as investigating crimes or murders were left to the citizens themselves to handle. In the Roman empire, the army, rather than any kind of dedicated police organization was tasked with providing security. Nowadays, when you search police station near me, you’ll be met with many results.

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The Deadliest Decade in American History

In the modern age, most of us feel pretty safe, especially when police officers are prevalent and often patrolling any dangerous areas. Consider these facts as you search police station near me. According to historians, the 1920s were by the far deadliest decade in law enforcement history. During this decade in time, a total of 2,461 police officers died. That’s an average of almost 246 per year. The deadliest year in law enforcement history came in 1930 when nearly 307 officers were killed in the line of duty. That figure eventually dropped off dramatically, by the 1990s, an average of 162 police officers were killed in the line of duty every year. The deadliest day in law enforcement history came on September 11, 2001 when 72 heroic officers were tragically killed while responding to the terrorist attacks on America. Of every city in the US, New York City has lost more officers in the line of duty than any other department with a total of 768 deaths. Texas has lost 1,706 officers which is more than any other state. The state with the fewest officer deaths is the quiet northern state of Vermont with around 23.

Internet Purchase Exchange Areas

Here’s something to consider if you’re searching police station near me. Many police departments in the United States are starting to create Internet Purchase Exchange Locations so that Craigslist or similar types of online transactions can be conducted in a safe area that includes video surveillance and a police presence. They also help to keep both participating parties safe. Want to know the average wait times for police response? In Detroit, you’ll have to wait an average of 58 minutes for the police to respond to a call. The national average in which police respond is around 11 minutes. Most police stations in Detroit are now closed to the public for 16 hours a day to respond to various investigations and inquiries. Of course, this is not the norm in many big American cities.

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