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Looking to engage in some fun competition all while enjoying some great bar food and drinks? A pool hall is the place for you! Not only do pool halls offer competitive leagues, tables for rent, and tournaments, but they also offer great snacks, food, cocktails, drinks, and entertainment.

Are you interested in finding a pool hall near you? Simply browse pool hall near me on the map below and find a list of pool halls located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on pool halls? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more! You might just learn something new!

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True or false: Pool was already being played in the 15th century.

With movies such as the “Hustler” and “The Color of Money” bringing pool into the forefront of pop culture in the 1960s and then again in the 1980s, it’s easy to believe that the history of pool isn’t as long and storied as it actually is. In reality, pool was likely already being played way back in the 15th century. Consider these facts as you search pool hall near me. According to pool historians, the game of pool has a rich history that began in the 15th century when the game was played by everyone from commoners and gentlemen, to hustlers and kings. Pool first began as a lawn game that is most similar to croquet. It originated in Northern Europe, probably in France. From that point, the game evolved into the present day style of billiard/pool table and rules. Overtime, the game was moved indoors onto a wooden table with green cloth that was meant to simulate the grass once played on outdoors. A simple borders was placed around the edges to keep the balls from rolling off of the table. The balls were shoved around the table.They were not struck. A wooden stick known as a “mace” was used to move the position of the balls and to score in pockets. The term “billiard” is derived from the French word “billart,” one of the wooden sticks that was used was also known as a “bille” or a ball.

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Pool halls are a great place to meet up with friends and have a few drinks!

When was the cue stick first developed?

Today, you can’t play a game of pool without using a cue stick to strike the balls on the table. But when exactly was the cue stick first developed and integrated into the game? Some believe that the “cue stick” was developed sometime in the late 1600s out of convenience. When a ball was lying very close to a rail, the mace was pretty inconvenient to use due to its larger head. In this case, the players would have to turn the mace around and use the handle of the stick to strike the ball. The handle itself was known as a “queue” meaning “tail.” This is where the word “cue” is derived from. For much of pool’s storied history, only men were allowed to use the cue. Women had no choice but to use the mace, even in the midst of a sticky situation. This is because many men felt that women were more likely to rip the cloth with the sharper cue than their male counterparts. Consider these facts as you search pool hall near me!

Pool Hall Near Me – Pool Hall Facts

American Four Ball Billiards

If you’ve visited a pool hall lately or are searching pool hall near me, you may have heard of the concept of American four ball billiards. But what exactly is this version of pool? Well according to historians, it was the dominant billiard game in the United States until the 1870s. This version of pool was almost always played on a large 11 or 12 foot four pocket table with just four billiard balls. Two white balls and two red. This game was a direct extension of the pool that was being played in England at the time. In four ball billiards, points were scored by pocket balls, making caroms on two or three balls, and scratching the cue ball. What exactly is a “carom” you ask? Well a carom is the act of hitting two object balls with the help of the cue ball in just one stroke. American four ball billiard produced two offshoots, both of which proved more popular by the late 1870s. One of the games was known as Straight Rail, the other American Fifteen Ball Pool, which is the predecessor to modern pocket billiards.

Why is it called pool?

Here’s a question almost everyone has while searching pool hall near me, why exactly is the game called pool? After all, it has nothing to do with a swimming pool or being outside. Well, it’s not that kind of pool. Since the word “pool” actually means collective bet, or ante, the game of pool was derived from the betting often done during billiards games. Though many non-billiard games such as poker involve a pool, it was the game of pocket billiards that earned the name pool and to which the name is still attached. The term “pool room” which is a room where pool is played in (quite obviously), was once known as a betting parlor. In these betting parlors, pool was played in between horse races to help men pass the time. Horse racing and billiards quickly became entwined in the public mind and the concept of a “pool room” was formed. Not from the billiards themselves, but from the amount of betting that was taking place in those rooms from open until close. Now pool rooms are almost always known as pool halls.

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