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Anyone who owns a pool knows that one of the most important aspects of pool ownership is pool supplies and proper maintenance. Owning a pool is a lot of fun, but it also requires upkeep. Finding a great pool supply store and resource is your first step in protecting your fun summer investment.

Are you interested in finding pool supplies near you? Simply browse pool supplies near me on the map below and find a list of pool supply shops within a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on pool supplies? Read on for interesting facts, trivia and more.

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Pool Supplies Near Me – Pool Supplies Trivia

What year was the first pool likely created?

There may be over 10 million pools located in the United States today, but pools were not always so prevalent or popular. It has only been in the last 50 years that pools have seen an explosion in growth as prices have plummeted and pools have become more accessible. Consider these facts as you search pool supplies near me. Most historians credit the Great Bath as being the first man man made pool. Built of stone and brick, this Pakistani pool was reportedly first established in 2500 B.C. The inside of the pool was reportedly coated with bitumite tar to help preserve and keep the pool clean. First discovered in 1926, historians believe that this pool was strictly used for spiritual bathing practices by the Indus Valley civilization. There was no swimming or Marco Polo, instead bathing in a pool was seen as a very spiritual ritual, one that could both cleanse, purify, and bring an individual closer to their whole selves.

pool supplies near me

Owning a pool means also owning the right supplies to keep it in tip top shape.

Which country ushered in the modern era for pools?

Pakistan may have invented the pool, but it was Great Britain who ushered in the modern era for pools as we know them today. Sure, the Greeks and the Romans brought about swimming, great aqueducts, and the idea of pools as leisure, but it was Britain who made strides in water treatment and management. By 1837, London had 6 public pools built within city limits. While these pools were highly popular, they also had alarmingly high drowning rates. This lead to an increase in teaching swimming, which eventually lead to swimming as a sport. Once individuals viewed swimming as something that could be learned by all and then enjoyed as sport, rather than an activity of the rich, pool popularity boomed. By 1869, the Amateur Swimming Association was officially formed to promote the skill, sport, and exercise of swimming. Nowadays, children are taught to swim from a very early age. Not only is swimming deemed a valuable life skill, but a valuable form or recreation and relaxation. Odds are if you’re searching pool supplies near me, you know just how beneficial a few laps in the pool are to the health.

Pool Supplies Near Me – Pool Supplies Facts

Swim for your Health

As you search pool supplies near me, consider how health experts have identified swimming as a major benefit to overall health and wellness. Not only can one hour of vigorous swimming burn up to 650 calories, but it can burn off more calories than walking or biking combined. Swimming is great for the waistline, but it’s also great for strengthening both the heart and the lungs. When you swim, you’re not isolating one muscle group, instead you are working out all of the body’s major muscles at once. This can lead to an increase in overall strength and physical fortitude. Not only can swimming help lead to greater physical health, but swimming has also been proving to be a great stress reducer. Those who swim tend to feel more relaxed, at ease, and one with their bodies than those who don’t. Swimming can also prove an ideal exercise for those who need physical therapy and rehabilitation as it is a low impact exercise that offers quick yet lasting benefits.

Swimming For the Young and Old

Now that you know just how beneficial swimming can be to your overall health, you may be wondering how many annual swimmers there are in the United States alone. According to statistics, some 36 percent of all children aged 7 to 17 and 15 percent of adults go swimming at least six times a year. Swimming isn’t limited to just residential and public pools, statistics show that some 91 million people over the age of 16 swim in oceans, lakes, and rivers each year in the United States. While you search pool supplies near me, take into consideration not only the amount of swimmers in the US, but these safety tips for your home pool. According to the Red Cross, ever residential pool owner should put up secure barriers around the perimeter of the pool. This can help to avoid any accidents or unintentional drowning injuries or spills. Every pool owner should also maintain proper chemical levels, circulation, and filtration. You should also regularly test and adjust all chemical levels to help minimize rashes, earaches, and diseases. After finding a good pool supply store, consult with a professional on how you can best clean your pool and what levels your water should be maintained at.

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