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Have a craving for a good sandwich? Enjoy the relaxing vibe of Potbelly? Well, you are in the right place to find a location. All you have to do is look at the Potbelly Near You Map below and it will display all of the nearest locations of this amazing American sandwich shops in your area.

All you need to do is click on one of those locations and it will tell you the address, phone number, hours of operation and even reviews from other customers. Also, you will be linked to the company website, so you can get a quick glimpse of their menu and lots of other information about the company. Finally, with a few clicks, you can get your directions, so you will be on your way to a great meal.

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A History of Potbelly

The first Potbelly was opened in 1977 in Chicago. It was unique, in that it was previously an antique store and the antiques were used to decorate the new restaurant. For the next 20 years, the sandwich shop continued under the original owner, Peter Hastings. In 1996, the shop was purchased by Bryant Kiel who had more ambition for the restaurant. In the following year the second location was started and it continued to expand quickly and saw changes.

potbelly near me

Potbelly Sandwhich Shop, where you can fill your sandwich dreams.

In 2001, the company began a breakfast restaurant. By 2002, it had expanded to 10 branches. Within 3 years, it was already up to 100 locations. In 2011, the company opened its first international location in the United Arab Emirates. As of today, the chain has expanded to 413 locations and continues to grow quickly.

Potbelly’s Unique Atmosphere

There is something special that happens when you walk into a Potbelly. While it is a large chain, the restaurants all have something really unique about them. It all goes back to the first location, which was started in a former antique store, filled with good food and music. The decorations of the restaurants all hold that same theme. You will find antiques around; they are particularly proud of their stove collections. They all do their best to make the locations reflect the history and culture of the particular neighborhoods that they are in. So, no matter which Potbelly you go into, they will all be a bit different.

Another characteristic is the music. Since the first Potbelly opened, they have all tried to have live music available to help set the mood. Sure, it may not always be on, but how many sandwich restaurants have live music? It will truly help make the experience special.
Choosing the Right Sandwich for You

When you get into a Potbelly, there are some important things to know before you order your sandwich. First, there are a lot of choices, from different types of bread, to extra toppings and general modifiers. Their basic bread comes in Regular or Multigrain. If you are a vegan, you want to go regular as the multigrain has honey. You also could go Bigs or Thin-cut, which is either 30% more or less respectively. Finally, they have Flats, which is a flat multi-grain bread.

Their menu also has a section called “Skinnys” which are sandwich choices under 400 calories if you are watching them, while the other choices can go bigger, much bigger.

Finally, you need to decide on extras. You can add bacon, mushrooms, cheese, extra meat or even double meat. When you are done, you just have to decide on your toppings, veggies (lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle or hot peppers) or sauces (oil, mustard, Italian seasoning or mayo). Then you are ready to eat.

Potbelly Near Me – Potbelly Facts

Fun Facts about Potbelly

Potbelly has a lot of fun things to enjoy, so be sure to try and get the most out of your Potbelly experience, everything from their decorations to their food choices have some fun things to learn about. Here are some fun random and tasty facts about Potbelly.

1.They started out selling antiques. The original owner of the shop, Peter Hastings, ran the antique shop that the first Potbelly was opened in.

2.The first chairman, and purchaser of the original Potbelly, Bryant Kiel did not have the support of his father when he made the purchase. Kiel’s father thought he was crazy. Guess Kiel won that debate.
3.The name Potbelly comes from the Potbelly stoves that you will find in each location.

4.You will find local musicians, school bands and lots of other forms of local music, like open mic nights, at each Potbelly.

5.Most of the ingredients and meats are prepared and sliced in house. Which means, you get lots of fresh ingredients.

6.Speed is one of their goals. They try to get you through the line and to the front to pay within 8 minutes. Not too shabby. For those who aren’t familiar with the system, you get to yell out your shake order while in line, so it will be ready when you get to the front of it. So, if you only have a 30-minute lunch break, you can still enjoy the sandwich.

7.They have some delicious sandwiches and equally delicious drinks. All their dessert drinks are topped with cookies, because a shake and a cookie go well together.

8.If you prefer coffee with your drink. Potbelly and Starbucks have teamed up. You will be able to get handcrafted Starbucks drinks along with your sandwich at several locations.

9. Do you like sandwich puns and jokes? Well, head over to the Potbelly twitter feed and you will get a nice collection of them for you to enjoy on a daily basis.

10.Potbelly has a secret menu. That is right. While there are a number of delicious sandwiches for you up there, you could always try something a bit more adventurous. The most famous of which is the Wrecking Ball, which is a meat lovers dream. It is essentially the Wreck with meatballs, Swiss cheese, mayo, lettuce, and tomato. This is only one of many delicious items on their secret menu. If you hunt around, you will be able to find more.

So, be sure to visit Potbelly the next time you have a sandwich craving. Just search Potbelly Near Me to find the closest location. Just remember to get your sandwich the right size, or you might have a bit too much to eat.

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