Psychiatrist Near Me

Psychiatrist Near Me

Humans are far from perfect, each one experiencing their own set of struggles, traumas, and psychiatric issues. Luckily, psychiatry exists to help those in need find peace and recover in a way that is best suited to their unique struggles. Psychiatrists aim to diagnose, treat, and help individuals improve their quality of life through a variety of wellness plans.

Are you interested in finding a psychiatrist in your area? Simply browse psychiatrist near me on the map below and find a list of psychiatrists located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on psychiatrists? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on this renowned profession.

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When did psychiatry first emerge in history?

In the modern age, psychiatry is a known and respected profession. Understanding of mental illness is common and old school ideas of why individuals suffer from certain ailments have fallen by the wayside. Consider these facts while searching psychiatrist near me. Speciality in psychiatry is traced all the way back to Ancient India. Historians believe that the oldest text in psychiatry is the ayurvedic text, Charaka Samhita. The first hospitals for curing mental illness and psychological disorders is believed to have emerged in the 3rd century BCE. During the 5th century BCE, mental disorders, especially those deemed psychotic were considered to be supernatural in origin. This view persisted throughout Ancient Greece and Rome, who believed that mental illness was otherworldly in origin. Psychiatry didn’t make a move into becoming a true medical specialty until the middle of the nineteenth century, though some say the psychiatry of medicine emerged in the eighteenth century. Hippocrates is credited with theorizing the physiological abnormalities that served to be the root of many mental disorders. He sought to explain the cause of madness and melancholy.

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A psychiatrist working with a child patient on a path to wellness.

What do modern psychiatrists do?

If you’re searching psychiatrist near me, you likely want to know what exactly a psychiatrist does. Modern psychiatrists wear many hats, but all examine and evaluate patients using both medical and psychological tests. After these tests are done, they analyze the results, gather medical histories and interview patients to determine a diagnosis. In determining a diagnosis, all psychiatrists consult the Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Treatments of illness vary depending on the disorder, severity, and the needs of each individual. Often times, disorders are treated using a combination of psychotherapy, talk therapy, and medication that targets chemical imbalances in the brain that may be the root cause of certain psychiatric ailments. Using psychotherapy and medication together is typically the most effective treatment plan, though individual results vary based on specific issues.

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Humanitarian Reform

As previously mentioned, history hasn’t always been kind to those who suffered from mental illness. Many early civilizations viewed mental illness as a form of possession or demonic interference, a notion that is simply untrue. Luckily, the Enlightenment period brought a great attitude shift on mental illness and psychiatry. During this time, mental illness came to be viewed as a disorder that required compassion and empathy. In 1758 English physician William Battie wrote his now famous “Treatise on Madness.” The book highlighted the proper management of mental disorder and criticized those who used barbaric treatments. Battie argued that every patient should receive a tailored treatment plan that included cleanliness, good food, fresh air, compassion, and distraction from friends and family. He believed that mental illness was not of supernatural or religious origin, but a dysfunction of the material brain and body, rather than the mind itself. Thirty years after the fact, the ruling monarch in England, King George III was known to be suffering from a mental illness. Following the King’s remission, mental illness as a whole came to be seen as something that could easily be treated and cured. Moral treatments were implemented to heal patients in a way that was humane, moral, and effective. Consider the history of this profession while searching psychiatrist near me.

Finding the Right Psychiatrist

Searching psychiatrist near me is the easy part. Finding the perfect psychiatrist for your unique needs is the hard part. How does one find the perfect psychiatrist? Begin by getting referrals. Ask your primary care doctor for a list of potential psychiatrists that former patients have had personal success seeing. You can add to this list by asking, friends and family for reviews and recommendations. After establishing a list of referrals, do your research. TAke to the internet to view a doctor’s credentials, past patient reviews, and methods of treatment. Not every doctor will be the perfect fit right off the bat. While finding the right psychiatrist, you may also want to consider which gender you’d be more comfortable opening up to. Some women find it easier to open up to other women, especially if they’re facing gender specific issues or past traumas. Of course, that’s a personal preference and a decision that you alone must make. Remember, in getting better, focus on yourself and what will make the path to recover easiest for you.

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