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Humans are far from perfect, each one experiencing their own set of struggles, traumas, and psychiatric issues. Luckily, psychiatry exists to help those in need find peace and recover in a way that is best suited to their unique struggles. Psychiatrists aim to diagnose, treat, and help individuals improve their quality of life through a variety of wellness plans.

Are you interested in finding a psychiatrist in your area? Simply browse psychiatrist near me on the map below and find a list of psychiatrists located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on psychiatrists? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on this renowned profession.

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When did psychiatry first emerge in history?

In the modern age, psychiatry is a known and respected profession. Understanding of mental illness is common and old school ideas of why individuals suffer from certain ailments have fallen by the wayside. Consider these facts while searching psychiatrist near me. Speciality in psychiatry is traced all the way back to Ancient India. Historians believe that the oldest text in psychiatry is the ayurvedic text, Charaka Samhita.

The first hospitals for curing mental illness and psychological disorders is believed to have emerged in the 3rd century BCE. During the 5th century BCE, mental disorders, especially those deemed psychotic were considered to be supernatural in origin. This view persisted throughout Ancient Greece and Rome, who believed that mental illness was otherworldly in origin. Psychiatry didn’t make a move into becoming a true medical specialty until the middle of the nineteenth century, though some say the psychiatry of medicine emerged in the eighteenth century. Hippocrates is credited with theorizing the physiological abnormalities that served to be the root of many mental disorders. He sought to explain the cause of madness and melancholy.

psychiatrist near me

A psychiatrist working with a child patient on a path to wellness.

What do modern psychiatrists do?

If you’re searching psychiatrist near me, you likely want to know what exactly a psychiatrist does. Modern psychiatrists wear many hats, but all examine and evaluate patients using both medical and psychological tests. After these tests are done, they analyze the results, gather medical histories and interview patients to determine a diagnosis. In determining a diagnosis, all psychiatrists consult the Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Treatments of illness vary depending on the disorder, severity, and the needs of each individual. Often times, disorders are treated using a combination of psychotherapy, talk therapy, and medication that targets chemical imbalances in the brain that may be the root cause of certain psychiatric ailments. Using psychotherapy and medication together is typically the most effective treatment plan, though individual results vary based on specific issues.

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Humanitarian Reform

As previously mentioned, history hasn’t always been kind to those who suffered from mental illness. Many early civilizations viewed mental illness as a form of possession or demonic interference, a notion that is simply untrue. Luckily, the Enlightenment period brought a great attitude shift on mental illness and psychiatry. During this time, mental illness came to be viewed as a disorder that required compassion and empathy. In 1758 English physician William Battie wrote his now famous “Treatise on Madness.” The book highlighted the proper management of mental disorder and criticized those who used barbaric treatments. Battie argued that every patient should receive a tailored treatment plan that included cleanliness, good food, fresh air, compassion, and distraction from friends and family.

He believed that mental illness was not of supernatural or religious origin, but a dysfunction of the material brain and body, rather than the mind itself. Thirty years after the fact, the ruling monarch in England, King George III was known to be suffering from a mental illness. Following the King’s remission, mental illness as a whole came to be seen as something that could easily be treated and cured. Moral treatments were implemented to heal patients in a way that was humane, moral, and effective. Consider the history of this profession while searching psychiatrist near me.

Finding the Right Psychiatrist

Searching psychiatrist near me is the easy part. Finding the perfect psychiatrist for your unique needs is the hard part. How does one find the perfect psychiatrist? Begin by getting referrals. Ask your primary care doctor for a list of potential psychiatrists that former patients have had personal success seeing. You can add to this list by asking, friends and family for reviews and recommendations. After establishing a list of referrals, do your research.

Take to the internet to view a doctor’s credentials, past patient reviews, and methods of treatment. Not every doctor will be the perfect fit right off the bat. While finding the right psychiatrist, you may also want to consider which gender you’d be more comfortable opening up to. Some women find it easier to open up to other women, especially if they’re facing gender specific issues or past traumas. Of course, that’s a personal preference and a decision that you alone must make. Remember, in getting better, focus on yourself and what will make the path to recover easiest for you.

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  1. Joanne Modjewski says:

    Need child psychiatrist

  2. April Clark says:

    Best psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse in Suffolk County New York Long Island that will treat a sick 85-year-old woman with a form of Parkinson’s struggling with depression and anxiety with Aetna Medicare and we are working on adding Medicaid if we have to pay towards it if necessary we will

  3. April Clark says:

    Best psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse to treat an 85-year-old woman with Parkinson’s who has depression and anxiety insurance is Aetna through Medicare and working on getting Medicaid as secondary we will pay if necessary to get the best help

  4. Francine Walsh says:

    Need. To. See. A. Top. Neuropsychiatrist. near. Me…I’m 57y w.Depression/Anxiety/PTSD. I HAVE Tardive. Dyskinesia which. became. Worse. 10465. Zip. Code

  5. Barb Bittner says:

    Need a doc with weekend hours. Cincinnati area.

  6. Maureen ward says:

    My psychiatrist relocated because of problems with medical now I don’t have anywhere to see a doctor and get my meds.

  7. Stephen Boyle says:

    Can you tell me what it would take to get a diagnosis for my 30 year old son? Possible # of visits and cost thereof?

  8. Stacy Bakley says:

    Need a psychiatrist

  9. Pamela Sargent says:

    I need a Psychiatrist on south shore location of MA near zip code 02333 that is experienced and good with medications for bipolar. I can have records released from Florida with my long history.I would prefer a woman,however I want the doctors awards, where he/she went to school and how long they have been in practice.

  10. Bob L says:

    Having difficulty locating a Medicare Insurance taking Psychiatrist in or near Mesa, Arizona Seems to me the ones who do are the pill doctors.

  11. Denise says:

    looking for a psychiatrist for a client who has an adult with developmental disabilities in Waukesha WI area

  12. Sheila says:

    Need a psychiatrist in Lexington, SC or Aiken, SC for anxiety disorder.

  13. LAIQUE AHMAD says:

    i need best psychiathicc i,have anxiety and depreesion near ever

  14. christine stephens says:

    i am on medicaid i love in carthage tx

  15. Colleen says:

    Need psychiatrist near 44807 have insurance

  16. Angela McClure says:

    Hi my name is Angela McClure, I’m trying to find a psychiatrist that will treat my mental illness which is, Manic Bi-polar, severe depression, ADHD, and also severe anxiety. I’m having trouble finding someone to accept Medicaid that’s the insurance I have is adult Medicaid oh, I don’t have Medicare is just Medicaid. so if y’all are able to help me if you can contact me at 252-813-6488 I greatly appreciate it. God bless you!

  17. Michael Kealey says:

    There needs to be a filter to find a psychiatrist that takes your particular insurance. In my case it needs to be BC/BS Horizon NJ Health Medicaid

  18. Jody Longman says:

    Need a psychiatrist for my bipolar stepdaughter who is on Medicaid. She is 42 and desparate. Please help. She lives in Moline, Illinois.

  19. Joanne M Scully says:

    I am looking for a psychiatric professional i Rochester, ny who accepts Medicare and BC-BS.

  20. Drena Eslinger says:

    I’m in need of a psychiatrist in my area as soon as possible to

  21. Helen Ramsey says:

    I am in need of a psychiatrist who accepts federal worker’s compensation claimants. My diagnosis is PTSD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks. I am located in eastern NC.

  22. Sarah says:

    I’m in need of a psychiatrist in Justin, Tx. 76247. Just moved from Dallas area, but that’s too far forme to drive. I’m 68 years old

    • Sarah Orta says:

      I have Humana Medicare Advantage plan HMO. I can’t remember the rest. I have Humana card+other insurance. Multiple dianososis.

  23. Beverly Paull says:

    Looking for a psychiatrist in my area or near by. Soon as possible. Thank you live in Richmond MI Have Medicare and Medicaid.

  24. Shawna says:

    I lost my Phycharist due to cut patients back not fair at all. I have horizon blue cross blue shield N.J direct ppo I’m in ocean county but I’m willing to travel

  25. Ria Brandenberg says:

    I belong to an African American non profit group in San Francisco Ca.
    I am on the health committee and would like a black psychiatrist to speak to an event.
    The date is unknown at this time.
    It would depend on the spealkers schedule.
    The topic would be ‘Mental Health Issues in the Black Community’
    Thank you

  26. Paula Smashey says:

    The doctor told me to reach out to a psychiatrist for my mom who has Alzheimer’s. So, I’m looking for one in my area.

  27. Lisa Coppedge says:

    I’m on SSD and Medicare cannot Afford $230 visits. Main Diagnoses multiple sclerosis

  28. John Pinto says:

    need a Psychiarist who takes BS/BS HMO, Select, I live in the Bronx,10461

  29. Stacy says:

    Ok I’m having impossible time finding a psych that takes Medicaid and actually knows about Dystonia!! It’s a rare brain disease NO cure. Uhg do they all need to go back to school!? I’ts like Parkinson ect..VERY painfull irretractable pain it’s the brain so why are they dumb????

    • De Etta says:

      To all of you with income and Insurance problems. The Daniel Amen clinics may be able to help you. This guy has studied the brain using Spect scans. He has had patients get on vitamins and change diet, cutting way down on sugar etc. He has also written several books which If you cannot find at a reasonable used price, maybe you can find at a library? Also search radio programs he has been on, like New Life Live, as well as Youtube. Some psychiatrists think he is a bit nutty. But then he is doing some things none of the rest of them thought of, so maybe its jealousy that is their problem despite coming up with the same diagnosis. Treatment is different plus scans show color changes if patient cooperates with education.

  30. John Pinto says:

    Need a psychiarist who takes BC/BS select (HMO)

  31. Marylyn says:

    I live in Augusta Georgia and I need to find a local psychiatrist here where I live ASAP.

  32. Mark says:

    Need local psychiatrist md..exeter nh..

  33. shannon nicole says:

    hello i would like to find a pshychiatrist in jackson michigan who accepts medicaid but is not associated with henry ford allehiance health.

  34. Brenda Jackson says:

    Need a psychiatrist in Augusta Georgia who accept Medicaid and wellcare

  35. MILAGROS MOGRO says:



    i need help finding a psychiatrits in queens how accept medicare or medicaid please

  37. Juanita says:

    I need help finding a psychiatrist in baltimore city who accepts Medicare and who knows about borderline personality disorder.

  38. vinia ford says:

    I am looking for a psychiatrist that work with patients that has ADHD, cognitive illness, also a psychiatrist that accept Medicare and Amerigroup. please get back with me asap. thank you

  39. Jocelyn Perry says:

    Need a psychiatrist/psychologist to
    Help me with anxiety, depression and ADHD esp

  40. Deanna Ashby says:

    I am looking for a psychiatrist near the Boise or Salt Lake area that is approved by the FAA to give psychiatric evaluations for obtaining a pilots license. The FAA recommends using someone knowledgeable in aerospace psychiatry

  41. Ahmad says:

    My son is facing bipolar depression. I would like to have a psychiatric on regular basis.

  42. David Coleman says:

    My psychiatrist dr. Legler out of Washington DC just recently retired I’m in Pennsylvania I am prescribed Klonopin 2 mg tablets for my panic disorder and anxiety attacks and the Adderall 20 mg tablets for my ADHD I take both twice a day and I have not been able to find a psychiatrist in my area is available and I need somebody to talk to and help me

  43. Becky Simmons says:

    I need a psychiatrist who accepts Iowa Medicaid

  44. Krista says:

    Help! After my most excellent psychiatrist retired it’s been crap.

  45. Linda says:

    I need a free phychiatrist in farrockaway 11691 asap

  46. Danielle AB says:

    Im looking 4 a Dr that can treat my anxiety quickly and efficiently. Im not looking 4 counseling. Im looking 4 a Dr that will give me medication that will treat my problem. I cant live with it much longer its torture!! I was seeing a Dr his treatment was working 4 some problems but not all.

  47. Candice Lombardi says:

    Help! I need to hook up with a psychriatrist on the North Coast Point Arena, Fort Bragg area, my psychriatrist wants to retire, and we are short of psychriatrists in this area. Need one to write prescriptions for my medications monthly.

  48. John says:

    I am looking for a psychiatrist to work with a patient who has moved to Palm Beach County, Florida. She is Japanese and I am seeking someone who works with the Asian population. Thank you.

  49. Sara Worley says:

    Please contact me about Female Psychiatrists who are close to 50.
    Thank you. We are searching for help in this area for a relative.

  50. nicki s. says:

    Shandra, I’m also struggling with extreme anxiety. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one. There are days, when it’s hard to be in my own skin. I have struggled my whole 46 years, trying to please my father(accepted-never going to happen), my mother controls every step and thought I make. I can’t breathe. My whole life I’m told what to do. If I don’t, material things are taken away from me and the constant yelling is very direct. My father keeps telling me it takes only one signature to change the will. I’m tired of him throwing trash on the floor, after cleaning up after him all day.

  51. Ray Zamora says:

    I am assisting a college friend in acquiring a new psychiatrist he was discharged from a nursing home where he has been rehabilitating for 2 years from the diagnosis of Gillian beret you settling at his apartment and it is running out of medications so I am seeking a new psychiatrist who is accepting new patients and accepting Medicaid please contact me my name is Ray Zamora 7 7 3 1968

  52. Paul says:

    need help moving out of Des Moines to Winterset I need someone to help me get my medicine I have UnitedHealthcare and Medicaid for my insurance or cash I will need someone permanent I would like to see someone around early JAN. my number is 330-9752

  53. Joy strickland says:

    Hello man my name is Joy stripping is 10 to 78 very very I don’t know what I am I can tell you I’m 40 years old brutally raped from the time that I was 13 to the age of 16 I was pregnant I had my first daughter and my son a few years later first marriage was a 15-year prison second marriage is 2 a fine man pastor Craig Strickland but I am finding myself still in yet Hunted voices visuals and I don’t know what to do I have a regular doctor who sing Who seems to be overwhelmed by the things that I can tell him please return my call if you’re local if you’re not God bless you disregard this

  54. Barbara Joiner says:

    I need to locate a psychiatist in/near Plant City FL. ”NOT A.K. Vijapura M.D.PA.” I have Careplus HMO, CareNeeds (HMO SNP)

  55. Gerry says:

    I am looking for a psychiatrist that can issue medications as needed like cymbalta and ambien

  56. Mary says:

    I am looking for phychiatist that best fit me . I have been to a couple but not have had a good experience. I am using my regular dr now but my meds is not working and I am tired I feeling like I do

  57. Mary Starks says:

    I have been dealing with ADHD as an adult for nearly 40 years. Diagnosed finally by a psychiatrist 15 years ago and treated with Ritalin for a short while until he retired. I have not found a regular physician who will treat the ADHD just depression and anxiety that have occured because of or with it.I am tired of living without organization inability to get things done forgetting what needs done and heading to other areas and total frustration at the overwhelming ability to get anything to be accomplished in life.

  58. Steven Carter says:

    I am looking for a child phychiarists for my 5yr old grandson mear me in toccoa georgia 30577 any suggestions is greatly appreciated thanks

  59. Amy says:

    I am extremely desperate for a psychiatrist. I was seeing one since 2004 or 2006 till end of 2017. Im clinically depressed, panic attacks, anxiety and social anxiety. I’m struggling badly. I’m lost and living in constent fear. I barly leave my room. Starting to hear things & voices. Im stuck in a terrible nightmare. I have no life left in me. I want to stay on the same meds is thier any phychaitrist tht will take me. I’m so tired and angry. I’ve been having episodes of idk wht? Sumone plz help me. The pain hurts deep down indide of me. I need a doc! Plz.

    • Ann Marie Mandile says:

      Amy I feel you sweetheart. I am clinically depressed and looking for a psychiatrist in the NJ Essex County area. I am also struggling, do not want to get out of bed. I haven’t worked since a terrible suicide attempt in 2017. My family has turned their back on me because they think k I discharged myself from involuntary psych ward. I have panic attacks, seizures if I go off meds and don’t want to face the world. I have promised my daughter, who is 23 and checks on me daily, that I won’t hurt myself again. That is a promise that is more and more hard to keep. I would say hang in there but I could not give advice I don’t take for myself. Still my favorite quote is “Darkness gathers around light, Hold on”. I wish I could help but I need it myself. It’s no fun coming out of a psych ward losing every thing you’ve ever owned and starting over.

  60. shanda powers says:

    looking for a good psychiatrist in a 100-mile radius who is willing to treat me for debilitating anxiety that refrains me from leaving my home, and PTS, I beg of your help, I’m losing my life and feel like I’m dying every day, please help me live life, GOD BLESS YOU AND WHOEVER REPLIES

    • Ann Marie Mandile says:

      God bless you Shanda. I have similar symptoms to you. I cannot leave my apartment I have such bad depression and anxiety. There is no good help I can find because of Crappy insurance and not being rich. I was always depressed I guess but didn’t know it or refused to put a name to it until I tried to end my life in 2017. I keep telling myself that God saved me for a purpose. I struggle everyday. My family has basically turned their back on me, except my daughter, who I am struggling to live for. God bless and help you. I am looking for a psychiatrist as we speak in or around Essex County NJ. God bless you and pray for you

  61. Andrew Glodek says:

    I take medications.

  62. Darrell McQueen says:

    Hello I’m really needing a phychiatrist, I’mmediatly to take over one I was seeing who passed away suddenly, I really need my medicine back, I have Medicare/Medicaid… My name is Darrell McQueen, from Pascagoula Mississippi
    My number is 228-623-7507
    Please contact me.. I can go anywhere on the gulf coast.

  63. Suzette Dermody says:

    Please contact me