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Life is full of challenges- but some require a bit more help than others. Some challenges are so overbearing and complex, that it can be almost impossible to move on without the help of a trusted professional. Whether it’s the death of a friend or family member or overwhelming bouts of anxiety and depression, a psychologist can help and is available for every problem life throws your way. Seeking help when the going gets tough isn’t weak, it’s the strongest thing you can do. Choosing to place an emphasis on your mental health and wellness means choosing a better quality of life.

Are you interested in finding a psychologist near you? Simply browse psychologist near me on the map below and find a list of qualified psychologists in your local area. Need a bit more information on psychology? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more.

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What is a psychologist?

A psychologist is a professional who has been educated on helping others to learn to cope more effectively with life and mental health issues. Every practicing psychologist receives a four year education before moving on to graduate school and supervised training. They become licensed by the state they serve in and proved a number of valuable services, including psychotherapy and evaluations. With that said, you may be wondering how a psychologist can help you. Consider this as you search psychologist near me. Psychologists help by utilizing a variety of proving techniques based on the best available research. They will also take into account a person’s values, characteristics, goals and circumstances. Psychologists who have earned a doctoral degree, receive one of the highest levels of education amongst all healthcare professionals. They spend an average of seven years in education and training. There are currently around 105,000 licensed psychologists in the Us. The one you choose will largely depend upon your unique circumstances and needs.

psychologist near me

A licensed psychologist can help get you back on the path to wellness.

How can a psychologist help?

Licensed psychologists can aid in a wide range of issues and use an assortment of proven methods to help people to improve their lives and improve their overall mental health. More often than not, the first thing a psychologist will do is implement therapy. This is often referred to as psychotherapy or talk therapy. There are several different styles of therapy, but a psychologist will always choose the one that works best for your problems and your personality traits. They can also align the therapy to match any religious values you may have. The most common types of therapy available are cognitive, behavioral, cognitive- behavioral, interpersonal, humanistic, and psychodynamic. Therapy can be for a single individual, a couple, a family, or even a friend group. Some psychologists are even trained to use hypnosis, which has been shown to be effective for conditions including pain, mood disorders, and anxiety. For many conditions, a combination of therapy and medication works best. If medication is right for you, a psychologist will work with your primary care doctor or refer you to a psychiatrist. Only three states- New Mexico, Louisiana, and Illinois, allow psychologists to receive the training necessary to prescribe medication. As you search psychologist near me, think of how a professional might be able to help.

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Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Stress and anxiety may be a normal part of life- but what happens when it takes control? If stress or anxiety are interfering with your day to day activities, it may be time to search psychologist near me. There are facets of life that will always be stressful- from a job interview to a break up. These vents can also cause a great deal of anxiety. But if you’re feeling stress, anxiety, or depression over ordinary day to day events and activities, you’re going to need a bit of help in finding ways to cope with your feelings. Stress and anxiety, if left to simply build up, can lead to isolation, depression, phobias, and a whole slew of other life altering problems. A psychologist can help you to manage your feelings of stress and anxiety by finding the source or the root cause of your feelings. They can also help you to conquer these unwanted feelings through tried and true coping mechanisms. Sometimes, they may even refer you to a psychiatrist should medication be needed in conjunction with regular counseling. If you’re feeling depressed, it’s important to seek help as soon as you can. Overwhelming feelings of helplessness and hopelessness are both common signs of depression. You might think you can just “snap out” of these feelings, but that really occurs. If you know that your feelings run deeper than just an average case of the blues and you’re losing interest in things you once loved, experiencing fatigue, or having difficulty controlling your emotions, it’s time to see a psychologist and get back on the path to wellness.

Dealing With Loss

One of the major reasons why otherwise happy people may seek a psychologist near me is to help deal with the recent loss of a friend of family member. ‘Though loss may be an ordinary part of life- that doesn’t dull the sharp pain or the wave of emotions that can follow a loss, whether it was sudden or expected. Everyone handles the loss of a loved one or even a pet, very differently. There is no right way to grieve but there are proven techniques to help cope with the death of someone close to you. Grieving both openly and private are both common ways to deal with what has happened, but avoiding the reality of the loss you have endured will only lead to lingering problems such as depression. You might think you don’t need any help after someone passes, but loss is a traumatic life event that often requires the help of a professional. These coping skills are valuable in managing the stress and trauma that can often accompany these events.

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