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Public service involves those individuals who work for small government or state jurisdictions. Everything from your local township to your mayor are all in the public service sector.

Whether you’re looking for a job in public service or simply want to meet with local public servants about an issue or idea, you’ve come to the right place. Simply search public service near me on the map below and find a list of public service offices in your local area. Need a bit more information on public service? Keep reading for facts, trivia, and insights on the public sector. You may learn more about local public service than ever before!

Public Service Near Me – Find it on the Map

Public Service Near Me – Public Service Trivia

True or false: Public service dates back to ancient times.

Most of us like to think that public service and government is a more modern invention. Yet, historians have found proof of public service jobs dating back to 400 BC. In fact, in many of Plato’s writings, he recognizes the separation that existed between management and the development of democracy. Around this time, Greek people began to elect their leaders and became educated on public services. It is also at this time that the loosest form of campaigning emerged, as many candidates took on specific platforms or causes, all of which influenced the public at large. As you search public service near me, know that the role of public servants has long persisted, standing the true test of time.

public service near me

Public service jobs offer you the ability to change things for the better!

Who developed the need for budgets in public service?

A public service office is nothing without a budget. In fact, any office in the public sector might as well be rendered totally useless without the funds to make projects or goals a reality. Thanks to one man, public service budgets are a real and very important aspect of government. So who went ahead and developed budgets in the public sector? It was economist Fredric Taylor! He first developed the need for budgets and spoke of the necessity of cooperation between management positions and labor workers. He studied work methods and sought to discover how public offences could be more effective for the future. He is also known as the “father of scientific management.” While on a quest to find public service near me, consider how so many people played a role in crafting the local governments we know today.

How much do public service workers earn?

If you’re interested in a job in public service, you may be interested in learning what most public service workers earn. Most public service workers earn a fair wage, yet those wages are not uniform across the board. How much is earned depends on location, position, and overall experience. For example, a very rural town may not have the same funds available as a town with 50,000 residents. This affects the overall pay rate of those involved. Most of the time a public service worker can earn anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 a year. Experience and position may also influence pay grade. A higher office will earn more money than a position that is not as vital to the public. While searching public service near me, know that working in public service will earn you a very fair wage.

Public Service Near Me – Public Service Facts

Public Service Jobs

What jobs qualify as public service jobs? More than you might think! Generally, public service jobs fall into a few different categories, including: protective service jobs, government servants, public school educators, and community helpers. Protective service jobs are exactly as they sound. Positions include fire fighters, crossing guards, animal control officers, correctional officers, and law enforcement officers.

Government servants are those who hold positions such as city planners, city managers, social workers, city attorneys and those who work for specific public offices. Public school educators are those who work at public schools rather than private schools. Public schools are funded through tax payer dollars rather than through tuition. Community helpers are those who work at crisis lines, homeless shelters, food pantries, civil rights workers, and anyone who gives their time to public service.

Working In Public Service

Why would someone choose to work in public service? Well, pay and benefits aside, it is a fulfilling career in which you will feel as if you are actually helping people to lead better lives. Whether it is becoming a teacher and helping to teach the next generation the knowledge they need to succeed or becoming a cop and protecting those in your district, there is a sense of duty and fulfillment in public service. You also have an influence. Sometimes, it is easy to feel helpless or as if your voice doesn’t matter.

Even though it does, most of us don’t have the connections or the right platform to make the changes we so desperately seek. A job in public service puts you closer to the action. You may even be able to work a position that improves your community or a child’s education. This isn’t just great for your overall feelings of accomplishment, but it strengthens your overall sense of self and resolve. All you need to do to get started is to search public service near me. You’ll find public service offices in your town that might just be hiring. Will today be the day that you start a career in public service?

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