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The full name of Publix, an American supermarket chain, is as you might expect: Publix Super Markets, Inc. While Publix is based in Lakeland, Florida, they actually operate all throughout the Southeast of the US, with you most likely to see a Publix supermarket in states like the Carolinas, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, or their home-state of Florida.

Publix will also be expanding into Virginia in 2017. The total number of Publix locations in the year 2016 is at 1,131, and the first store was founded back in 1930. If you’re interested in finding a store near you, search Publix near me.

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Where Did The Name Publix Come From?

Well, George W. Jenkins happened to like an old movie theater chain that’s been closed even before Publix Food Store opened. The name of that old movie theater was Paramount-Publix. The founder of Publix just took the latter part of the name after Paramount-Publix closed down, and now half of that old movie theater’s name is a Fortune 500 company. Oh, you didn’t know? Publix is actually ranked #87 on that list for 2016. They’re also the 13th largest U.S. retailer when you look back at their 2014 revenue, and even world-wide they’re still 35th.If you’re interested in finding a store near you, search Publix near me.

publix near me

Your nearest Publix store has a ton to offer you!

What Rank Are They?

It’s pretty nice to be considered a good company to work for. But Publix isn’t just good, they’re great. Great enough to be ranked #67 on a list of 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2016. That list was done by the Fortune magazine, which, as you might be able to guess, is also behind the Fortune 500 list. Although they’re not #1 in any of these, they are #1 when it comes to being the largest employee owned company, and that’s not just in the U.S. but world-wide. They’re also Top Ten material when it comes to being one of the largest-volume supermarket chains within the United States of America.

How Many Awards Do They Have?

They’ve also managed to obtain a good number of awards. Too many to list, actually. Customer Service and Satisfaction, Leading the Industry, and Community Involvement. They also won awards for being listed above, such as being #67 on 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2016.
Going back just over a decade, Publix wasn’t always successful. During the dot-com collapse, Publix launched a service called PublixDirect which was, simply put, online grocery shopping. Unfortunately for them, it didn’t take off even with their slogan of “Online Shopping, Home Delivery”. Starting in 2001 and ending just two years later, in 2003. Once again in 2010, they attempted to break into online grocery shopping with Publix Curbside. Unlike PublixDirect, one still needed to drive to a participating location, but an associate would have already done the shopping for them, so driving there was all they needed to do. It, however, was canceled in 2012.

Publix Near Me – Publix Facts

A few fun facts about Publix Super Markets Inc., with the first being stated above. It was founded 86 years ago in, you guessed it, Florida. Winter Haven, Florida, specifically. The man behind Publix was George W. Jenkins, but it wasn’t originally Public Super Markets Inc. The first store, and the second five years later, were called Publix Food Store. It wasn’t until 1940 when he closed both of them to open the first Publix Super Market. He continued expanding from then on, and Publix now stands as one of the largest U.S. regional grocery chains. While you can find them throughout the Southeast, almost 75% of the stores are located in their home-state of Florida. Out of 1,131, 768 are in Florida.

You can consider it an American success story, as Publix has grown up quite well with love and care. What started out as a single shop is now capable of bringing in $32.4 billion dollars in retail sales, and was just in 2015! You might think such a huge amount must mean people buy a lot of groceries, but that’s not all. Publix Super Markets has more than that to offer. Employing nearly two hundred thousand people, they also have ten manufacturing facilities, eight grocery distribution centers, corporate offices, and even cooking schools. Those manufacturing facilities are how they produce the deli, bakery, and other food products they offer at Publix Super Markets, Inc.

If you thought Publix only went that far, think again! Only about 10% of Public supermarkets don’t have a pharmacy inside. Even better is that you might think a pharmacy inside a grocery chain wouldn’t be good, but they’re actually rated as #1 among supermarket pharmacies for customer satisfaction, so they must be doing something right. They also offer free antibiotics, but of course you need a prescription, and it’s only select medications. Furthermore, you are only given a maximum of a two-week supply. Some examples of these free antibiotics include Amoxicillin and Penicillin VK. Metformin, which is used for Type II Diabetes, was also added in 2010.If you’re interested in finding a store near you, search Publix near me.

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