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If you are considering having a good time with some good booze and good friends, why not go to a pub? Pubs have a long cultural history that dates back to the Anglo-Saxon Ale houses of the 5th century and even before that, during the times of Rome.

Though highly popular in most of Europe, pubs have some significance in the U.S. as well, mostly in the form of tasty eats and yummy craft brews you might not find any where else. It’s culinary importance is also heavily noted here in the U.S., as many pubs offer specialty sandwiches or snacks along with alcohol. Want to try some tasty grub while having a beer? Search “Pubs near me” now!

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What is usually the name of the person who runs the pub?

Beyond a bar keep, or bartender, a pub owner can also be a publican as well!

pubs near me

The Considine Bar in Ireland has incredible views of the Kerry Mountains.

Did you know?

Pubs were a pretty big deal when in the middle ages. Travelers often would stay in inns or rooms above pubs between trips. In 1577, there were 16,162 places to drink and hang out!

Pub? Bar? Tavern? What’s the difference?

It may seem that these are all the same thing, but their origins and styles are different. Pubs are pretty common in the U.K., probably more so than anywhere else, but they still exist in other countries too. They’re a local spot mostly specializing in ales or beer and some have places to stay. Bars are more popular in the States and provide more mixed liquor and beer. They can be in hotels, have live entertainment, or be in strip clubs or dance clubs. A Tavern is a little bit more formal and serves food with wait staff, but they don’t really have places to stay. It’s more of a dining experience that just happens to serve alcohol as well.

What is a snug?

Snugs are interesting little rooms. They are usually a private place in the pub for people to drink and get some privacy. It was pretty much used by wealthy people who wanted a private pint, but a business meeting could also be a good place to “Snug” as well.

Did you know?

Pubs come in themes! Sometimes pubs are hot spots for Soccer(football) or other sports, sometimes they’re biker hangouts, or even micro pubs, small pubs that sell locally crafted beers and ales. Whatever theme your into, be sure to check out ” Pubs near me” for something special.

Pub signs used to have pictures on them, but why?

A lot of people in the middle ages couldn’t read, so often times a picture that represents the name of the pub was often plastered on a sign to welcome in patrons. Pubs often had silly names that made them unique and different, things like the “Turtle and the Hare”, for example.

What kind of games are played in pubs?

Only the best kind of games! Darts and pool are classic choices, but dominoes, cards, table football, and foosball are also some popular choices too.

Pubs Near Me – Pubs Facts

In Anglo-Saxon culture, an Alewife or Brewess would put a shrub on a pole to let people know her brew was ready to buy.

Alehouses were had some heavy competition when Gin was introduced to England. Gin establishments were steadily taking pub and tavern patrons from alehouses because gin was very cheap compared to ales. It wasn’t until alcoholism and crime ran rampant, that laws were put into place to tax the sales of gin and promote beer drinking instead. The beer act of 1830 pushed beer as a safer alternative to Gin and eventually, Gin houses began to disappear.

Saloons were opened later in the 18th century for entertainment, like singing and dancing and also a comedian performance as well. Saloons were also big in the U.S. in the wild West as a place for the rough and tumble cowboys, lawmen, and criminals to have a drink and talk about the town. There was often a good deal of illegal things going down in these saloons as well like gambling, drug use, and prostitution.

In the U.S. a good number of pubs are called “Irish pubs”, due to the number of Irish Americans here and also because pubs are often themed with Irish décor and names to attract an authentic European feel. One Irish pub that’s a pretty popular hotspot is the Dubliner pub in Washington D.C. You can be sure that you can get a fresh hot bowl of Irish stew, live Celtic music, and a pint of Guinness or some Jamieson’s whiskey anytime you want.

The oldest pub recorded so far is the “Ye Old Fighting Cocks” in Hertfordshire, and it was created in the 11th century. There are other places as well fighting for the title of the oldest, but so far this place holds the title.

J.R.R. Tolkien was in a writers guild called the “inklings” and they regularly met at a place called the “Eagle and Child”.

Pub crawls are pretty commonplace in American cities, particularly Chicago, New York, and New Orleans.In Philadelphia, zombie themed pub crawls are held on Easter Sunday for the most famous zombie of them all, Jesus Christ. Don’t have time for a pub crawl? Why not just check out “pubs near me” and find a local gem?

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