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Wholesome foods aren’t always easy to find when out on the go, especially in the world of fast food and fast casual. Luckily, Qdoba exists to get great wholesome Mexican food on the go without breaking the bank. If it’s a classic quesadilla, a tightly wrapped burrito, or even a twist on some Mexican traditions, your quest ends at Qdoba.

Are you interested in finding a Qdoba near you? Simply browse Qdoba near me on the map below and find a comprehensive list of Qdoba restaurants located within a few miles of your current location. Need a bit more information on Qdoba? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Qdoba Near Me – Qdoba Trivia

What year was Qdoba founded?

Like so many great chains in the United States, Qdoba started with the simple idea to create fresh and wholesome foods without the excess cost or pomp. Consider these facts as you search Qdoba near me. Qdoba can trace its origins back to the opening of a restaurant known as Zuma Fresh Mexican Grill, which came to be in 1995 when Colorado native Anthony Miller and his partner Robert Hauser decided to open a restaurant in Denver. Miller and Hauser first became friends while in New York City, where Miller worked as an investment bank for Merrill Lynch. Hauser was attending the Culinary Institute of America and working at the famous Le Cirque restaurant. It was Hauser who developed most of the recipes for Zuma, attempting to design a menu that was based around healthy foods. He sought to ditch traditional animal fats and instead cook with vegetable oils and fresh produce and herbs whenever possible. During the first 10 years of Zuma’s existence, lines almost always stretched out the door during dinnertime. It typically took roughly seven minutes for customers in a 30 person line to get served. Without Zuma, there would be no Qdoba.

qdoba near me

Qdoba Mexican Grill is beloved by all!

What does Qdoba serve?

Of course if you’re searching Qdoba near me, then you know that it’s all about the food for this Mexican chain. What you might now know is that exactly Qdoba serves up to customers on a daily basis. Qdoba is famous for its burritos which are made in the famous San Francisco burrito style. They’re also known for their tacos, taco salads, quesadillas, chile con queso, Mexican Gumbo, tortilla soup, Nachos, and fresh guacamole. Though the restaurant serves up foods pretty quickly, they are considered “fast casual” rather than “fast food.” This means that they offer up quick service but a higher quality of food than a typical fast food restaurant. While at Qdoba, customers order by first selecting an entree and then choosing its ingredients to suit their own tastes. Nothing is one size fits all at this burrito joint! All of the items are made right in front of the customer, which ensures quality and brings peace of mind. The chain’s current ad slogan is “we live food.” In order to set itself apart from its competitors, Qdoba also serves up breakfast. Some locations are also open 24 hours on weekends, though you’ll have to contact your local chain to be sure of their hours of operation. You’ll also find that many Qdobas are placed in some rather non-traditional locations. For example, some are placed directly onto college campuses. We’d say that probably makes for some high profit margins on a Friday night!

Qdoba Near Me – Qdoba Facts

Qdoba Versus Panera

In the food business, beef between businesses isn’t uncommon. As every chain attempts to keep a leg up on their competitors, lawsuits and libel are more pretty much just a part of the restaurant game. Qdoba first encountered this aspect of the food industry when it was involved in a lawsuit with Panera Bread in 2006. The lawsuit was Panera’s attempt to invoke a clause in Panera’s contract with the highly popular White City Shopping Center located in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts in order to cease the opening of a Qdoba Mexican Grill in the same area. The clause stated that Panera was to be the only sandwich shop located within the shopping center. Though burritos aren’t exactly sandwiches, Panera argued that burritos, tacos, and other tortilla based foods were pretty much the same thing as a sandwich. Unfortunately for Panera, a Judge ruled in favor of Qdoba, concluding that a sandwich is not typically understood to include items such as quesadillas, burritos and tacos, as they are typically stuffed with non-sandwich ingredients such as rice, meat, and beans. Though Qdoba won that battle, they eventually lost when their Shrewsbury location closed due to poor performance. In its place, a Moe’s Southwest Grill and a Chipotle Mexican Grill were built. We’re not sure how Panera felt about that! Consider this battle as you search QDoba near me!

The Healthiest Option At Qdoba

Eating healthy on the go isn’t always easy, but it is possible, especially if you’re searching Qdoba near me. Unlike many fast food chains, casual or not, Qdoba allows you to pick and choose what goes into your entree. According to experts, the healthiest choice at Qdoba is to choose a plain burrito with no dressing. Skip the tortilla and instead opt for a naked burrito that includes black beans, pico de gallo, cilantro lime rice, grilled veggies, lettuce, and ranchera sauce. This burrito will only set you back 460 calories and will only boast 7 grams of fat, 1,220 milligrams of sodium, and 20 grams of fiber. The fiber will keep you full and the 18 grams of protein will help you build lean muscle. Not feeling a burrito? Go for a taco bowl made with grilled chicken, black beans, corn salsa, lettuce, and grilled vegetables. Top it all off with some picante ranch dressing. This will come in at 755 calories. If you remember to downside the bowl, you can go as low as 400 calories. The moral is, be smart with your choices, and you can always snag a health meal no matter where you roam.

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