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QT also known as QuikTrip is a Tulsa, Oklahoma based chain of convenience stores that are primarily operated in the South, Midwest, and Southeastern regions of the United States. Quik Trip is a full service convenience store, offering gas, food, coffee, and even an assortment of household goods.

Are you interested in finding a Quick Trip near you? Simply browse, QT near me on the map below and find a list of Quiktrip locations located within a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Quiktrip? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and history on this brand.

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When did the first QuikTrip store open?

Most chains started as a single store just hoping to take off. Quiktrip is just one of them. The very first Quiktrip store was opened in Tulsa, Oklahoma near a strip mall in 1958. The store sold a very limited number of groceries, often at high prices, a charge for the convenience. The store did well and eventually made its formal foray into the gasoline business in 1971. This is when QuikTrip began to sell gasoline as states finally legalized self-service stations. In the early 1970s, the co-founder of QuikTrip decided to eliminate all slow moving merchandise from the store’s inventory. Items such as canned vegetables were ousted and items such as beer, soda, coffee, cigarettes, and candy were given more prominence and better shelf space. QuikTrip even offered its own line of branded goods which it marketed from the 1970s to the 1980s. This included QT Beer. The QT originally stood for “quittin’ time.” The ad campaign often used the slogan, “It’s QT Time Again.” By the 1980s, QuikTrip was rapidly expanding into areas such as St. Louis and Atlanta. AT this time, the brand began to renovate many of its stores, primarily replace the earthtone exterior and interior with a brighter and more cheerful color scheme. Red was of course the color of choice. By the 1990s, QuikTrip even began to offer fast food items and fountain beverages. They also installed a self serve soda fountain and a self serve coffee bar. As you search QT near me, consider how QuikTrip truly set the standard for all convenience stores in the US, especially with the self serve coffee and soda fountains.

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The large red and white sign of a Quiktrip.

How did Quiktrip increase speed at checkout?

If you’re searching QT near me, then you know that standing in a long checkout line is pretty darn annoying. In an attempt to increase speed and improve the customer service at checkout, QuikTrip started asking customers to stand at the counter rather than standing in a long line. At orientation, every employee is taught to provide assistance on an additional register when the customer to cashier ratio exceeds three to one and to always direct waiting customers to the closest available checkout. With these plans in mind, anyone can get in and out of QuikTrip in a fast and effective manner.

QT Near Me – QT Facts

Products and Services Offered by QuikTrip

If you’re searching QT near me, then odds are you’re either looking for gas or a quick bite to eat. So what exactly does every QuikTrip offer? Since the early 1990s, QuikTrip has sold a private label brand of fast food dubbed, “Quick n’ Tasty” along with “HOTZI” sandwiches. The Quick and Tasty heat and serve sandwiches include the Texas Ham and Cheese, the Barbecue Pork Rib, and the Super Po Boy. The HOTZI breakfast sandwiches include sausage, egg, and a cheese biscuit and the breakfast burrito. Back in 2012, QuikTrip began an initiative to start offering fresh food made daily at its own bakery and commissary which are now lovingly referred to as QT kitchens. The products include: fresh sandwiches, wraps, salads, cut fruit, pastries, donuts, and even more. Since then, QuikTrip has expanded the “QT Kitchens” brand to include actual kitchens that offer hot ready to made food and specialty drinks. The company has also retrofitted all of their older style stores to include the new kitchen operations, in addition to building entirely new “Generation 3” stores.

Non-Traditional Stores

In October of 2007, QuikTrip opened a store within the Spring Center in Kansas City, Missouri. The location offered concessions and not gasoline. The store was first closed in mid-2013, but quickly reopened. The company’s second store without gasoline-store no. 1700 opened in midtown Atlanta at the Viewpoint Midtown condominium building on Peachtree Street. In 2008, Quiktrip, also signed an agreement with the city of Grand Prairie, Texas for naming the rights to the Grand Prairie Airhogs new stadium which is to be named QuikTrip Park. The deal included a QuikTrip booth at the stadium selling QT kitchens products at the park for the same prices they would have been offered in the stores. It has been the QT commitment to innovation and forward progress that has allowed them to continue growing at such a rapid pace since their early inception. Consider these facts as you search CT near me.

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  1. Ann says:

    The QT Buford Hwy is a disgusting. The equipment doesn’t work, no cups in holders, half naked patrons. Do you have no dress code? The place is filthy. I don’t know if this is a training store or just a sorry store. Every week there is a a new manager. When you get one, it’s worse than the last one. It’s always out of everything. I go to the newest one farther down Buford Hwy. I will just start going there, instead of the one right up the street from me, that way I won’t have to look at women in cut off jeans with their behind hand hanging out. The place has become so low class, it’s disgusting.