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Quest Diagnostics is dedicated to providing high quality and efficient laboratory services to help and improve human health. A visit to Quest Diagnostics can mean demystifying illness, identifying issues, and finding peace of mind.

Are you interested in finding a Quest diagnostics location near you? Simply browse Quest Diagnostics near me on the map below and find a list of Quest Diagnostics locations located in your area. Need a bit more information on Quest Diagnostics? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history on Quest Diagnostics.

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Quest Diagnostics Near Me – Quest Diagnostics Trivia

When was Quest Diagnostics Founded?

The history of Quest Diagnostics isn’t long but it is important, especially in the realm of medical lab testing, of which few companies have a hat in the ring. Consider these facts while searching Quest Diagnostics near me. Quest Diagnostics was founded in 1967 by Paul A. Brown, MD as Metropolitan Pathology Laboratory in New York. The company changed its name to MetPath in 1969 and moved its headquarters to Teaneck, New Jersey. In 1982, MetPath was acquired by what was known as the Corning Glass Works, which was subsequently renamed to be Corning Clinical Laboratories.

The company didn’t become an independent spin-off from Corning until 1996. Quest Diagnostics is currently the world’s leading provider of diagnostic testing services. The information garnered by Quest Diagnostics is used by individuals and doctors in order to make better healthcare decisions and to eliminate or identify possible illnesses or potential deficiencies. Services provided at Quest range from routine test such as pap testing, blood cell counts, and cholesterol panels- all the way to sophisticated cancer testing and gene-based testing.

Not only can the diagnostic information help to aid in the identification and detection of certain illnesses, but it can help individuals measure their progress while in the midst of a recovery from a debilitating illness or health issue. In other words, medical laboratories such as Quest Diagnostics are the cornerstone of keeping individuals healthy, happy, and informed.

quest diagnostics near me

A view of Quest Diagnostics in Cambridge, MA.

What percent of healthcare decisions are determined by lab testing?

Obviously lab services can aid doctors and patients in a variety of ways, but did you know that the testing performed at Quest Diagnostics can impact 70% of all healthcare decisions. Across the US, testing is done on approximately 550,000 patients everyday. That means that Quest Diagnostics influences the lives and well being of patients around 150 million times per year. Through a network of more than 30 regional labs and 125 rapid response labs, Quest Diagnostics offers access to clinical testing all over the US. Quest currently has more than 2,000 patient service centers as well.

What makes Quest Diagnostics truly remarkable is their commitment to innovation. Doctors and scientists employed by Quest are constantly seeking smarter, more accurate tests and assessments to help monitor and treat. Consider this while searching Quest Diagnostics near me.

Quest Diagnostics Near Me – Quest Diagnostics Facts

Beyond Laboratory Testing

If you’re thinking the services at Quest Diagnostics are limited to medical services, think again. Quest offers services beyond laboratory testing to help a range of customers and organizations achieve peace of mind. Through information technology expertise, Quest Diagnostics routinely helps thousands of physicians order lab tests electronically through their innovative Care360 platform. This allows for timely test results, the rapid share of clinical information, and the ability to prescribe drugs to patients at the push of a button, without the need for physical scrips.

According to statistics, Care360 currently processes more than one million physician approved transactions each and everyday. Quest Diagnostics is also tasked with helping employers to improve the health of their workers by reducing the amount of illegal drugs used in the workplace. Quest proudly touts themselves as a national leader in providing programs of wellness and educational programs aimed at preventing disease and illness. By conducting health assessments for employers on common conditions like diabetes and heart disease, employers and their workers are empowered to better manage their health. With knowledge comes power. Think about how you’ll use the services offered while searching Quest Diagnostics near me!

Online Appointment Setting

If you’re not already set up with an appointment at Quest Diagnostics through your physician or specialist, you need not worry. Quest Diagnostics has taken all of the guesswork and headache out of making an appointment and fitting your testing into a hectic world. Through their online appointment setting platform, patients can quickly choose a location, explain their reason for needing a test, and select an exact date and time in which to receive their testing.

For those interested in having hereditary cancer testing done, Quest also provides thorough online forms to help you to explain your health history prior to visiting. This can lead to less time spent in the office and more time spent enjoying your life. If you’re searching Quest Diagnostics near me, try setting your appointment online rather than calling. This can save you time and help you get back to what matters in no time at all.

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  1. Lorraine L Hutson says:

    I need the nearest quest diagnostic lab to me in Arlington Texas 76017.

  2. Phyllis Anderson says:

    I need the phone number for quest lab on Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL 32935

  3. Elaine Shanks says:

    I need the phone number for Quest Lab on Gore Street
    Orlando, Fl 32806

  4. Sandra Grella says:

    need phone # for Quest, 120 Oak Ct. Canton, GA 30114

  5. Sandra Grella says:

    nee address for 120 Oak ct, Canton, GA 30114

  6. Sandra Grella says:

    need phone # for 120 Oak court, canton GA 30114

  7. Roy W Keiser Jr says:

    Need information about the data breach heard about on local TV station WAFB IN Baton Rouge
    I have had blood work done at the Hammond, LA offices for over 2 yrs.

  8. carol Nine says:

    Right now I hate Quest Diagnostics. I cannot talk to a person to ask questions. I cannot get an appointment with the quest location nearest me.Every call I make starts with not just one but several sales routines. I am so angry right now that I am not sure that I ever want to visit Quest Diagnostics ever again.

  9. Maty says:

    Quest d in Suntree FL location?

  10. Heather Hickey says:

    I need to get my prescription information to Quest asap. I spoke to someone Friday & I believe what u need is a letter from 1 clinic & for the prescriptions you need the Pharmacy #. Please reply if this is correct & I will call u with Pharmacy # & fax over the letter. If not, please reply to either let me know what to do or if I should just call.

  11. James D. Long says:

    URGENT- how much time fasting prior to lab work is needed.
    I am unable to speak to live person and no chat service is available.
    6100 Bandera Rd. SAT 78238 is closest to me. Lab ref # 18337 by
    Dr. Peter A. Tarbox, M.D., P.A.

  12. Patricia crawford says:

    I need an appointment Friday, April 24, @ 9:30.
    Patricia Crawford
    [email protected]

  13. Karen Todd says:

    show me Buckingham Quest in Pennsylvania

  14. Carmen C Diaz says:

    Need appointment Friday May 17, 2019 around10:30

  15. Ana Abbott says:

    Need Tel number for Quest Lab located on 20th st and 40th ave, vero beach, fl.

  16. Roy keiser says:

    Need phone # in Hammond

  17. Winona M. Hinkel says:

    IU need to make an appointment for some blood work. Thurs. afternoon would be great. I live near Craycroft and Grant in Tucson.

  18. tess says:

    Do I need to fast before my blood test?

  19. Kevin says:

    why are there no phone numbers on your website?

  20. Cary Winer says:

    I need to get an INR. Please contact me 1-847-708-1316. My name is Cary Winer

  21. Suzanne says:

    I tried making an appt for 4-01 it gave me 1030 am and no confirm code 2nd x this has happened so do I have appt for Mon 4/01/19 at quest apple Valle ca lab?

  22. Cordelia M Conley-Bear says:

    Are you looking for RN’s to work at the Center? I would be interested in Part-time employment.

  23. Brenda McKenzie says:

    Is the Quest Lab In Mt. Morris, Michigan open on Saturday and what are the hours

  24. Colleen Stevens says:

    i want to compliment your PHLEBOTOMIST “Ponce” who works at Univ./Beach location in Jax. Fla. She drew my blood on Monday Jan 7th 2019 & was so skilled and professional! Got it on first try & I hardly felt a thing. No bruising a day later either! She is was a blessing to me as I am typically a “hard stick.” Kuddos to Ponce! You are so lucky to have her on your staff!!! A happy customer! Colleen Stevens

  25. Deann says:

    I stop at office on court street I see the move office where did they go…..I needed blood draw for pain doctor office before I came back

  26. Cheryl Joule says:

    I have an apt. for Tuesday (tomorrow) and need a blood test for my Cimzia Levels, Do you have this test available? Can you do it at this location in Kingston. IF NOT, PLEASE CONTACT ME. I need to know before my apt.
    Thank You

  27. Carol says:

    I need to unine drug screen , can’t find my medical asst card can I use ide number or sosial security number

  28. patricia a duval says:

    Need to talk to some one @ the main office to change my account information.

  29. MONICA NAVARRO says:


  30. Mary kane says:

    Is lab on main st salem nh still open?


    I’m interested

  32. Jane Yavis says:

    I would like to set up an appointment for Blood test in Maple Shade Location – How do I do that ??

  33. Edward Young says:

    I cant even find phone or hours for camillus ny. Just keeps giving ads and map. I know where it is.

    • Julianne Rhine says:

      Just want to know, if I’m fasting for blood work, can I take blood pressure meds and antihistamines today before blood work?

    • Linda Webb says:

      I would like to set an appt for my husband, Ron webb. This was requested by his doctor. Need appt for blood work. If possiblel, February 21, 2019 at 10:00 am. I have been trying by phone for a month and can’t get the confirmation number from your automatic voice. Please let me know by my e-mail [email protected] as soon as possible. I know the location in Winter Springs t own center, just need confirmation and time.

  34. Mytle Bellemore says:

    Do you have a facility in Reading Mass? I using your facility in Salem NH based on a standing order for INR testing but will be in Reading Mass on my scheduled next test.I am looking for a site in or near Reading.Can I go to any of your sites?

  35. Rita Gibbs says:

    i am waiting for script for diabetic testing blood work should receive it friday what are hours on saturday

  36. Mary Scallley says:

    Please cancel my appt for thurs August 2nd at Johnson hiway Norristown, PA. Mary Scalley at 11 am. I call.ed and the voice did not understand me. Your system is not user friendly re: cancelling an appt. #8772CSUBQV

  37. Gene Perriraz says:

    How do I get my blood work results?

  38. Don Maler says:

    Phone: 832 626-4720.

  39. Don Maler says:

    I need an appointment for Monday morning blood tests. Dr. Seja Sarolia doctor that gave your form and ordered them. Katy Medical Arts is the closest. They said fasting not required, so somewhere around 9 to 9:30 works for me.

  40. RUBY PIEROLA says:


  41. Claire Poussard says:

    How much would it cost me out of pocket for blood work to determine my blood type and cross I have?
    Claire Poussard
    [email protected]

  42. Dick Pieters says:

    I have been getting my draws from Englewood, Fl location but went today and they say they have moved! WHERE do I go now? I am on Warfarin, had my blood drawn last week and my doctor hasn’t received the results. He has asked me to ask them to fax them the results.

  43. Roseanne Brescia says:

    What are your hours of operation in Brandon and Valrico Fl. Thank you

  44. Nusrat sharaboni says:

    I need an appointment today .27-47 crescent street,lower leve, suite 102-103 astoria, NY 11102 .

  45. William Andrews says:

    Hi… You folks sent me my blood results via G-mail. I’ve lost the letter,is it possible to get them again ?
    My blood was drawn at Dr. Bernard Garcia’s office, 4800 N.Federal Highway. His phone # is 954-771-2111
    My name is William Andrews, 512 Gardens Dr. #201 zip 33069. Very much appreciated,thank you.

  46. paul bartels says:

    how can i get my lab results that were done two weeks ago at the emmorton location

  47. Brian s. says:

    Having trouble accessing my results. I was able to see them once for a brief time ,left the site,and when trying to access again was unable to view again. Please help!

  48. Gale Creighton says:

    I need an appointment at the Oviedo, Fl 32765 at State Rd 426 at 6:30 or 7 am on April 10, 2018

  49. Amelia says:

    The nearest one in my place area code 80016

  50. David Arms says:

    Can I get your billing offices phone number or address?

  51. ethel james says:

    what are the hours for Quest Labs in Vallejo CA

  52. Lynette Liddell says:

    I need to make an appointment at the Atlantic location in Brooklyn.

  53. Darren says:

    Need last appointment of the day on Friday March 2nd please let me know what time that is my phone number is 904-534-2847

  54. Sherry Foust says:

    I need an appointment on this Friday at 11:00am please

  55. Loretta M Enos says:

    I need an appt today at 780 Chestnut Street Springfield ma

  56. Elia Garza says:

    I need to schedule appointment Friday(2/23/18) morning

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    Need an appointment in Pal Cedro, CA 96073

  58. Edward Barto says:

    Need appointment for blood draw have Doctors referal

  59. Tracey-Ann McGee says:

    I am trying to make an appointment at your Malabar location, but I cannot access your Malabar location on this map. Please HELP.
    I need an appt for tomorrow or Wed morning at the latest.

  60. Jane McGovern says:

    Do u take Aetna better health by welfare. I ndes bloodwork

  61. Debbie says:

    Is the lab in Springdale Plaza open or permanently closed? I’m finding conflicting answers online. Is the lab in Glasgow Medical Center permanently closed now too? Why are all the labs in this area closing?

  62. Danny Delgadillo says:

    Oh yes I forgot asap for the appt thank u guys so much

  63. Danny Delgadillo says:

    Looking for appt at the wilshire bl location for blood work pls call me is i. Wasant able to do so. An. Appointmet online its important danny delgadillo 313/282/0330

  64. Carol Wall says:

    What are my test results?
    Carol Wall

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    Looking for an appointment at the Newton Sparta Road location in Andover NJ for Saturday morning 08/26/2017