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Unlike your ordinary run of the mill sandwich shop, Quiznos serves up delicious oven toasted subs on fresh artisan rolls and breads. Each sandwich is stuffed with premium ingredients, fresh veggies, and whatever else your heart desires. Few sub shops can boast the variety, quality, and taste that Quiznos is putting out there.

Are you interested in finding a Quiznos near you? Simply browse Quiznos near me on the map below and find a list of Quiznos locations nearest you. Need a bit more information on Quiznos restaurants? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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What year was Quiznos established?

There are many sub chains in the United States. From Jimmy Johns and Jersey Mike’s to Subway and Firehouse Subs, it seems we Americans have a thing for sub sandwiches and variety. The major difference between each of these sandwich chains is the overall preparation of the sandwiches, the quality of the ingredients, and the bang for your buck. When it comes right down to it, Quiznos wins on all fronts. Quiznos was the brainchild of Chef Jimmy Lambatos. In the 1970s, Lambatos was serving as the executive chef at the very upscale Colorado Mine Company steakhouse. This was far from your average run of the mill steakhouse. This expensive and highly related restaurant was so esteemed, that they served the likes of Elvis and the Rolling Stones on more than one occasion. Lambatos cooked for the best of the best and everyone knew it. In 1978, feeling a bit restless with his current gig, Lambatos left Colorado Mine to open his own Italian restaurant dubbed Footers. While the restaurant was a success, Lambatos suddenly felt very nostalgic for the signature toasted subs he had growing up in New York City as a child. While running Footers, Lambatos quickly established and worked on perfecting the toasted sub. By 1981, he was launching Quiznos. As you search Quiznos near me, consider how a five star chef went from serving Elvis to slinging subs!

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Quiznos is arguably one of America’s favorite sandwich chains.

True or false: IN 2005, Quiznos opened a line of gyms.

While searching Quiznos near me, you likely don’t have any gym time on the brain nor are you likely thinking about working out. Strangely enough, in 2005 Quiznos made the unlikely move of opening a line of gyms. The restaurant chain partnered up with former pro wrestler and fitness buff Ray Wilson to launch a line of gyms known as 123 Fitness. The main idea at 123 fitness was to focus on simple 30 minute exercise classes rather than the often grueling workouts many people associate with the gym. Partnering with Ray seemed like a good idea, especially since Quiznos was always keen on expanding and franchising outside of the Quiznos family. Unfortunately, by the time 2008 rolled around, there were twice as many closed 123 fitness locations as there were open ones and many faced bankruptcy. Well, as they say, if you never try, you’ll never know.

Quiznos Near Me – Quiznos Facts

Viral Marketing Success

It’s no surprise that Quiznos had its fair share of ups and downs within the last decade, but the one place it hasn’t struggled is in marketing campaigns. Odds are you’re searching Quiznos near me because of one. Online viral marketing has truly become Quizno’s game. They know how to produce attractive, punchy, and entertaining ads without compromising brand quality. Last year, Quiznos launched Toasty.TV, an entire platform dedicated to creating both original and curated content. The bread and butter of this channel? High budget parody videos that have had no struggle in going viral. Their very first video, “House of Thrones,” a Game of Thrones meets House of Card Parody, quickly garnered over 2 million views. Later videos such as “Mad X-Men” and “Startourage” also respectively have over a million views each. The videos have not only upped traffic to the brands YouTube page, they have also effectively driven up foot traffic to physical stores as well. In the first year after launching the channel, Quizno’s stores boasted a 76% uptick in traffic.

The Unhealthiest Quiznos Sandwich

Sure, Quiznos may have launched a line of gyms and have successfully attempted to brand themselves as a healthy alternative to the mega fast food chains of the world, but that doesn’t mean that every menu item is good for you. Enter the Italian Meatball Sub. If you’re looking to throw caution and your diet to the wind, you might want to give this iconic sandwich a while. This sub, with double mozzarella and marinara sauce packs in a whopping 1,530 calories, 81 grams of fat, 28 grams of saturated fat, and 175 milligrams of cholesterol. To put it lightly, that’s just about all of the calories you’ll need in one day in one sitting, which might be a bit too much for the average man or woman to bear. Of course, if you’re looking to stay on track, there are plenty of healthy options to behold, including salads and lower calorie sandwich options. As you search Quiznos near me, you may want to consider browsing their menu online. Not only does the menu show you everything that you can put together at a Quiznos, but they list nutritional information as well. In the battle against weight gain, knowledge is truly power.

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