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In 1921, RadioShack started off as a small mail order company that sold transistors and nautical radio equipment. With the invention of calculators, stereos and speakers, and turntables, RadioShack became a regular household name for small electronic equipment.

Though it is not as big as it was in the 1980s and 90s, RadioShack is an excellent store chain for so many electronic parts that you just cannot find anywhere else. Wondering where you could find a RadioShack perhaps? Just search “Radio Shack near me” and see all of the stores in your area!

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Radio Shack Near Me – Radio Shack Trivia

Why the name “RadioShack?”

Since the company sold many different pieces of audio equipment for ships, it only made sense to name the store after the part of the boat that is the hub of communication between ships, the radio shack.

Who is Charles Tandy, and what does he have to do with RadioShack?

If it were not for the entrepreneurial skills of Charles Tandy, RadioShack would not have expanded into what it is today. Tandy owned a leather company that was marginally successful, but was hard for him to market since leather was not being used as much by consumers. His company failed around the same time that RadioShack was struggling as well. When Tandy saw that the company was filing for bankruptcy, he decided to purchase this company and bring it to life.

radio shack near me

A RadioShack in Mexico

When did RadioShack sell its first cell phone?

Ah, the 1980s cell phones were enormous weren’t they? RadioShack sold one of these 2 pound phones made by Motorola. The company began to sell cell millions of cell phones within three decades. Cellphones still also make up the biggest portion of sales for RadioShack today as the company Sprint has become a top brand in the stores.

What product made RadioShack popular in the 1970s?

The CB radio, a piece of radio equipment used by truck drivers, small businesses, and regular consumers to track traffic, speed traps and things of this nature. What people liked about this system was not needing a radio license like public radio, so many people wanted in. Though it was pricey, it became successful before it peaked from too many users and too high of a frequency.

Who became RadioShack’s new face for branding?

Nickelodeon alum, Nick Cannon had been hired on in 2015 to inspire younger generations of customers to start purchasing RadioShack products. He also created his own line of products, such as the Ncredible1 headphones. The modern appeal of the store has certainly changed as drones and streaming devices are also available to consumers of all ages.

Where is the headquarters for RadioShack?

RadioShack has been located in Fort Worth, Texas since 2001. To find a RadioShack in your town, check out “RadioShack near me” and hop in your car!

Radio Shack Near Me – Radio Shack Facts

RadioShack’s first mail catalogs came out in the late 30s. This was also around the time they began to work on audio equipment for music.

In the mid 1950s, an error was made on RadioShack’s part when they chose a name for their products called Realist. They may not have known at the time that there was a stereo company by that name and so a lawsuit ensued.

RadioShack’s Flavoradio was not flavored in any way, but it did come in pretty cool colors and offered Avocado, Orange, Grape, and Strawberry as just some of the options you could get. This product was the only Am radio left and was discontinued in the early 2000s.

One of the first personal computers, the TRS-80 was created as a preassembled system that you could use right from home. It was named TRS as an abbreviation for Tandy RadioShack.

In 1985, RadioShack started selling satellite television systems.

Besides Nick Cannon, basketball player Shaquille O’ Neal was also the face of RadioShack in 2003 and 2004. Maybe it should have been called the RadioShaq at that point.

In an effort to modernize RadioShack, the company opened a store in NYC similar to the layout of the Apple store. It is designed to have a store within a store setup. The redesign features touch screens and Bluetooth devices that help view a product’s potential and also allows the customer to compare products. This is meant to bring in a younger demographic and also keep the same customers that grew up with the simplicity of the RadioShack of yesteryear.

RadioShack has been through an incredibly difficult process of picking company executives. In the past ten years, the company has had ten different CEOs.

RadioShack is a great place for Do-it-yourself tech projects, so why not check it out? Search for a “RadioShack near me” and build yourself and incredible new computer, or build your own LED Christmas tree in time for the holidays. RadioShack has some excellent robot making kits as well. The best part of RadioShack vs. it’s competitors is that you can find really unique and cool products.

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