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Ralphs Grocery Company is one of the largest food retailers in the United States and the largest food retailer in Southern California. Within the next few years, some experts suggest that the chain could grow to be the largest grocer in the Western region of the United States. Ralphs currently operates more than 400 stores throughout California, offering tens of thousands of unique and quality products to its core customer base.

Are you interested in finding a Ralphs near you? Simply browse Ralphs near me on the map below and find a list of Ralphs locations nearest you. Need a bit more information on Ralphs? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Who is credited with founding Ralphs?

Like so many grocery stores in America, Ralphs was born of very humble roots. No one could have foresaw just how big Ralph’s would eventually grow to be or the type of impact it would have on the communities it served. Consider these facts as you search Ralphs near me. In 1873, a bricklayer by the name of George A. Ralphs was tragically injured in a hunting accident. No longer able to do the physical labor that bricklaying entailed, Ralphs sought employment at a grocery store in Los Angeles. Ralphs liked the work and began to save money from every paycheck. Within a year, Ralphs had saved up enough money to purchase his own small store front. He was quickly joined in the business venture by his brother Walter Ralphs who was eager to get his feet wet in the business world. Together, the brothers a successful grocery store in downtown Los Angeles known as Ralphs Bros. The neighborhood grocery featured regional produce and grains at low prices. The brand also prided itself on offering superb customer service. As the population of the downtown area boomed in the decades to follow, Ralphs began to grow in size. By 1909, the small store grew into Ralphs Grocery Company. Two years later, it had enough capital and foot traffic to launch a bigger and more lavish store.

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Ralphs is predominantly located in California.

How many Ralphs existed by 1928?

If you’re searching Ralphs near me, then you know that the brand now boasts hundreds of locations all over California, but this wasn’t always the case. Of course, in typical Ralphs fashion, growth was steady right from the beginning. By 1928, the Ralphs brand consisted of a total of ten stores. The Ralphs brothers were keen on modernizing their grocery facilities and doing whatever possible to set themselves apart from other grocery stores in the area. They did this by providing services such as home delivery via horse drawn wagons, self service, and even parking lots. It might not seem like a big deal, but a parking lot in Los Angeles makes all the difference. By the 1930s, Ralphs decided to take their stores one step farther by including bakeries and creameries. At this point in time there were a total of 25 stores in the Ralphs family. By the 1940s, the brothers decided that a deli and butcher counter would also make excellent additions. Convenience was the name of the game and few other grocery chains could keep up with the break neck speed of Ralphs growth.

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Retail Backing

You don’t reach growth on the scale of Ralphs without first receiving some major retail backing and investors. By the 1960s, Ralphs growth was so strong and steady that the brand was able to attract the attention of a national retail giant. They believed that Ralphs was ready to go beyond the scope of just being a family owned grocery chain. With the right backing, this retail juggernaut believed that Ralphs could reach unparalleled success. After a series of steady and deliberate expansions throughout the decade, Ralphs was finally approached by the Cincinnati based Federated Department stores in 1968. Federated Department stores was one of the largest grocery chain store owners in the entire country. Federated quickly offered to buy up the company from the Ralphs family, which had run the business from the very beginning. Naturally, the Ralphs were initially a bit weary, but they eventually found themselves eager to unload an operation that had far surpassed their Mom and Pop roots. By the end of 1968, Ralphs was sold to Federated for around $60 million dollars, a measly sum in the current age of business transactions. As you search Ralphs near me, think about what you would have done in the Ralphs position. Would you have sold or held on for the long haul?

The Kroger Era

Ultimately, Federated was not able to keep up with Ralphs or handle the business in a successful way. Eventually, Ralphs became a subsidiary of Fred Meyer which put them under the umbrella of the Kroger Corporation. With the Kroger backing, Ralph continued an upward trend of steady expansion. In 1999, the brand had over 440 stores in operation and planned on adding several more out of state. Some of these pans were realized with the acquisition of ten Nevada based Price Rite stores. Ralphs also maintained a steady commitment to community during its periods of growth and struggle. The brand was especially keen on helping the less fortunate. Through the Food 4 Less foundation, the company consistently gave away thousands of dollars in cash and food products to causes such as relief for hurricane victims, drug prevention programs, and shelters for abused women. Is it important for your grocery store to give back? If you’re searching Ralphs near me, you’ll never have to wonder if Ralphs is doing their fair share to help the community.

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