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Despite sluggish sales in the early 2000s, record stores have prevailed once again. Finding massive popularity amongst young people and thirty somethings, the record store is now a cultural hub where one can buy records, see live music, and commune with like minded individuals.

Are you interested in finding record stores near you? Simply browse record stores near me on the map below and find a list of record stores in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on records and record stores? Read on and find out facts, trivia, and more!

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Record Stores Near Me – Record Stores Trivia

What was the first 12 inch recording released by RCA?

Anyone searching record stores near me, likely has a great appreciation for record stores and the sound that can only be produced on vinyl, but do you know what the first 12 inch recording released by RCA was? You might think it was Elvis Presley or a famous jazz artist, but it was actually Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, performed by the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra under Leopold Stokowski. This was the first 12 inch recording to be officially released by RCA victor back in 1931. This was a part of Victor’s new vinyl based Victrolac compound, which was used specifically for this recording. The Vitrolac compound provided a much quieter playing surface as compared to the heavy shellac that was used on 78s.

record stores near me

Record stores are once again becoming highly popular!

What is National Record Store Day?

If you’re searching record stores near me, then National Record Store day might just become your favorite day of the year. What is National Record Store Day? National Record Store Day is a day where you can join in and celebrate the true importance of the independently owned record store. Not only are you helping to keep record store culture alive, but you’re celebrating an art form that might just fade out with new technology. According to the official Record Store Day Website, Record Store Day is a day for people who make up the world of the record store. From the staff, to the customers, to the artists, individuals who love music and records come together to celebrate the unique and one of a kind culture that can only be found at the record store. Every record store plays a special role in the lives of those who frequent them and in the communities they serve. Record Store Day isn’t just a national event, it’s a global event. Artists from all genres release special vinyl records exclusive to record store day celebrations. On National Record Store Day, get out and pick up some special edition records and vinyl favorites. You might just find your new favorite record (or two)!

Record Stores Near Me – Record Stores Facts

Top 5 Vinyl Sellers

You might think the heyday of the record has come and gone, but in recent years, record stores and vinyl records have had a massive resurgence. Consider this as you search record stores near me. Now more than ever, music enthusiasts are learning that their is a special quality of sound that only a record can produce. Whether it’s getting your hands on the perfect vinyl collector’s edition or just hearing your favorite song in a new way, vinyl is finally getting the respect it deserves. Want to know the top five vinyl sellers of 2015. Read on for a list of the top 5 best selling vinyl records of the 2016 music year:

Twenty One Pilots- Blurry Face (49,004 albums sold)
Amy Winehouse: Back to Black (41, 087 albums sold)
Radiohead: A Moon Shaped Pool (39,861 albums sold)
The Beatles- Abbey Road (39,615 albums sold)
Adele: 25 (39,512 albums sold)

The 19th Century Record

If you’re searching record stores near me, then you’ve likely fallen into the mindset that vinyl records are a fairly new concept. Surprisingly enough, vinyl records have been around way longer than you think. Some historians have traced the first vinyl record back to 19th century in France. In fact, the first record is credited to a man named Emile Berliner. Historians believe that Emile invented the flat disk record back in 1888. The disk was made from vulcanized rubber and was between 12.5 cm and 18 cm thick. Though crude and rudimentary at first, others began to improve upon Emile’s idea and the format was improved. The record went through transformations in both recording methods as well as the materials used to make the records themselves. Everything from shellac and slate was used on the original record. Thickness and adding/removing horn was also a huge progression for the original record.

Get Into the Groove

Did you know that the groove in a vinyl record actually starts at the outer edge of the disk and ends near the center of the disk? When a record is played, the sound can be totally different on the outer edge than on the inner edge. Consider that as you search record stores near me!

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