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Playing your role in protecting the environment means recycling goods that can easily be transformed into new items for everyday use. From plastic water bottles to newspapers, there’s no limit to the potential of recyclable items in a second life.

Are you interested in finding a recycling center near you? Simply browse recycling near me on the map below and find a list of recycling centers located close to your current location. Interested in more facts on recycling? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more on recycling!

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Recycling Near Me – Recycling Trivia

How many tons of garbage does the average American make per year?

It’s no secret that humans have the capacity to create a lot of garbage. Between everyday waste products such as printed papers, water bottles, and cans to infrequent waste products such as electronics and household items, there’s no limit to the amount of waste each person can produce in a single year. So just how many tons of garbage does the average American reportedly produce each year? According to statistics, Americans easily make more than 300 million tons of garbage each and every year. That’s enough to fill a professional football stadium from top to bottom twice each day. As a consumer driven society, many of us are taught to simply toss things that are no longer of use. This goes for everything from food products to clothing. While many are good with recycling or donating, it’s certainly not true for all. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that of the 75% of recyclable trash Americans produce each year, only about 30% of that trash is actually put into recycling. This means Americans are throwing away a lot of items that could easily find a second life as something new. Not only does this cut down on production costs of having to produce brand new items, but it helps extend the life of resources and protect the environment. Food waste is also a huge issue in the United States. More than 21.5 million tons of food is wasted each year. If each person were to compost that food rather than tossing it in the trash, they could reduce the same amount of greenhouse gases as if two million cars were taken off the road. As you search recycling near me, consider how you can play a part in helping to get those around you involved in the recycling process. Is education the answer or a greater proximity to recycling centers? You decide!

recycling near me

Most states and municipalities have recycling centers and at home recycling pick up.

True or false: Recycling aluminum can help save and conserve energy.

With a growing concern over global warming and environmental conservation, it’s more important than ever to play your part and recycle. In fact, recycling just one aluminum can can save enough energy for an individual to cycle through an entire album on their iPhone. Recycling a total of 100 cans can light up a bedroom for two whole weeks. If we all recycled aluminum cans, imagine the potential energy savings! According to the container recycling institute, 36 billion aluminum cans find their way into landfills rather than recycling bins every year. That’s a scrap value of more than $600 million dollars. As you search recycling near me, consider just how much energy and money can be saved with a single aluminum can. Now picture if the same went for glass bottles and plastic water bottles. That’s some potential energy savings right there!

Recycling Near Me – Recycling Facts

Aluminum Was Once More Valuable Than Gold

If you’re searching recycling near me, then you already know just how much energy recycling a single aluminum can save. But what else do you know about aluminum? One thing many people don’t realize is that if you throw away your aluminum cans rather than recycling them, they can stay in can form in a landfill for up to 500 years or more. The great thing about aluminum is that it can be recycled over and over again hundred of times. There is no limit to how many times an aluminum can can be recycled, which means it’s almost infinite in its potential. There are over 80 billion aluminum cans being used each and every year both in the United States and around the world. According to some historians, aluminum used to be considered a more valuable resource than gold many years ago. This was because aluminum held many uses other than jewelry or decoration. More practical civilizations deemed it more important than gold or silver.

A Few Too Many Trees A Year

Americans don’t recycle nearly as much aluminum as they should and in the same vein, they’re not always doing their part to recycle paper either. According to some statistics, every American uses around 680 pounds of paper products each year. Rather than recycling those products, most people just throw them away. In fact, from the time many of us are in elementary school we’re taught to toss out used papers, workbooks, newspapers, and tissue paper. Many aren’t taught that these things can be recycled into new products. By recycling 2000 pounds of recycled paper, 17 trees can be save and 350 gallons of oil could be spared. By saving paper, Americans could also free up some space in landfills for goods that can’t be recycled or reused for other products. Due to the use of paper products in America, most people use at least 7 trees per year through wood, paper, and other types of products that use trees. Over the course of a year, those 7 trees each add up to over 2 trillion trees over the collective whole. By simply recycling paper products and searching recycling near me, anyone can help to save trees, curb air pollution, and stop the spread of waste. It’s one of the easiest ways to give back without a whole lot of effort!

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