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For any individual looking to fill up their home with new furniture, Rent A Center makes it easy to rent to own brand names without a credit check or prior bank approval. Not only can one rent furniture from Rent A Center, they can also rent electronics, appliances, computers and smartphones. This can make the dream of having a house filled with gorgeous furniture a reality.

Are you interested in finding a Rent A Center near you? Simply browse Rent A Center near me on the map below and find a list of Rent A Center locations located in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Rent A Center? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Rent A Center Near Me – Rent A Center Trivia

Who owns Rent A Center?

Mark Speese is the current CEO of Rent A Center, but the history of this brand doesn’t begin with Mark and certainly won’t end there either. As you search Rent A Center near me, briefly consider the history of this brand. The rent to own business was first established by a man named Ernie Talley of Wichita Kansas during the 1960s. At this point in time, Talley told customers at his store, Mr. T’s Rentals, that if they were to rent a washer and dryer for a long enough duration that they would have it paid and full and now owned it. This concept stuck with many individuals who simply didn’t have the cash to front a large scale purchase at all once. Unfortunately, no matter who you are or how much money you have, there are household necessities that will inevitably break or become worn with time. The rent to own model granted individuals from every economic background access to furniture and appliances that they would otherwise not be able to have in their home. Thomas Devlin, a former employee of Mr. T’s, immediately recognized a mecca of potential in giving people the ability to rent brand name products. He quickly partnered with a man named W. Frank Barton and officially founded Rent A Center in Wichita Kansas in 1973.

rent a center near me

Rent A Center is known for offering brand name furniture and electronics for rental or purchase!

When did Mark Speese join Rent A Center?

Though Mark Speese is the current CEO of Rent A Center, he didn’t join the brand until 1979. By 1986, Mark Speese and a fellow colleague left Rent A Center to start up a competing business known as Vista Rent To Own. Eventually Ernest Talley also joined Vista Rent To Own and became Chairman of the Board. He remained Chairman even after Vista transitioned to become part of Rent A Center. What was once Rent A Centers competitor was now a part of the Rent A Center Brand. Funny how things work out like that! In 2001, Talley officially retired and Mark Speece was appointed the chairman of CEO of Rent A Center. At this time Vista Rent To Own changes its name to Renters Choice. They remain the biggest rent to own companies in the US aside from Aarons. Consider these facts as you search rent a center near me.

Rent A Center Near Me – Rent A Center Facts

How Does Rent A Center Work?

Odds are if you’re searching Rent A Center near me, you’re looking to rent some furniture, electronics, or appliances. The question is, how exactly does Rent A Center work? Well think of Rent A Center like a car rental business for furniture. You select the furniture you love and a pay a fee to use it each month. Through flexible payment options, Rent A Center gives individuals the option to buy how they want without using any credit or having to undergo a credit check. This means individuals who have poor credit, have just filed bankruptcy or who can’t afford a loan, still have access to renting furniture. Any option that a given person chooses comes with delivery, service and set up. There are several payment options that a rental assistant will go over with you after you fill out an application. You can start an application online at any time by simply answering a few questions. You don’t have any obligation to purchase even if you fill out an application. Once your application is submitted, you will need to make an in person visit to the store nearest you in order to finalize the agreement. Part of the agreement means verifying a residence, a source of income, and going over any personal references that are required. This is also the point in which you can schedule a delivery date. If at any point during your rental agreement you’d like to pay off the furniture and purchase it in full, you can take advantage of a worry free early purchase option which allows any individual to pay off their item when they’re ready and save significantly on the remaining total cost.

Previously Rented Products

If you’re looking to save even more dough while searching Rent A Center near me, you may want to check out the “like new” furniture, appliances, computers, and electronics that have been previously rented and are now available for purchase. Every item is run through a rigorous quality assurance program that inspects, restores, and deep cleans any item prior to putting it on the floor for purchase. Every refurbished item is often offered at a significant savings.

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