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Are you traveling and need a place to pull over? Do you need a place to use the bathroom? Well, a rest area has got the facilities you need. Just check out the Rest Area Near Me Map below. In it, you will find the name of the rest area, the phone number and website of the governing body that looks after and cares for it and reviews from others who have been there.

Also, with a few clicks, you will be able to get directions to the rest area, which will help you make sure you get the right exit, if you need to take one, as well as tell you the distance you have to travel to get there. So, find the best rest stop for you on your trip and enjoy the break.

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Hours of Operation

Good news! Generally speaking, almost every rest area is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The only exception is those few locations that are within parks that have hours that they are closed, or if the stretch of road gets closed for unusual reasons, such as weather conditions, road conditions or emergency situations.

rest area near me

Bear Lake in Utah can be seen beautifully from the Bear Lake Rest Area on Route 89.

Services and Facilities

Rest Areas offer a number of facilities for travelers. While each rest stop may vary a little in their offerings, they usually share the basics. What you will normally find is a safe area in which you can park your vehicle and take a nap. You will also find maintained bathrooms; however, some may be cleaned and restocked more frequently than others. You can also find food services, normally just vending machines. You can also find picnic tables to eat and sometimes even fenced areas for dogs to be let off the leash and run around a bit.

Outside of the regular items, you can also find locations that have diners, views and tourist attractions. So, when you search Rest Area Near Me, check the reviews to see if there is anything exciting for you to do or see in the reviews. You might get lucky and find something really exciting to see or do at the next rest stop.

Who is in Charge of Rest Areas?

In the United States, most rest areas are located along major highways, freeways or inter-states. The rest areas are under the jurisdiction of the transportation departments of the various states that they are in. If the rest areas are along an interstate the fall under federal laws and for that reason you wont find private businesses operating at the rest stops; however, having business near rest stops is an excellent business opportunity, so you will normally find businesses located near rest stops, these are normally indicated by blue signs near the same exit.

How often will you find a rest area?

There is no set rule or law about the distance between the different rest area, even on interstates; however, there is a federal policy about ensuring that there is some kind of place to pull over, whether it is a rest stop, commercial stop like a gas station or a city exit, every thirty minutes of driving. This is mainly for safety reasons so that people driving who are getting drowsy can safely find a place to pull over and take a nap or get a cup of coffee. So, depending on the speed limit of the area you are looking at, it may be about 30 miles between possible stops or rest areas.

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Interesting Rest Areas in America

There are a huge number of rest areas in the United States and while there are a number of simple basic rest stops that have a parking lot, bathrooms and vending machines, but others are a bit more fancy and interesting. So, hold onto the wheel and take a cruise to one of these spots if you are in the area.

1. Iowa 80, found at exit 284 off of I-80 near Walcott in Iowa.

This is the worlds largest truck stop. You will find pretty much everything you want for a long road trip. You have lots of space to stretch you legs at this 100,000 foot rest stop. There is a laundromat, a movie theater and a number of food choices including regular fast food choices like Wendy’s and Dairy Queen or the Iowa 80 Kitchen that has a salad bar. You can even catch a shower or go shopping at the Truckers Warehouse Store, you know for that new Chromebook that you need since you broke yours or just want one.

2. South of the Boarder, found on I-95 and Highways 301/501 in South Carolina.

Here you will find several restaurants to enjoy eating at, a campground and an inn if you need a place to stay and for the kids, there is a full fledged amusement park. That is right, you can enjoy an amusement park and even a reptile zoo. So, if you are in the area and the kids are getting a little restless, this is a great place to pull over and let them burn off some energy.

3. Tamarack is found at exit 45 on I-77 and I-64 in West Virginia.

This rest stop has got a full food court, an information center and several stores. Also, for those who are a bit more on the artistic side of things, there is an art gallery to enjoy a nice walk and stretch your legs while looking at some wonderful local art. There is also a theater to enjoy live dramatic performances and for those who are looking for a place to organize some meetings, there is even a conference center that you can book.

4. Little America, found at exit 198 off of I-40 near Flagstaff Arizona.

This rather unique rest stop has got a lot to offer. You have a gas station and convenience store that is open 24/7 for travelers, and sells a nice range of things from books to DVDs. There is the Little American Grill that is open late, until at least 10:30 and sells a wide range of foods, even rotisserie chicken. What really makes Little America stand out is the full hotel and golf course, swimming pool and fitness center. The rest stop is closer to a full fledged resort that you could make a vacation out of.

5. Bear Lake Rest Area, on Route 89 in Utah, near Bear Lake in Utah.

This location is special just to allow for the view. If you are looking for a wonderful view and in the area, take a look at Bear Lake from this view. There is also a great hiking trail if you need to stretch your legs a bit more.

If you happen to find one of these rest areas when searching Rest Area Near Me be sure to check them out. Either way, you might be able to find some fun places to visit along the way.

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