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Don’t have time to cook? Unable to get out to pick up something to eat? Well, if you are looking for restaurants that deliver, here is a tool to help you out. Take a look at the Restaurants that Deliver Near Me map below. It will highlight all of the restaurants in your area that have their own delivery services to offer. Simply click on a location and you will be able to get its address, though you likely wont need that, its name and phone number and you will also be able to get a link to its website to check out their menu and other business information.

Also, you will be able to get reviews from previous customers, so you can check out some recommended dishes. In addition, you can get the hours of operation, just to help make sure that they are open. Finally, if you end up deciding to go there instead, with a few clicks, you will be able to get the directions.

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Most Popular Food Delivery Services

While there are a wide range of restaurants that offer delivery, there are always favorites. In the United States, you may think that pizza would hold the number one spot when it comes to delivery, but that is not true. Here is your list of the top delivery food items in the country.

restaurants that deliver near me

Chicken is the most popular food delivery item in the United States.

1. Chicken

Chicken, particularly of the fried variety, is the most popular item by far. 30% of all food deliveries in the United States are of chicken products. Chicken is by far the most popular item in much of the Eastern states.

2. Chinese

Chinese food holds the second most popular spot in the country. It holds 15% of the delivery markets. While Chinese Food doesn’t hold a particular popularity in one spot of the country, it holds prominence in several states, such as Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and South Carolina

3. Pizza

One of the classic delivery items strongly holds its place in the third spot. It strongly holds 12.5% of the delivery market and is not surprising the states where it holds the number one spot. The most states where it holds popularity is New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Washington D.C. and Georgia.

4. Burgers

Swinging in at Number 4 is the delivery of Burgers. Burgers hold a nice popularity spot at 7.5%. The delivery of burgers is extremely popular in 3 states in particular: Washington, Texas, and Indiana.

5. Sushi

Actually, there is a tie for Number 4. Sushi is holds a similar popularity with burgers, holding 7.5% of the delivery market. Unsurprisingly, sushi is most popular with states that boarder waters. You will find it the most popular delivery item in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Louisiana.

6. Mexican Food

Mexican comes in at 6th place. You will find Mexican popular in a number of places, but two states in particular hold it as their number one delivery food item, New Jersey and Illinois.

7. Pasta

Holding sixth place with Mexican food is Pasta. Both items hold a strong 5% of the delivery market. The two states that hold pasta as their number one delivery item are actually neighbors, Kansas and Missouri.

Outside of these extremely popular items, you will also find some states that have unique items that they deliver in large numbers. In California, seafood holds the number one spot, but this is non-sushi seafood. Iowa stands out above the crowd by having a very popular Gyros delivery service. Alabama has the pita take the number one spot for their delivery. Finally, New Mexico has the healthiest of the food items. If you are searching for Restaurants that Deliver Near Me in New Mexico, there is a good chance that you are looking for a salad, which happens to be their most popularly delivered food.

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Food Delivery Websites and Apps

Okay, so you have found a place that delivers but maybe you don’t enjoy talking in the phone. Well, you have a number of options to choose from.

1. Restaurants websites:

Many larger chains actually have delivery options on their websites. Places like Pizza Hut try to make it as easy as possible for you to just go to their website and place your order and delivery instructions. You can even place the delivery request in advance, if you know that you are going to need it in the future and don’t want the delivery to be late. This is also good for larger deliveries as you can warn the restaurant well in advance.

2. GrubHub:

This increasingly popular food delivery service makes deals with restaurants directly and negotiates prices. The company will help deliver food to you from restaurants that may traditionally not offer deliveries prior. You can use GrubHub from their website or using a mobile phone app. The service currently offers services in almost 50 cities, mostly major urban areas. So, if you are interested, just check them out and see what restaurants they have made deals with in your area. They will also deliver to university and college campuses.

3. Seamless:

This website is a lot like GrubHub, they make contact with restaurants in the cities that they operate and can arrange both delivery or pick-up of food items. They also offer deals with different restaurants and are able to handle large orders. Unlike GrubHub, they work in both urban and semi-urban areas, with over 600 different cities, including London if you like to travel. Also, like GrubHub they have apps for smartphones, so you can order your food through them and keep your favorites.

4. Foodler:

Foodler is another website and app that lets you order food from restaurants and arrange delivery. They also work with small bistros and cafes that normally wouldn’t offer delivery from a number of locations. They also have apps available for Apple and Android devices. They also offer services in Canada.

5. Eat24Hours:

This is a company that is in connection with Yelp. This company operates in over 400 different cities, both large and small across the country. Unlike the other services, in addition to Android and Apple apps, they have apps for Amazon Kindle and Chromebooks. They are also going to be offering a Blackberry App soon.

So, no matter what city you are in, if you decide that the restaurants that you found with Restaurants that Delivery Near Me didn’t have what you were looking for, check out one of the other food delivery services. There are a lot of delivery options out there. Just be sure to check what the minimum order and the delivery costs are for the restaurant you are ordering from is.

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