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Once considered a discount store, Rite Aid has become a fortune 500 Pharmacy store chain that provides a number of different products from hygienic supplies and medicines, to beauty and cleaning supplies. With humble beginnings, Rite Aid has indeed grown into the pharmacy store around the corner, where you can find just about anything that you would need from a grocery store.

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Rite Aid Aid Near Me – Rite Aid Trivia

What was the original name before it was Rite Aid?

Rite Aid didn’t become it’s unique name until the late 60s, and that’s also around the time when it became a pharmacy. It was once called Thrift D Discount Center.

rite aid near me

A Rite Aid location with a drive thru pharmacy.

What part of the US is Rite Aid most successful?

The East coast loves Rite Aid. Since Rite Aid was started in Scranton, PA, it has been a cherished and most loved pharmacy, even over big names like CVS. When Rite bought Brooks and Eckerd pharmacies, they expanded even more! They did have stores on the West coast, but oddly had to pull out from Vegas and California due to low sales and lack of new stores.

Did you know?

Rite Aid is a pretty charitable company, particularly to children. With programs like Kidcents and the Rite Aid Foundation, several charity organizations are getting donations to help with things like mental health, juvenile diabetes awareness, Foster care, hunger, and so much more. Rite Aid often offers customers the chance to donate something from every purchase made. Kidcents is offered to Rite Aid Wellness and Plenti members.

What is Upromise?

If you plan on going to college, sending Grandkids to college, or paying off your degree, Rite Aid has partnered with Upromise to help customers earn money towards college. Whenever you scan your wellness or Plenti card after making a purchase, you will earn money towards your college fund, if you set it up with Rite Aid’s Upromise program! There’s never been a simpler way to save for your education!

What are some ways to keep tabs on my prescriptions?

If you usually are the type of person to forget which day you needed to refill your medicine, there are a lot of options to help you keep track of your prescriptions. You can sign up to have your prescriptions automatically refilled, have all medicine filled on the same day, and you can even order prescriptions online to save time! The Rite Aid pharmacists are available regularly to discuss any questions customers may have about their prescriptions, as well as any other medicine and wellness questions you may have. Are you ready for flu season? Check out “Rite near me.”

Rite Aid Near Me – Rite Aid Facts

Before it was known as Thrift D, Alex Grass had originally come up with the store concept from the idea of his wife’s dad’s business that helped put cosmetics in grocery stores. With the addition of the pharmacy, the store was now known as Rite Aid.

In 1999, the small GNC stores inside a store concept came to fruition. The option to buy weight loss supplements, protein powder, and a variety of different vitamins became a staple in the Rite Aid stores all over. Running low on vitamins in your household? Try searching for a “Rite Aid near me” for all of your wellness needs.

Rite Aid must have made pretty good offers for a lot of smaller pharmacies. Over the years they bought out Gray drug, Lane drug, and people’s drug all around the same time frame. They also merged with Brooks and Eckerd pharmacies as well. Talk about expanding!

Because of the acquiring of Eckerd pharmacies, New York is now the location with the most Rite stores with 620, beating out it’s home state of Pennsylvania.

When the West coast Rite Aid stores were not well received, particularly the Nevada stores, They decided to sell some of their locations to one of their top competitors, Walgreens. The deal worked out so well, that just in 2015, Walgreens and Rite decided to merge in a deal valued at 9 Billion dollars. What happens next in regards to the name and Rite Aid brand is still up in the air.

Rite Aid’s company base is in Camp Hill, PA, a small town outside of Harrisburg, but it’s original start came from Scranton Pa, when Alex Grass formed the company as the Thrift D store.

The Plenti card, now used by Rite Aid customers, is a product of the major credit card company American Express. Plenti has partnered with several corporations alongside Rite Aid to provide customers with a better rewards system that they could use for different products and locations. Besides Rite Aid, Macy’s, Hulu, AT&T, Enterprise Rent-a-car, and ExxonMobil have all linked up to give American Express and non American Express customers better benefits for their loyalty.

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