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Looking for a new outfit? Need something nice to wear for that date? Maybe you have a great job interview. Whatever the reason that you are in need of going clothes shopping, Ross has got you covered. Just take a look at the Ross Near You Map below.

In the map, you will find the locations of all the Ross stores near you. Simply click on the store and you will get its address, phone number and business hours. If you want, there will also be reviews from other customers and with a few clicks you will be able to get the directions to the store from where you are. You will be ready to go out and become fabulous.

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Business Hours:

Ross store locations have a wide range of business hours. They generally open between 8 and 9:30am. The stores close between 9pm and midnight. Sundays generally have reduced hours compared to the rest of the week and many locations are open late on Fridays and Saturdays. So, wherever you are, Ross will have a location with very flexible hours for you to find yourself some fine clothing.

ross near me

Ross Dress for Less is the second largest off-price realiter in the United States.


Ross Dress for Less has over 1,200 locations in 33 different states. The areas that are generally lacking a Ross Dress for Less are the New England and New York area, parts of the Mid-West and Alaska. Outside of those areas, you should be able to find a location with Ross Near Me. If you wait a little while, it may soon be expanding into those areas as well.


Ross Dress for Less is a clothing store that has clothing choices for men, women and children. The clothing they have are brand name products. They have both casual and formal clothing choices. Their products are aimed to be 20 – 60% discounted from the same products in department stores.
In addition to clothing, you will also find general home products like furnishing, kitchen appliances, cutlery and dining items and bath products. You can even find items for your pets.

A Brief History of Ross Dress for Less:

Ross Dress for Less started in 1950 by Morris Ross. The company was originally called Ross Department Store. Morris continued to run the company for the next 8 years until he sold it to William Isaacson. Isaacson expanded the company to six locations. The company was then bought out in 1982 by a group of investors. Within 3 years, the company had expanded to over 100 locations. By 2012 the company had expanded to over 1000 locations in the 33 states it is in today. The company today continues to see a lot of growth in its sales and continues to expand.

Ethical Business Decisions

Ross Dress for Less has set itself several ethical requirements for how it runs its business and for the manufacturers of the products that they sell. They outline that within these conditions of doing business with the company that none of those in the manufacturing of the products that it purchases use child, slave or prison labour. It also has outline that the workers have specific minimum working conditions and wages. They also require everyone working for and with the company follow all municipal, state, federal and international laws.

Ross Near Me – Ross Facts

Fun Fashion Facts

Fashion is a huge business. If you ever visit a mall, you will notice that clothing is a huge part of retail sales. With that, comes some interesting facts to enjoy.

1. Jeans are an extremely important part of the American wardrobe. On average, you will find seven pairs in the American dresser. How many are in good shape, that is a different questions.

2. The percentage of income spent on clothing has decreased over time. The average income spent on clothing used to be around 11% in a household and now it is down to just %4, which is still about $1,700 per person.

3. In a lifetime, the average American woman spends more than $120,000 on clothing items, which includes more than 270 pairs of shoes, 180 dresses and over 140 bags.

4. The annual sales I clothing stores is more than $180 billion. There are almost 100,000 clothing stores in the United States with almost 5,000,000 people working in them. 1 in 3 people in clothing stores work part time.

5. The winter holidays is by far the time for the largest amount of sales for clothing. All the other time periods in the year added together come up less.

6. There is an interesting difference in how men purchase clothing items than women. Women tend to purchase items in advance, so if they see a piece of clothing they think they may need in the future and it is on sale now, they are more likely to purchase it; however, men tend to purchase items for immediate use, so if they are shopping for an item they are going to be looking to buy it to use in the short term. While they may still purchase the item that is of a better value price wise compared to its immediate competitors, they are less likely to purchase something that they don’t see a use for in the near future.

7. While women may have more pieces of clothing, or so the stereotype goes, it has recently been shown that men actually spend more on clothing than women. Men are spending about $10 more per month on clothing. The expected reasoning is that due to less clothing options for men, there is less competitiveness in the men’s clothing market. With less competition, it means a higher average ticket price for men’s clothing versus women’s clothing.

8. Online shopping for clothing has become more common. 55 percent of people who do online shopping are now shopping for clothing online and 30 percent of offline shoppers are doing their browsing online prior to making purchases.

9. Ross Dress for Less is the second largest off-price retailer in in the United States, so you have a good chance of finding one near you when you search Ross Near Me.

10. The most expensive piece of clothing sold was Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday Mr. President” dress, which was sold at auction for $1,267,500.

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