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For decades, Ruby Tuesday has been serving up great burgers, well priced steaks, and comfort foods at a fair price. Whether you’re looking for a lunch spot or a place to take the entire family for an evening out, Ruby Tuesday has something to suit every taste.

Are you interested in finding a Ruby Tuesday near you? Simply browse Ruby Tuesday near me on the map below and find a list of Ruby Tuesday restaurants in your local area. Need a bit more information on Ruby Tuesday? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Ruby Tuesday Near Me – Ruby Tuesday Trivia

Does Ruby Tuesday have a connection to the Rolling Stones?

Given the name of this iconic restaurant group, you might think that the owners were big fans of rock group The Rolling Stones. After all, it’s a coincidence that’s hard to ignore. Despite the fact that the chain gets its name from the very popular Keith Richards penned song, the connection doesn’t go much further than that. Consider this as you search Ruby Tuesday near me. The restaurant first opened just five years after the song was released to the masses, leaving many to believe that the restaurant was named for the song. In reality, founder Sandy Beall named the restaurant after one of his initial investors. A fraternity brother from the University of Tennessee was actually the inspiration behind the name, not The Rolling Stones. In fact, the owner has stated on several occasions that he doesn’t even like the Rolling Stones and isn’t a fan of their music, claiming “he is not that hip.”

ruby tuesday near me

Ruby Tuesday is known for comforting classics and relaxed digs.

True or false: The first Ruby Tuesday’s location was on a college campus.

If you’re searching Ruby Tuesday near me, odds are you’re not seeking out a college campus to eat it on. Strangely enough, this brand put down its roots at the college level. When founder Sandy Beall was studying finance at the University of Tennessee, he spent some time managing Pizza Hut restaurants in the local area. Right before his beloved business partner tragically died of a heart attack, he fronted bill $10,000 to open up a restaurant. In order to honor his friend and follow his dreams, he dropped out of school to open up the business. The first location was right on the campus and was a massive success straight out the gate. Within a few months of opening, the restaurant became a watering hole for local students looking for a bit of comfort. This home style joint served up delicious hamburgers on English muffins, charging just $1.45 for each burger. It also had a liquor by drink license, which made it a popular spot for students to get together for a cheap meal and some fairly priced drinks.

Ruby Tuesday Near Me – Ruby Tuesday Facts

Burgers Are Their Thing

If you’re searching Ruby Tuesday near me in hopes of finding some good vegan options, you might want to look elsewhere. While this restaurant does offer vegan and vegetarian dishes, it’s most famous for its burgers. Customers have a tendency to flock to the chain in hopes of getting some half pound burger baskets. Every burger at Ruby Tuesday is made with fresh (never frozen) beef that’s hand patted by chefs right in the restaurant. From there, hungry customers can choose from a variety of topping options, including their famous applewood smoked bacon and batter dipped onion rings. The burgers are pretty well known, but the menu also holds a variety of other options. If you’re visiting a Ruby Tuesday you can also indulge in a good steak, pasta, ribs, and even a salad. The choice is entirely up to you!

A Change in Scenery

For decades if you visited a Ruby Tuesday location, you’d be treated to some pretty homey digs. Tiffany style lamps, low lighting, and nostalgic art work was abundant. Nowadays, things look quite different. Consider this as you search Ruby Tuesday near me. Back in 2007, the chain decided to do a brand revamp and did away with the classic style so many customers came to know and love. Instead of Tiffany lamps and quirky wall hangings, dark wood and leather banquettes were installed. It was a more modern look that many customers still aren’t fond of. The general consensus holds that you can’t beat the original look or the cozy feeling it gave to customers.

Free Burgers For Fans

On a budget and searching Ruby Tuesday near me? You’re in luck! Though the brand is always fairly priced for the food they serve, there is a way that you can earn free burgers. Any customer who chooses to sign up for the So Connected loyalty club will receive special promotions, including a free burger on your birthday. You’ll also be treated to special deals throughout the year, including coupons on National Cheeseburger Day. What’s better than a burger? A free burger!

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