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Trail running is one of the best ways to stay in peak physical condition while getting a bit of much needed time in the great outdoors. Not only can trail running utilize more muscle groups than running on a treadmill, but the feeling of being immersed in nature can improve your overall mood and mental health.

Are you interested in finding running trails near you? Simply browse running trails near me on the map below and find a list of running trails in your area. Need a bit more information on running trails in your area? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and tips on finding the perfect running trails.

Running Trails Near Me – Find it on the Map

Running Trails Near Me – Running Trails Trivia

True or false: Every novice trail runner should start small and local.

If you’re searching running trails near me, you may be tempted to take on the most challenging trail you can find. In reality, you should probably ease into trail running and start small and local. Trail running doesn’t always necessarily have to mean a multi-day mountain escapade that’s miles from the nearest cell tower. If you’re a novice runner, experts recommend starting local and in an area you’re comfortable with. To start, locate trails within your city or state park system. They are generally perfect for new trail runners and very well marked. Most trails in state, local or city parks are very well maintained. This means that if you should go too far off the beaten path, you’ll never be too far from a road or access point. The best way to find these trails is by searching for hiking trails rather than running trails. Even if you’re seeking a running trail, a hiking trail can be a great place to start. is an amazing resource that can offer you everything you need all in one place.

running trails near me

Running trails tend to be more challenging and fulfilling than a treadmill!

Should you pay attention to time or pace?

Runners enjoy a challenge, especially when it comes to rail running. This can lead many individuals who search running trails near me to wonder if they should actually pay attention to their time or their pace. Trail running goes a lot slower than road running as there are many obstacles to steer clear of. Don’t get discouraged if your trail running times aren’t exactly on par with the times you were clocking on your treadmill at home. It takes more effort to keep up with your pace. For your first several runs, you’ll want to focus on how long you’re spending out on the trail rather than the amount of distance you’re covering. Try to match the total time of your run to what you would have run on the road. Don’t worry too much about if your times at the beginning aren’t exactly mind blowing. Trail running is a skill that one should build upon over time. You’ll need a lot of training and time out on the trail before you’ll likely get exactly where you want to be.

Running Trails Near Me – Running Trails Facts

How To Play It Safe On The Trail

As you continue your quest to find running trails near me, you might be wondering just how you can stay safe while out on the trail. Though trail running has amazing benefits for the both the mind and the body, it can be a bit more dangerous than running on the road or at home on the treadmill. How can you stay safe on the trail? For starters, always alert someone of where you’re going and when you expect to return. This can make it easier for someone to locate you should you get hurt or go missing. When you’re running out on the trail, always make sure to lift up your feet and pay extra attention to your footing. This can help to avoid falling or unnecessary injury. If you’re going to embark on a long trail run (or even just a short jaunt), make sure you have a first aid kit on your person or in your car in case of sudden injury. Even if you suspect that you won’t have service, it’s always a good idea to carry your phone on your person. Should you become lost or injured, rescuers can ping your cell phone for an exact location. Most cell phone companies will also allow emergency 911 calls to go through even if service in an area is poor. Lastly, always carry a map with you if you’re on a new trail or if you’re going to be on an unfamiliar part of a trail.

Embrace the Falls

Running trails are a lot of fun, but you shouldn’t expect to be an expert on day one. In fact, as you search running trails near me, you should ready yourself for a lot of slips and falls. ANyone who utilizes a running trail will tell you that falls happen. It’s not unusual for a new running to end up with bumps and bruises after a long run. Though it might be challenging at the beginning, over time you’ll fall less and less. With a little effort you’ll learn how to descend quickly on a technical trail without tripping. You’ll also learn how to accurately scan a trail for roots and rocks so that you can run swiftly and with ease. As with any new sport or hobby, practice makes perfect. You’ll get better every time you hit the trail and tumbles will happen less frequently. If you want to truly hone in on your skills, practice often and practice with an experienced runner. They can help you to lift your feet and maintain composure even when you’re feeling the heat of the moment!

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