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Few things beat the freedom and convenience of owning an RV. Not only does the whole country have the potential to become your backyard for any given length of time, but a frequent traveler or road tripper can quickly cut costs by not having to stay at a hotel or Airbnb.

Are you interested in finding an RV dealer near you? Simply browse RV dealers near me on the map below and find a comprehensive list of RV dealers located within a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on RVs and RV dealers? Read on for interesting facts and trivia on RVs.

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RV Dealers Near Me – RV Dealers Trivia

When was the first camper made?

Drive on any US highway in the summertime and you’ll find dozens of RVs sharing the company of the road. Not only are RVs as common today as motorcycles or cars, but they’re quickly increasing in popularity as more Americans get the itch to get out and see the country they call home. Though campers are popular today, when exactly was the first camper made? Consider these facts as you search RV dealers near me. According to RV enthusiasts and history buffs, the RV as we know today has been around for over 100 years! The original concept for RVs were borrowed from the covered wagons used throughout Europe in the 1800s by gypsies that moved from place to place, living out of their wagons. Not only were these nomadic gypsies on the move, but they learned how to live life simply, utilizing only what could fit in their cabin. The first noted motorhomes to be found in North America were first documented in Canada around 1910. The history of RVs in the United States didn’t begin until the 1920s. This is when the first RVS were documented as trailers and used in conjunction with other vehicles. Strangely enough, many of the first RVs were built by hand, with a majority coming attached to cars or trucks. Others were built as separate units and attached by a hitch to the vehicle that would be towing it.

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What does RV stand for?

RVs go by many different names, including campers and caravans. Of course, they are namely known by the acronym “RV?” But what exactly does this two letter acronym stand for and what does it have to do with camping? Simply enough, RV stands for recreational vehicle. Makes sense right? It’s a vehicle used for the purpose of recreation. In the same vein, it is called a camper because these vehicles are most often parked at campgrounds and used for outdoor adventures. Though “RV” only officially stands for recreational vehicle, many enthusiasts believe it can also stand for relaxing vacation. If you’re searching RV dealers near me, then you already know that an RV can make the difference between a hurried and stressful trip or a peaceful easy going outing with the family.

RV Dealers Near Me – RV Dealers Facts

Tin Can Tourists

Given that RVs first emerged in the 1920s in the United States, it only makes sense that RV camping would date back to the same period in time. This when also when “tin can tourists” first emerged. Consider this as you search RV dealers near me. What exactly is a tin can tourist? Well, according to RV historians, tin can tourists were RV drivers who braved all of the dust and mud to drive their Tin Lizzie RVs across the United States prior to the paving of any transcontinental roads. Before paved roads, traveling was a dusty and rather unglamorous affair, especially in regions of the Southwest, California, and the middle of the country. In these areas, dust could quickly be kicked up in the summer months. In the winter months and in the spring, it was mud that had to be contended with. Think about how different is driving on a dirt road today versus a paved road? Could you have done the journey in a camper? Many people would have vetoed that vacation right from the start. These tin can tourists would travel hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles. Most often, they would camp by the side of the road and heat up tin cans of food on gasoline stoves. They bathed and cold water and braved every kind of weather with gusto and spirit.


The major reason why many Americans and individuals abroad opt to purchase an RV is the overall affordability of RV Travel. Though purchasing an RV may require a higher initial investment, most families will save a great deal of money in the long run, especially if they are frequent travelers. RV vacations are far more affordable than travel by personal ar, airline, or cruise ship according to most vacation cost comparison studies. Even when one factors in RV ownership costs and tax benefits, a typical family of four will end up spending a whopping 59 percent less when traveling by RV. Not only does RV travel cut out the cost of lodging which can easily cost $100 or more per night, but most families can also cut out the cost of food. Sure, every RV owner loves to dine out, but most keep their vacations cost efficient by cooking a majority of meals right in the RV kitchen or on a barbecue grill. As you search RV dealers near me, consider why you’d like to purchase an RV. Do you think the initial cost will eventually pay for itself? That’s just one more thing to consider before purchasing an RV!

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