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Looking for a place to park your RV and get all the hookups? Well, an RV Park generally has what you are looking for. Just check out the RV Park Near Me Map below. You will get all of the spots nearby for you to choose from.

Just click on a location and it will give you the park’s name, address and phone number. You will also be able to read reviews from past guests and a link to the company website if they have one. After you are done checking out the map and finding the best park, you will be able to find some fun information about traveling by RVs, and recommendations on some of the best RV Parks in the country to visit.

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RV Park Near Me – RV Park Trivia

Who made the first RV?

Everyone has always loved camping, but when the first automobiles started getting mass produced in the early 20th century, they did not initially offer something like an RV. Sure, you could pull a camper, but it wasn’t until 1910 that someone took a 3 ton Packard Truck and repurposed it. The 28 foot long truck was modified to be able to sleep 11 people. It even had a toilet, salon and icebox. All of the basic necessities save an indoor stove. It was truly a bedroom on wheels, and a big one at that.

Still, it wasn’t until the 1930s that started to see the commercial production of camping trailers. Up until then, all of the RV automobiles and camping trailers were custom designed.

rv park near me

The classic Winnebago became the iconic RV of the second half of the 20th century.

It was the 1950s that saw a true boom in the mass production of RVs and camping trailers. By the end of the decade, we would see RVs very similar to how they are designed today.

New RV Driver Tips

Alright, so you are ready to take your first RV adventure, that is great! Well, here are some important tips to help you make sure that you have a successful first trip.

1. While it may look like fun to wander around while driving, an RV has seatbelts for a reason. Make sure your passengers are all seat belted. It might be important to check your state laws as they vary greatly. In 28 states, only the passengers in the front are required to be buckled, while 22 require everyone to be while the RV is moving. If you are planning to cross state lines while driving, it might get confusing if you don’t check in advance.

2. When maneuvering your RV in and out of parking spots, be sure to have a spotter. While your mirrors are designed to help you, they really leave a lot of blind spots. If you are parking the boat alone, regularly check to make sure you are going safely.

3. While driving, an RV requires more space for pretty much everything. This includes stopping, so no tailgating people, and turning, you will turn very wide so take your time and be gentle with it.

4. Before you get going, make sure all of the cupboard and loose items are safely stowed and all utilities have been disconnected. You really don’t want to start driving away with your sewage line still attached, it can be a gross clean up.

5. Know your height clearance. Most things like bridges and even tree branches are generally designed to be safe for most vehicles, but if you have a larger RV, you might be too big to fit. So, slow down and check if you have to. It is better to go around an obstacle then end up running into it.

6. Have a plan. While it is great to go wild a bit, you still should know where your pit stops are. RVs generally burn gas faster than other vehicles, so make sure you have enough gas to fill up and know when you need to empty your other tanks. If you need to find a place to park for the night and haven’t found one yet, just search up RV Park Near Me to find a comfortable place.

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Best RV Parks in the Country

Alright, this will not be a comprehensive list as Americans love their RV Parks, but here are some amazing ones that you might want to consider checking out, especially if they show up when you search RV Park Near Me.

1. Zion River Resort

If you are planning on travelling through Utah, this is the place to go. Not only do you get picturesque beauty all around you, you get all the amenities you could want. You get free wi-fi, cable hook up, and standard utilities. You also have a range of family friendly activities all year round, including mining for your own gem stones!

2. Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort

If you are in the Boston/Cape Cod area, this is a great place for you. With all the basic hookups, including cable TV, you will be nice and comfortable. You also get a wide range of activities at this resort for you and your family to enjoy including, a dog park, yoga classes, bike tours, disc golf and many more. You can even enjoy a nice massage while you are there.

3. Aztec RV Park

So, you have made it to For Lauderdale, Florida and you have the pick of a million different RV Parks, well, give this one careful consideration. You get a lot of privacy for each RV lot, including hedges and a promise of a minimum of 3 trees. You get all of the regular hookups and the park has a number of great other things to enjoy including: 2 heated swimming pools, 2 tennis courts, a full clubhouse, 2 spas, a putting green and the list just goes on. You never have to leave the park if you are just looking for a place to relax and have some fun.

4. Mountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach Resort

If you are in the North Carolina area, you are going to love this place. Not only do you get a great view of the blue mountains and Lake Toxaway you will get a lot of comfort. Free wifi and cable is standard with your hookups. This place has the option of getting your RV set up as a custom coach cottage. In their deluxe offerings, you even get an outdoor dining set-up and personal pool to use. Each little cottage has a panoramic view and privacy screens. You will be in your own little RV paradise.

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