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Since 1915, Safeway supermarkets have been treating American patrons on the West Coast to low prices, hot food bars, and amazing customer service. Safeway has a commitment to helping make the local grocery experience feel as comfortable as visiting the pantry of a neighbor or friend. They strive to make grocery shopping as effortless, budget friendly, and convenient as possible.

Are you interested in finding a Safeway location near you? Simply browse Safeway near me on the map below and find a Safeway grocery store in your location. Need a bit more information on Safeway stores? Read on for facts, trivia, and statistics on this American grocery chain.

Safeway Near Me – Find it on the Map

Safeway Near Me – Safeway Trivia

Who founded Safeway?

If you’re searching Safeway near me, then you may be wondering who founded this one stop shop grocery chain. M.B. Scaggs, a small town man with big city ambitions, founded Safeway in the Idaho town of American Falls. Scaggs purchased a tiny grocery store from his father. His idea was to give his customers good value while keeping a narrow profit margin. The idea proved incredibly successful. By 1926, Scaggs had opened over 428 stores in 10 states. That same year he doubled the size of his business by merging with 322 Safeway stores, which he quickly incorporated as Safeway INC. Just two years later, Scaggs officially listed Safeway on the New York Stock Exchange, making sure not to let the difficulties presented during the Great Depression deter him from focusing on his customers and his dream. Later in the 1930’s, Scaggs introduced produce pricing by the pound into stores, creating “sell by” dates, and even creating some of the very first parking lots.

safeway near me

Safeway stores feature a clean modern design and calming aesthetics to keep shoppers in good spirits at all times during their trip.

How many Safeway stores are there?

If you’re searching Safeway near me hoping to find a location in your vicinity, you might just be in luck. Safeway currently operates 1,300 stores throughout the United States. This includes 266 Safeway stores in Northern California and Hawaii. This figure also includes 273 Vons stores located in Southern California and Nevada, as well as 107 Tom Thumb Stores and Randalls in Texas, as well as an impressive 28 Carrs stores in Alaska. The Safeway brand has come to include many stores, all operating under the M.B. Scaggs vision. Of course with new mergers happening every few years, this number will only continue to grow.

Where are the Safeway headquarters currently located?

Safeway’s headquarters are currently located in Pleasanton, CA. Even though Safeway was founded in Idaho, the company currently operates out of California. A fitting location given that most Safeway stores are located in the Western half of the United States, with a few stores in the midwest and a few in the Atlantic seaboard region of the United States.

Safeway Near Me – Safeway Facts

Grocery Delivery

Even if you’re searching Safeway near me, you might be interested in having some groceries delivered to your house. Few things match the convenience of coming home and knowing that the grocery shopping is done. Safeway introduced grocery delivery in 2000, proving to be one of the first chains to offer grocery delivery in the United States. Not only does Safeway offer customers the same deals online that other patrons receive in stores, but many deliveries are made in one hour or less. In the digital age Safeway has made things even easier by allowing customers to order groceries online, even saving their favorite items and recognizing past favorites.

Signature Select

After finding a Safeway near you, you’ll be looking to get all of the deals you can get. If you’re looking to save a little money, you can always try the brands private label known as “Signature Select.” This private label offers a range of upscale products at an affordable price. Many labels fall under sublabels, such as a Primo Taglio for upscale deli products and Lucerne for upscale dairy products. In 2006, the company also introduced a line of organically grown and processed products called “O Organics.” Many grocery shopping insiders cite that downloading store coupons to a club card and buying generic or store brand goods can be the quickest way to save money in the supermarket.

Safeway Fuel

If you’re searching Safeway near me, you may also be looking to fill up your car with gas. Many Safeway locations also offer fuel stations that come with premium discounts for Safeway club card members. While not every Safeway location offers fueling stations, many offer discounts that can be used at participating gas stations such as Shell and Exxon. These discounts can often add up to .10 to .40 cents per gallon off your gas purchase. Safeway also allows you to use fuel points for other redeemable items such as turkeys during thanksgiving and hams during Christmas. By approaching the points system as a way to truly reward shoppers, Safeway has been garnering customer loyalty since the very beginning.

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