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Eating healthy can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, especially if you feel limited in your dining options. One great option no matter where you’re choosing to dine is a salad. Salad may seem pretty run of the mill, but visiting a salad restaurant means having access to dozens of varieties of salads, soups, and wraps that can help you to stay on track without giving up taste or texture.

Are you interested in finding salads near you? Simply browse salads near me on the map below and find a list of salad restaurants located in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on salads? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more on this healthy cuisine!

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Which civilization is credited with inventing salad?

Like any particular cuisine, the history can often be a bit muddled or lost to time. After all, it’s impossible to know what every civilization ate at all times, but we can refer to records, books, and drawings to approximate when a certain food item may have come around. According to most historians, salads were likely invented by the Romans and the Greeks who ate mixed greens with light dressings. The trend then likely spread throughout the Mediterranean and into the European countries. In a 1699 book, Acetaria: A Discourse Of Sallets, John Evelyn attempted to encourage all he encountered to eat fresh salad greens. Mary Queen of Scots, apparently ate boiled celery root over greens covered in mustard dressing, with truffles, chervil, and hard boiled eggs. The oils used on salads have even been found in the 17th century colony of New Netherland, which was later known as New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. A list of common items arriving on ships and their designated price when appraising cargo included “a can of salad oil” and an anger wine of vinegar.” In a 1665 letter written to the Director of New Netherland from the Island of Curacao, there was put in a request to send salad greens, especially carrots, lettuce, parsley, and more. As you search salads near me, consider just how far back the history of salads really goes!

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Salads will always be one of America’s favorite dishes!

Who invented the Cobb Salad?

One of the most popular salads amongst salad die hards and casual salad eaters is the Cobb salad. The question is, where was this salad invented? Consider these facts as you search salads near me. The Cobb salad was reportedly invented in a Hollywood restaurant and named after the owner Robert Cobb. The salad came about the way many food concoctions do, in the middle of the night, on a snack raid. This is when Cobb put together, eggs, avocado, tomato, chicken, onion, bacon and blue cheese to form what many consider to be one of the world’s most perfect salads. The Caesar salad comes from a similar origin. Named after Italian restaurateur Caesar Cardini, the Caesar salad was a product of improvisation and invention.

Salads Near Me – Salads Facts

What’s in a name?

If you’re searching salads near me, then you may be wondering where on earth the name salad actually comes from. Like so many words we use openly in everyday life, the word salad is of Latin origin. According to historians, the word itself comes from the Latin word “sal” which means salt, which is why the adjective salatus or salted is often used. The oldest English language cookbook in existence, “The Forme of Cury” dates all the way back to the 14th century and contains a recipe for salad that includes ingredients such as lettuce, leeks and spinach served up with garlic, flowers, and herbs. The first cookbook to be dedicated entirely to salads, known as “Salads and Salad Making” was first published in 1883. You may not think of your ancestors chowing down on many salads, but historians say otherwise. Shakespeare even coined the phrase “salad days” which compares the greenness of salad to the springtime of youth.

The Waldorf Salad

One of the oldest and most revered salads in history is the Waldorf salad. As you search salads near me, consider the facts on this revered salad. The Waldorf was first devised by Oscar Tschirky who worked at New York’s famous Astoria hotel in the 1890s as the maitre d’hotel. Though he didn’t work in the hotel’s dining room or kitchen, food was Oscar’s number one passion. He is also said to have invented eggs Benedict. His collection of curated menus was even donated to Cornell University after his death. The collection reportedly contains more than 10,000 menus from all over the world. Obviously Oscar had a thing for food and fine dining, as evidenced by his menu creations and his menu collection. Oscar’s take on salad lead to the invention of the Waldorf, which included only apples, celery and mayonnaise. Walnuts weren’t included in the recipe to nearly three decades later, though they are now a staple in every Waldorf recipe. Today, the Waldorf Astoria still serves up a version of the salad, though it contains “sweet and sour apples, candied walnuts, celeriac, and truffles.”

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